Real world surveillance

by Marc

A few people have commented to me that they’ve enjoyed the “Spy Stuff” section on coolest gadgets so I thought it would be interesting to have a look around and see what’s out there for use in the “real” world. Bear in mind that some of this stuff is only sold to governments (and from the prices I’ve tracked down I know why too) but it’s still interesting to see …

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Useful security on a USB flash drive?

by Marc

Bio USB drive

USB flash drives are nothing new and they’ve been offering some sort of secure partition or encryption for a while now. Some of them have even used fingerprint recognition. But guess what – the security functions of them all are completely useless on anything except the PC you’ve installed the drivers onto! It’s great having my email / site passwords / personal details with me, but if I can’t access …

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Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

by Anita


The perfect gadget for any spy or gossiper is the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device. You will be able to listen to any conversation up to 300 feet from you. You can listen to you the folks in the next motel room, your neighbors, your kids, and anyone else that you desire. Your possibilities are endless as to what conversation you can hear and what you can learn. You can just …

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Voice Stress Analyzer used as a Truth Detector

by Anita

Voice Stress

Do you ever wonder if your husband is really working late, if the kids really finished their homework, or if your wife is really helping a sick friend? If so, then the Voice Stress Analyzer will give you the answered you are seeking. The voice stress analyzer can determine is the person talking is telling the truth, it analyzes the stress level changes in the voice and can work either …

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The Self Guard ST DVR SG-1000

by Anita

Self Guard

The Self Guard ST DVR SG-1000 is a very small recording system that will digitally compress and store all information that is captured by the camera, microphone, image processor and external sensors. The size of this unique recording system is only 85mm x 55mm x 22mm so, it is very easy to carry with you where ever you go. The technology used with this super surveillance device is just as …

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Guard that Bedroom

by Al

lazer trip wire

Does your kid brother or sister like sneaking into your room when you’re asleep or not there. What are you going to do about it, well now you can alarm the room the geeky way using lazer trip wire just like you see in the movies. Unless you have a sister like Miss Jolie you can sleep safely in the knowledge that nobody will enter your enclosure without a gut …

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