Keep tabs on your home from anywhere in the world via Rovio

by Chris

When you’re off attending big shows like CES or just out of town for a few days for a vacation, who watches over your house? Like the old saying goes, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” No, I don’t mean you should just stay home, but you might consider this cool security bot that will let you check on your house from the convenience …

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Corner Shot gets them before they get you

by Mark R

Corner Shot

Clearly, our current conflict in Iraq was the inspiration for the Corner Shot, a gun that can literally shoot someone from around the corner. I suppose that one sniper guy from Saving Private Ryan would have probably lived a longer life, had he one of these, and would have said a lot more Bible verses. As you can see, the gun has a built-in screen so you can exactly what …

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BOSS Body Scanner

by Mark R

Boss Body Scanner

You know, I just really don’t want to report on this, because I cannot stand anal-related prison jokes. However, this is something that just begs for it. So what is this I’m reporting on anyway? Oh, yeah, the Body Orifice Security Scanner, or BOSS, for short. It is a mobile chair with three sensitive sensors that can detect metal items as small as a paper clip or pin. Do not …

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Ringspeed sQuba Car Drives Underwater

by Mark R


Okay, who wants a car that drives underwater? I’m certain every hand is going up as Rinspeed has actually made car called the sQuba that can turn you into Captain Nemo, motorist. All one needs to do is push a button, you are good for up to 33 feet. It doesn’t look like it folds up like that one from that seventies James Bond flick.

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Your calculator might just be staring back at you

by Chris

Spy Calculator

The holidays are a time for giving. Which also means that you’ll likely be on the receiving end of your fair share of gifts (or coal). With all of the cool things you get in colorfully-wrapped boxes, there is something you may want to consider. Your new calculator from that creepy guy in accounting might actually be watching you. That’s right, someone has taken an ordinary printing calculator and stuffed …

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Spy-Right Angle Adapter

by Edwin


Now this is one interesting device if you plan to keep a close eye on your subject, being an amateur Dick Tracy yourself. Armed with a spy camera of some sort, the spy-Right Angle Adapter allows you to take a photo without having to point the camera straight at the subject, allowing to capture natural shots without raising any suspicion. It retails for $39.95 from Amazon. Source: Product Dose

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Spion R/C Racing Spy Car

by Edwin


We’ve seen remote controlled cars in the past along with spy products, but what happens when you combine the both of them? Why, you end up with the Spion R/C Racing Spy Car, of course! The joy of the Spion R/C Racing Spy Car is not just the thrill of spying. The excitement also comes from being able to watch your every move as you drive to your destination. Can …

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Fluorescent light powers camera

by Edwin


NEC of Japan has stumbled upon a new development – it has successfully rolled out a wireless camera which can be powered by a fluorescent light – and act that is done by simply attaching a ring-shaped component for power acquisition to the bulb. This surely beats the inconvenience of solar energy, where only power can be stored whenever there is sufficient sunlight available. The implementation of this fluorescent-powered wireless …

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