T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality

by Mark R

Question: What do Batman, Spider-man, and Tarzan have in common? Answer: They both travel via swinging, and so can you. Digital Force Technologies actually invented something straight from the movies and my adventurous dreams with the T-PLS pneumatic “tactical line-throwing system”. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the photo here, my eyes practically bulged out. All I could think of was: “Wow, someone finally invented a grappling …

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The Picture Frame Bug

by Al

GSM Bug Picture Frame

This is a sneaky way to bug a room, a picture frame with a built in microphone that you can phone up and listen to what’s going on. This larger sized picture frame (which you can add your own picture to) may be hung on a wall in a room of your choice. You can then dial the number of the GSM bug built into the rear of the frame …

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3G Vest for super spies

by Edwin


Secret agents are often at the forefront of technology, and the 3G Vest is no different. This unique apparel relies on a cell phone’s 3G network to transmit live video over the Internet, enabling the spy’s supervisor to monitor his movement while providing essential tactical instruction almost instantaneously. Kinda reminds me of a video game where you get a top down view on your team as the boss. A CF …

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Hidden Camera Detector for the paranoid

by Chris

Hidden Camera Detector

Is someone out to get you? Perhaps the government has reason to be looking in on your daily activities. More than likely no one is looking in on your every move, it’s just paranoia. However, if you’re convinced that someone is prying into your personal life, you might want to pick up this Hidden Camera Detector for some peace of mind.

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Keep close tabs on your teen driver with the Intellitrac X1

by Chris

Intellitrac X1

Do you enjoy the thought of spying on your loved ones? I can’t really say that I’m a fan of it, but I suppose if you’re an overprotective parent, you’ll go to great lengths to keep track of your teen. If you happen to be both overprotective and a tech junkie, I really feel sorry for your kids, as I have little doubt that you would put this X1 GPS …

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Puppy Wireless Spy Camera

by Tiago

Puppy Wireless Spy Camera

There are a couple of ways to spy on other people, and one of the best is to use a spy camera. Needless to say, the camera in questions must not bring a lot of attention to itself, otherwise the spying plan goes down the toilet, and you will need to get another way to work as an undercover agent. With that being said, the Puppy Wireless Spy Camera, which …

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[email protected]:Military style night vision for your car, boat, house…

by Marc


FLIR systems make a range of night vision cameras that can be added to your boat (pictured), car or used in a security context. FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) cameras let you see in total darkness. I can see this being handy in some situations, such as marine navigation – they don’t exactly put street lights on the ocean! It’s also offered as an aftermarket addon for cars. FLIR systems …

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Radar snoops your kids’ cellphone

by Marc


The RADAR system is designed to let parents keep an eye on their kids’ cellphone activity. You start by installing their software on the phone (it supports most of the major platforms  and more are on the way) and signing up for an account on the website www.mymobilewatchdog.com. Once you’ve done that, the phone sends a copy of every text or photo sent and received to your (i.e. the parent’s) …

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