VIEVU PVR-PRO 2 Portable Video Camera

by Mark R

CES 2009 may be over, but I have enough material collected from the collective booths that I visited for articles for the rest of the month, and longer. For example, when I was passing through the Sands/Venetian portion of the show, I met two representatives for VIEVU. The VIEVU PVR-PRO 2 is a camera that is small enough to be clipped on to a user’s shirt for home and law-enforcement …

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Dlink DCS-1130 motorised network camera

by Marc


Not a new product category, but as usual time and technology brings products that were once the domain of big business down to a more consumer friendly level. The DLink DCS-1130 security / web camera is motorised for pan/tilt adjustment, wireless and can be controlled via a web browser. It can store the video on a PC or send it out to the web but I like the third option …

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Secret USB Flash Drive Watch

by Mark R

Today must be Advanced Watch Day, because I just finished reporting on a new Cellular Phone Watch from LG. This next watch feels just as advanced, as it comes with a 4GB USB Flash Drive. This USB drive fits snugly into the case, where no one will look for it. In fact, that is one thing I like about this watch: it doesn’t look like heavily advanced spy watch. No, …

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The inexpensive Wild Planet Mobile Spy Ear

by Ally

There have been cars that give you the ability to spy on a room before, but this one is far more affordable than the other ones I’ve seen.  It probably won’t be as great of quality as the ones you’re pay around $100 for.  However, it also means that you can be a spy no matter what your price range.  Hopefully the engine is quiet though.  Nothing’s more embarrassing than …

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New range of Nokia spy phones

by Edwin

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely be thrilled to receive a brand new cell phone regardless of the occasion. Heck, if you want to gift all of us at Coolest Gadgets the latest Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, by all means go ahead and splurge – it doesn’t really matter whether we all have a phone already, but having yet another would come in pretty handy just in …

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Can Opener Hidden Camera

by Edwin

That’s it – the next time I stay over at my friend’s place and open a tin can in the kitchen, I’d best make sure that my pants aren’t left halfway down to reveal a butt crack. Not when even humble can openers can come with hidden cameras these days. The aptly named Can Opener Hidden Camera features automatic shutoff for hands-free operation and works as a pretty good can …

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Spy Gadget Gift Ideas

by Al

Looking for a somewhat different present and don’t mind being snooped on a little bit, check out this selection of gifts for the spy in your life.

Micro Spy Kit-X2D – $18.75

This spy utility belt keeps all the latest spy tools at the ready. Four of the most secret tools for the budding secret agent: Micro Ear Light, Secret Agent Pen, Spy Micro Listener and Spy Motion Alarm. All on an easy to clip on, clip off belt.

The Micro Spy Kit-X2D is available from Amazon for $18.75.


Electronic Spy Listening Device – $51.95

Our Electronic Listening Device is so Powerful a Human Conversation Can be Heard over 300 Feet Away! The \”ears\” and \”eyes\” are powerful enough to hear from one end of a football field to the other. You can capture distant sounds (and voices) that would otherwise not be heard with the help of our sophisticated Electronic Listening Device. Imagine standing in the end zone of a football field and being able to hear what someone is saying at the other end! Outdoors men and field observers can tap into Nature\’s secrets like never before. Bird watchers and nature lovers will be thrilled at the sound quality of this ingenious listening device.

The Electronic Spy Listening Device is available from Gadget World for $51.95.


EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles – $68.88

Enjoy the thrill of real night vision technology with EyeClops Night Vision stealth goggles! These super stealth goggles allow kids ages eight and older to see in absolute darkness using infrared illumination so they can explore the dark landscape around them. These fun goggles are the perfect companion for slumber party sleep-overs or camp-outs.

The EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles are available from Amazon for $68.88.



X-ray Vision: Not just for Superman anymore

by Mark R

This next device is for those who, as children, shelled out their allowance money for “X-ray Specs” only to find that these paper goggles could not see through clothes at all. All they could do is make some illusion of bones on your hands, but you had to get the light just right. The David Steele catalog has apparently discovered the secret of X-ray vision, without the use of harmful …

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