Darim Vision PVE400 Wearable/Portable Security Camera

by Edwin

Darim Vision has released its latest wearable/portable security camera – the PVE400 portable video encoder/streamer that is able to hold its own in virtually any environment you pit yourself into (assuming you’re the everyday Joe type who doesn’t go indulge in death-defying environments each week, of course). The PVE400 is meant to provide the wearer with black-box-type archiving to its wireless/IP transmission of video, audio, and GPS tracking capabilities. This …

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Wireless X12 Taser LLS Stun Gun

by Mark R

I love reporting on the latest in weaponry. I’m sure that a lot of people will call me a little twisted, but I just can’t think of a cooler gadget than the latest weapon. This particular stun gun, the X12 Taser LLS, had me when it was described as a “wireless taser”. Perhaps I also have an affinity for all things wireless. I mean, we have wireless computers and phones, …

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Taser Axon

by Mark R

Just yesterday, I was discussing the Sanwa Throat Microphone, a type of communication device that clips to the throat like a collar. I have recently discovered the Taser Axon, which works like the Sanwa in the way it clips to your head. However, the Taser Axon is meant to be a recorder. It is designed to stay affixed to a cop’s head, so that footage will always be taken when …

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Mr I Spy Digital Camera Binoculars

by Ally

This isn’t the first set of binoculars capable of taking digital photographs.  It is, however, one of the cheapest models I’ve seen.  Which might be a down side for serious picture takers, but for the casual photographer it’d be a great find.  For anyone from birdwatchers, kids, aspiring spies and even perverts with a non-photographic memory, this would be a great camera to have around.  It’s also slightly more inconspicuous, …

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Lockheed Martin’s HULC Exoskeleton

by Mark R

It would appear that the giant aircraft maker company Lockheed Martin has developed an actual working exoskeleton. That’s right, one of those wearable strength-booster things plucked right out of science-fiction is now working reality! Lockheed Martin calls this exoskeleton the HULC. Clearly, it takes its name as homage to the superhero Hulk, but, practically speaking, it reminds me of Iron Man, without the full-body metal suit. The HULC is a …

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DVR Hidden Cameras for budding spies

by Edwin

Ever wondered whether the maid you hired actually brings in her boyfriend to your apartment when you’re not around? If you’re thinking of catching a secret tryst on video, there are these DVR hidden cameras to consider – it comes in the form of an alarm clock like what you see on the right, but is connected to a special receiver and is smart enough to work only when it …

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The Sony Mofiria

by Mark R

We all know that no two fingerprints are exactly alike, which is how biometric scanners can identify the correct user. However, did you know that people can be positively identified by their finger veins? This is exactly what the mofiria is designed to indentify. It uses near infrared LEDs on the side of the user’s finger, and then CMOS sensors can capture the scattered light inside the finger veins.

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The Lighter DVR for spies in training

by Ally

If you’ve ever had a wish to become a super secret spy, then you’ll need this lighter to help you capture all of those super secret spy moments.  Yes, I’m sure there are so many moments that come to mind, that you wish you’d have had a lighter with a hidden video camera and microphone.  Be it when your boss or spouse says to do something, then later claims they …

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