USB Snoop Stick

by Edwin

Do you wonder what people are always up to on your computer whenever you are not around? The USB Snoop Stick comes in handy then, as long as you leave it plugged in discreetly. We would say that this works best when you’re running a desktop (a notebook would be wayyyy to obvious), especially when this is a machine that is nestled away in a dusty corner of your cubicle …

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With the Eyeball R1, someone’s a Star Wars fan in the Military

by James

The Eye Ball R1 can give troops a better view of enemy positions with a simple toss.

There’s a great scene in the Cartoon Network original Star Wars Clone Wars series where Arc Troopers, pinned down and badly needing a fresher perspective, take a spherical probe droid camera and toss it high in the air. The camera gives the troopers a birds eye view of the entire city around them, spotting enemy positions and giving them great advantage when attacking. Well, someone must be a Star Wars …

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Night vision goggles ought to be fun

by Edwin


Watched enough spy movies to come to a conclusion that night vision googles is one essential tool that no covert operative should go without? You can now re-enact your own spy theatrics with this pair of Night Vision Goggles. It allows you (and your kids who obviously want to have a go at it) to view up to 15 meters ahead even in pitch black darkness. Just make sure that …

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The Sony Dream Machine Spy Camera

by Ally


There are all different types of products that hide little cameras within them.  Some are as small as keychains and others slightly larger objects like tissue boxes or other random items.  Some of which if inspected very closely at all, someone would notice that something wasn’t quite right.  Well this Sony Dream Machine Camera might actually keep people plenty fooled.  It’s already an electronic, so having a lot of buttons …

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Spy Kite gives you bird’s eye view

by Edwin


Summer’s here for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and it is a good idea to go out and get enough sunlight wherever you are before the chill of autumn descends yet again, ushering us into another winter season. While you’re outside, you might as well take full advantage of the situation by spending some time with family, bringing your kid to the nearby park and flying a …

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Spycam Video Sunglasses

by Edwin


Forget about sunglasses that feature MP3 playback – those aren’t nearly as cool as the Spycam Video Sunglasses from ThinkGeek, filling up a hole in your voyeuristic instinct. The Spycam Video Sunglasses are not intended to be part of any disguise – they are the disguise – concealing a tiny video camera in the center of the glasses. Capable of capturing excellent quality video and audio, these Spycam Video Sunglasses …

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The Fake Car Key Security Spy Camera

by Ally


If you thought that the keychain spy camera wasn’t quite stealthy enough, this car key might work a little bit better.  Just close up the key part and it would cover up all of the spots that let on that it’s actually a spy camera in disguise.  Closing up the key won’t obstruct the view of the camera itself though.  There’s just a small hole at the bottom of the …

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Button Pinhole Video Spycam w/ Mini DVR

by Edwin


If you’ve got a voyeuristic streak in you, then chances are you will find the Button Pinhole Video Spycam w/ Mini DVR to be an important addition to your arsenal of weapons when it comes to recording subjects who are unaware of your filming. This is a hidden surveillance spy camera disguised as a shirt button with a pocket sized DVR and all the necessary cables included in one complete …

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