Humminbird Smartcast RF15 Fish Finder

by Lexia

This has to be one of the coolest gadgets around! I’m not one to go fishing, but I may pick it up just so I can use this cool sonar device. The Humminbird Smartcast RF15 Fish Finder detects the presence of fish to an amazing depth of 100 feet. The little fishies can’t escape as the RF15 gives a real-time visual on subterranean landscape and what depth they (the fish) …

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Segway Golf Caddy

by Al

Segway Golf Buggy thing

The Segway doesn’t seem to of taken off that much in the UK, I’ve never actually seen one in normal use which kind of reminds me of the Sinclair C5. The Segway GT however may change that. The GT stands for Golf Transporter, and differs from a “normal” Segway by having an attached golf bag carrier and a place for your score card. It’s an interesting addition to what I …

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Swissmemory USB Victorinox

by Keith

Swiss Victorinox

Think of the latest gadget you might want to have, or give to your friends as gifts, and one that I would recommend and suggest to you is a Swiss knife, perfected with integrated USB flash drive device, all you need to show off to your pals – the Swissmemory USB Victorinox.

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Oakley’s Thump 2 MP3 Sunglasses

by Keith

Oakley Thump 2

Specially made for a new look, the world’s first digital music eyewear is now available in a new design with the option of even greater memory. Professional Sportswear Makers, Oakley, introduced THUMP 2, a sun glass with integrated MP3 player, built around the hard-edged style of our GASCAN™ eyewear, offering memory storage of up to 1 Gigabyte. That is roughly 240 songs in a fully integrated design that frees you …

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Golf-Ball Finding Glasses

by Anita


How much time do you waste trying to find your golf balls when they land in tall grass, shady areas, and in any rough area? Well, it is about time you quit spending your time searching for golf balls that went astray and enjoyed your golf game. With these cool Golf-Ball Finding Glasses, you will do just that. The way the lenses work on the Golf-Ball Finding Glasses is that …

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Football Remote Control

by Anita


Is your husband, boyfriend, father, or son a giant football fan? Do they sit in front of the television and not move during a football game? Do they dream of the years they were on the high school or college football team? If so, they would probably enjoy this cool football remote control. The man in your life and all of his friends will get a kick out of not …

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Stopwatch (Questionable Gadget)

by Damian

Stop Watch

I recently had to buy another stopwatch because my last one broke. I’m sure you’re asking 1) why does a normal person need a stopwatch and 2) how do you break a stopwatch. Well I mainly use my stopwatch for keeping track of the time between sets when I’m working out. The old one I had got a little wet. OK it could a little damp, because I happened to …

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Incred-a-ball golf ball

by Marc

Remote controlled golf ball

This is too cool! It’s one of those things that you always talked about and dismissed, but now someone’s actually gone and done it. Yes, it’s a remote controlled golf ball It’s almost enough to make me take the sport up… ‘Nuff said. Check it out at

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