Fishing For Golf Balls (utter lunacy)

by Al

We seem to of had a bit of splurge on golf gadgets recently but this must be the wackiest one yet. The Never-Lose-Another-Golf-Ball Putter aims to do exactly what it says by borrowing a bit of fishing technology. The Never Lose Another Golf Ball Putter works by attaching a fishing line to the ball and a reel to the club, so once you’ve missed putted the ball you can reel …

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The Automatic Golf Tee

by Al

Automatic Golf Tee

Golf is one of those sports that is enjoyed by millions of which I am not one, though I have been to the driving range a couple of times. Bending down and placing the golf ball can become a bit of a pain after a while (and golfers are not renowned for their athletic build), though help could be at hand via the Automatic Golf Tee.

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Snorkeling without getting Wet with a Snorkle Board

by Al

Snorkle Board

If you enjoy the sights of snorkeling but don’t like getting wet you’d generally be a bit scuppered. However an answer is at hand with the new Undersea Viewing Paddle Board. The Undersea Viewing Paddle Board (from now on just called the board) looks like a cross between surfboard and pedalo. You lie on the board and propel it along by turning the paddles with your arms. For the snorkeling …

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Awesome Kiting Water Sport

by Al

Wego Kite Tube

This looks so much fun, a combination of paragliding, water-skying and kite flying; introducing the Wego Kite Tube. The Wego Kite Tube is for all you water sport adrenaline junkies. Instead of doing the mundane banana boats or paragliding you can balance your self on the Kite Tube be dragged along the water and then pull up into the sky. The pictures of it in action look pretty awesome, and …

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Remote controlled blimp – the kitschiest gadget ever

by Paz

Remote controlled blimp.

As you probably know already, the coolest gadgets team are getting pretty excited about the approaching football World Cup competition, and we’re thinking about starting a gadgets category for Cup football related gadgets, with this cool looking remote-controlled blimp as the first entry. Even if you’re not crazy about football, I’m sure you can imagine the ironic cheers of appreciation when this gadget takes off during a summer barbeque party …

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World Cup Clips Off in Style – Bluetooth headsets

by Al

World Cup Bluetooth headsets

The Football World Cup is only weeks away and I’m already starting to see a few gadgets aimed directly at us supporters (many of them alcohol related funnily enough). The latest footy fan gadget that I’ve just heard of (thanks Malini) is the specially decorated Bluetooth headsets in the colours of your team.

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Watch Sweat Bands

by Al

Nike Cuff Bands

Remember the craze in the eighties when everybody used to wear sweatbands on their wrists and head, whether they were doing strenuous exercise or not. Well if the craze comes back at least now thanks to Nike the bands may actually have a use. The Nike Cuff not only soaks up you sweat but it also incorporates an LCD display to display the time, tennis players around the globe must …

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Exercise Machine For Swimmers

by Al

Endless Pool

Joggers and walkers have the treadmill, rowers have the rowing machine, even skiers have their own skiing exercise machine. But what is there for one of the most common sports, swimming. Up until now if you wanted to practice swimming you’d have to have the money and space for your own pool or travel along down to your local community swimming pool, thanks to the Endless Pool you should be …

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