Skataz motorized skates

by Mark R

It seems like I have written on a lot of motorized skateboards and skates, and I suppose I might as well add to the mix with the Skataz. Anyone know how to pronounce this? Is it just like “skates”, “ska-tazz” or “skate-azz”. I believe there is a video below that has the answer. Anyway, it is powered by a 350 watt motor, which is good for about 13.5 miles per …

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Basketball Return Net

by Edwin

Love shooting hoops all day long? If you’re one who prepares early enough, then summer can’t come quickly enough for you to stay outdoors all day long, throwing your basketball into the hoop as you attempt to make that money shot. Of course, part of the satisfaction is seeing you make your shot, but what happens when you miss it (and by a mile, to boot)? This is where the …

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Mauer Batting Trainer

by Edwin

You know what they say – practice makes perfect, and this general rule applies across a wide spectrum of things in life, even more so when it comes to disciplines such as sport and music. Of course, the same holds for math, too, and if you want to apply statistics to sport, then the Mauer Batting Trainer does seem to be the perfect device to purchase as you prepare to …

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This Bike Rack is also a Desk

by Mark R

For those who have an executive job and ride a bike to work, this is for you. Let’s face it, bikes take up a lot of space when they are not in use. Parking them in the office is an option, if you or your boss don’t mind the eyesore. You could put a bike in a rack outdoors, where the bike can fall prey to thieves as well as …

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Is this Pitching Helmet the future of baseball?

by Mark R

This is an idea by Easton-Bell for a pitcher helmet. I never heard of that before, but if the batters wear one, why not the pitcher? Especially since the Gunnar Sandberg incident. Sandberg is a high school pitcher who got hit with a line drive and had to be put in a medically induced coma in order to stop the swelling in his brain. Sandberg is all for this helmet, …

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Flexdex illuminated skateboards

by Mark R

These days, pretty much anything can be made to look cool with the application of some LED lighting. Of course, some might think that this tech is too “flashy”. Whatever your viewpoint, I suppose that we have the renewed success of Tron and the long-awaited sequel Tron Legacy to thank for this LED accessorizing. We covered some gaming controllers from PDP that looked quite cool with them, so why not …

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Jetpack and skis are going uphill fast

by Mark R

I haven’t been skiing in a long time, but if you’ve never been, it can often be twenty percent going downhill and eighty percent waiting or riding on a chairlift. Of course, ski-lifts are a necessary evil, because it is impossible to ski uphill. This wasn’t good enough for Troy Harman, who realized that a jetpack is the best way to get up those hills. The ski jetpack uses two …

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The Bubble Tree: The best way to enjoy the outdoors, indoors

by Mark R

I’ve always wanted to enjoy nature, but sometimes it can be too…natural. I’m referring to times when I want to have a picnic under the stars, but it is way too cold at night. Or if I want to have a dinner on the beach, but I don’t want to have sand everywhere. This is the vision of the Bubble Tree, an invention of Pierre Stephane Dumas that allows the …

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