Who needs a gym membership if you have the Varibike?

by Caitlyn

We go to the gym to better ourselves. There are machines, pools, tracks and more that will help us scale down our weight, tone muscle, and keep our bodies in peak form. However, you oftentimes need many different machines to achieve this goal. You’ll have days where you work on your core, lower body, and upper body. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a one-stop shop to take care …

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EVO One Basketball gives you instant feedback on your shots

by Chris


I’m a pretty tall guy, which means I often get asked how well I play basketball. Unfortunately, I always disappoint people, because to be perfectly honest, I’m not very good. Sure, I spent many hours as a kid shooting hoops, but for some reason, my aim was just always off. I’m sure that if I had a passion for the game, and spent a bit of time with a coach, …

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Mixed Martial Arts Trainer

by Edwin


Have you watched the Ip Man movies that featured Donnie Yen? Now that is one fast fist, and I am quite sure that many folks were enthralled by his performance as Ip Man, martial arts grandmaster extraordinary, whose most famous pupil to date was the enigmatic Bruce Lee. Surely you might have thought of picking up one of those wooden martial arts trainer as depicted in the movie in order …

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Ball Returning Soccer Trainer

by Edwin


So, I am quite sure that many of us who follow the world of football (soccer for those living in the US) in the current summer transfer window would be twiddling their fingers anxiously, wondering whether Gareth Bale would actually make the jump to Real Madrid for what would possibly be a new world record transfer fee of 100 million Euros. Well, as you dream about your kid making it …

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Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch

by Edwin

So you are currently indulging in your daily exercise regime that has a careful balance of cardio as well as strength building sessions in order to keep up your fitness and maintain a prime physical condition regardless of your age. In the past, there weren’t too many tools that one was able to make use of in order to keep track of one’s progress, but fast forward to the 21st …

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Rubbee electrifies any standard bicycle

by Chris

There are a lot of ways to get around, especially if you live in the city. You can walk, drive, take public transportation, and of course, bike. Oftentimes, the last option can be one of the best ones. It’s quick, you don’t have to wait on someone else’s schedule, and you don’t have to pay for gas. There are downsides, like dealing with inclement weather, and making sure you have …

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Golf Cart Hovercraft

by Edwin

Golf is not a cheap hobby or sport, at least relatively speaking. First of all, there is the issue of membership fees at a golf club of your choice, and obviously the more exclusive it is, the more expensive it will be! When it comes to equipment and the choice of clothing, golf too, would edge out other sports like say, chess, table tennis, swimming, and even running, and with …

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Ringtool is small, but mighty

by Chris

When you’re a tech junkie like me, you always find yourself in a situation where you’re tinkering with a gadget, opening up a computer, or a multitude of other things that require the use of a tool. Unfortunately this means making sure that you have, at the very least, a couple of screwdrivers handy at all times. Now unless a tool belt is your fashion accessory of choice, you’ll have …

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