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While not everyone is a fan of sport ball, there are those who rather enjoy watching games and learning the stats of teams and players. Many of those people play at home either for fun or with the intent to make it onto a team whether it be local or for the big leagues. When it comes to football, one of the most important aspects to master aside from endurance and running is the throw.

While you might be able to recognize a good throw, it’s not easy to track the quality. Wilson knows this all too well and created the Wilson X Connected Football which will tell you everything you need to know about your throw. After tossing around the ole pigskin, you can go onto the related app and see the velocity, spin, distance, and spiral efficiency of your projection.

Not only will you be able to compare your actions to players from well-known teams, but you’ll also get to track your own stats and make an avatar. The ball is official size and weight, so you know exactly how you’d stack up against the real deal. This is no cheap toy at $199.99, but at least it comes with a free copy of Madden NFL 17 for either PS4 or Xbox One. Who knows, maybe your skills will be so impressive that you’ll get scouted through the app just by playing for fun.

Available for purchase on Wilson
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Ball Returning Soccer Trainer Thu, 01 Aug 2013 15:00:56 +0000 ball-returning-trainerSo, I am quite sure that many of us who follow the world of football (soccer for those living in the US) in the current summer transfer window would be twiddling their fingers anxiously, wondering whether Gareth Bale would actually make the jump to Real Madrid for what would possibly be a new world record transfer fee of 100 million Euros. Well, as you dream about your kid making it big on the world soccer stage so that you can be his manager and start living a jet-setting lifestyle, perhaps providing him with the right tools to practice consistently would be a good idea. Enter the $99.95 Ball Returning Soccer Trainer, which is a two-in-one soccer net that allows a player spend more time perfecting his or her game, instead of using the bulk of that time to retrieve balls.

The Ball Returning Soccer Trainer comes with a sturdy steel frame that has been shaped like an X, where one side of it has been draped with a curved net. Whenever you kick a ball into this area, it will naturally follow an upward arc, before it rebounds with spin and height. This would mean one has to trap and control the ball before taking the next kick, inadvertently developing the fancy skills that are required of a professional. On the reverse side of the trainer, you will find that it comes covered with a taut, vertical net which is capable of absorbing most of the ball’s impact before returning it, so that you have an ideal surface to practice your shots on goal as well as one-touch heading and passing drills.
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Keep Playing Into the Night Thu, 14 Mar 2013 15:00:11 +0000

I fondly remember the childhood days of playing games outside until you could not see a foot in front of you. Neighborhood football, baseball, basketball or soccer games got everyone out of the house and active. That moment when parents started yelling “come home” out the door was always a sad moment. When mom said that it was pitch black out I never had a comeback better than “but moooommmm, the game’s not done!”  Wish Reboot Sports was around in those days. We could have played all night.

Reboot’s Magma Light Up technology enables games to go on long after the sun goes down. LED’s built into the balls and bats enable you to catch, make contact and play long into the night. Magma Light units, including the LEDs, are built to handle the rigors of being whacked, thrown and more. And you can see the lighted objects from up to 100 yards away for those hail Mary’s to win the game. Battery life varies from unit to unit – footballs and small balls being 40 hours, bats and future bigger balls about 20 hours. Visit Reboot’s website to get hooked up with with two Magma Light Up Balls or a Scoop Ball set for $12.95 or Bat/Ball Set or Football for $24.95. They even offer a 3-pack of light up golf balls for $27.95. Stay tuned for upcoming soccer ball and basketball launches too. And good news travels fast as Maxim and NBC have recently featured Magma Light Up units as a good gift for the die hard/play hard sports fan.  If you want those days of “come home, you can’t see” to be over and you or the sports fan in your life want to play into the night then visit Reboot Sports.
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A Football Fan Like No Other Wed, 03 Oct 2012 18:17:21 +0000

The NFL season is underway! It is great to see the players duking it out.  Die hard fans are showing their colors with the latest gear and gadgets sporting their team’s logo. With hats, jerseys, jackets and more fans express their true personalities. But why not take it to the next level and decorate your home? Hammacher Schlemmer has just the addition to show your spirit.

Welcome to the Giant Inflatable Crouching NFL Player! At 5 feet high he shows your team loyalty but does not take over the front yard. Available in 21 different team versions, each has the team logo on the helmet and trim colors on the jersey. This defender is ready to attack the quarterback and will certainly show your neighbors who you support. To inflate simply set him on the ground before turning on the built in electrical pump. Voila, he is ready in minutes. And deflation is just as easy. Four stakes are included to keep him “grounded” so to speak. The durable polyester construction is weather resistant so you know the $139.95 investment will keep for many seasons. When the game is over your friend can live in the 10” x 10” x 8” storage box included. And if you prefer a more celebratory look, check out the Giant Inflatable Standing NFL Player for the same price. So commit to the ultimate in showing your team pride and add an (inflatable) fan to the house.
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Super Bowl XLVI to be streamed live! Wed, 21 Dec 2011 14:00:27 +0000 For the first time in history, the biggest game in the United States is going to be streamed live to computers and mobile devices.

Here is the catch. If you want to view the championship NFL game of the year on a mobile device, then you had better have a Verizon phone and access to the NFL Mobile app.

I suppose that we should have seen a streaming Superbowl coming, as NBC is already doing web streaming on Sunday Night broadcasts, and they happen to be the network that is televising the big game this year.

Yes, it looks like the stars have aligned to give football fans what they want, except there is one thing that the live stream won’t give you: the commercials. I find that very hard to believe, as advertisers pay millions of dollars for seconds of airtime. I wouldn’t be surprised if some ads got on there somehow, as Superbowl commercials are legendary.

If it ends up that you don’t get those award-winning Super Bowl commercials, then you might like the usual NBC streaming features with DVR controls, different camera angles, highlights, statistics, as well as other bonuses.

I’m sure that a lot of football fans are rejoicing right now, and I am sure that soon every major sporting event from the World Cup to the World Series.


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Football Fan Display, lets Fans Abuse the Players Sat, 12 Jun 2010 14:00:44 +0000

This is a cool concept and some what apt with the world cup just kicking off, the somewhat boringly named Football Fan Display.

Football Fan Display is a hand-held flexible foam board which is used to digitally display messages of support or criticism to players at live matches. This is done by pressing switches on the back to light up sections on the front to form a number or letter. Groups of fans can communicate with players by using multiple products to spell out messages and thus supplying them with a greater sense of interaction at the venue.

Designed by Ross Hubbard, the Football Fan Display is a concept over at DesignSpotter, interesting to see if it will ever actually come into existence.
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Kickster Goal Pro 2000 Mon, 10 May 2010 01:30:02 +0000 With the World Cup in South Africa just looming over the horizon, it makes perfect sense to have a little practice at home if you are thinking of emulating your heroes, don’t you think? The Kickster Goal Pro 2000 that retails for £39.99 sounds like the perfect thing to have, being the most convenient portable football goal on the market at point of publishing. Despite being lightweight, it is also durable, fitting nicely in just 2 minutes thanks to its numerous Velcro ties and other fasteners. Both kids and grown ups can have a go at it, letting you play on just about any pitch.
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NFL Regulations: Now Tweets before, during, or after games Thu, 03 Sep 2009 20:12:24 +0000 nfl_logo_thumbSure, that Twitter thing has made our lives easier for others to keep track of, but the NFL isn’t really liking it too much.

The NFL has set up a new rule saying that players, coaches, as well as league officials are forbidden from posting tweets or Facebook updates 90 minutes before the game. They can all resume transmission after the post-game interviews are completed.

Of course, this “tweet ban” has always been in effect, but I suppose its like that NBA regulation of not hanging off of the rim. I mean, it says in the books not to do it, but all the cool B-Ball players do it, and no one seems to penalize them.

Some people attribute this tougher twitter policy with Donte Stalworth, a player who was arrested for DUI and manslaughter. Stalworth felt a need to tweet all about his arrest, suspension, and his incarceration, and sort of made the NFL look bad.

Personally, I think that NFL just doesn’t want a team’s playbook to be posted online. Do you really want to see a coach tweet: “Gonna try an Inside Charge play. Should be a good one.”

By the way, the NFL says that members of the media will be banned from posting game updates on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck with that.

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Clipboard gadget makes Coaching hi-tech Thu, 02 Jul 2009 00:12:55 +0000 The E-Ink Coaches Playboard could give coaches a high tech edge.

The E-Ink Coaches Playboard could give coaches a high tech edge.

From our friends at Yanko comes designer Gordon Yeh’s game clipboard that utilizes the newly developed technology known as “E-Ink” to create a digital clipboard for hi-tech coaching on the sidelines.

If you’ve ever seen sports caster John Madden draw on the video replay to show what he thinks a play can be, then you rather get the idea what could be in the future for coaches.

Called the E-ink Electronic Coaching Playboard, this clipboard can be used for drawing plays, sketching out strategies, even examining images and criticizing them with electronic writing straight on top.

The design would come with a choice of different pre-loaded sports templates including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, et al. And with the animation feature, directions can be replayed and rehearsed to perfection.

No word on when this will be available. E-Ink is still a conceptual technology. But should it catch on (it may be Newspaper’s saving grace), then ancillary technologies like this one could become reality.

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HiTech Stadium becomes NFL Flagship Fri, 29 Aug 2008 06:17:32 +0000

The old saying goes that “everything is bigger in Texas.” Well, that couldn’t be more true for the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which promises to be the largest stadium ever built, with the largest support arches ever constructed, and doors that open on each end that could fit a DC-10 lengthwise and still have room for a forward pass over the middle.

At a glance, the specs of this new stadium shows that team owner Jerry Jones is “sparing no expense.” The arch foundations will have 25-foot-high abutments and be anchored up to 70 feet underground. The Empire State Building could fit underneath them with plenty of room to spare. In addition, there will be an amazing 86-foot-high glass exterior where the clear glass paneling will be pelted with ceramic dots that will create a blue and gray translucence as the sun moves through the sky. The Stadium will sport the largest high definition LED displays in the world which will span from in between the 20 yard lines – that’s 60 yards, folks. There will also be over 3,000 smaller HD LED screens all around the stadium, including personal televisions in every locker for the athletes. There will also be independent power outlets, broadband data ports, and ceiling recessed projectors for team meetings during half time.

But the big ticket items will be the field level suite boxes and VIP areas right on the 50 yard line. The major selling point being that players will pass through the club VIP area as they make their way both on and off the playing field. Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts. In addition, there will be over 300 private luxury suites – 50 of which that will circle the field at ground level (which is baffling considering ground level is the second worse seat in the house). Guests will be able to walk right onto the field during the game and stand right behind the teams.

There will also be a retractable roof which will open and shut within 12 minutes, nearly 1,000 concession stands, and end zone party sections that will seat up to 10,000 for concerts and other special events. Cost to build? $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS making it the most expensive stadium in history. It’ll open in time for the 2009 NFL season and will seat over 80,000.

Hat Tip – WIRED

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