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Scosche is a household name when it comes to rolling out different kinds of accessories for smartphones, mobile devices, and road warriors who are always on the move. This time around, their genius has reached new heights with the introduction of the Rhythm24, a waterproof armband heart rate monitor. This next generation device will continue from where the Rhythm+ left off in 2014. Arriving in an all-new look while accompanied by expanded features, there are variable activity modes that will help ensure accurate biometric measurements are always captured, stored and shared with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices including smart/sport watches, smartphones, tablets, and exercise equipment, among others.

What makes the Rhythm24 a whole lot better than its predecessor? For starters, it comes with a 24-hour battery life, accompanied by an IP68 sweatproof/waterproof rating, five changeable training/use zones/modes and two multi-modes (designed for biathletes and triathletes training and activities), an LED battery indicator and on-board data recording. This particular recording feature is very useful, since users can leave their mobile devices behind as they indulge in their respective fitness activities before uploading captured workout data at a later time.

Rhythm24 heart monitoring modes provide a slew of data capturing, starting with heart rate variability (HRV) mode. This mode will enable users to monitor the time between each heartbeat for increased stress and recovery tracking, while arriving with heart rate profiles for a wide range of activities. The more popular ones like swimming, running, and cycling are thrown into the mix, of course.

Using both green and yellow optical sensors, these deliver superior measurement across all skin tones. Not only that, it will integrate the latest advances in PerformTek sensor technology that measures heart rate non-stop in order to provide a highly accurate and consistent reading regardless of the exercise performed or physical environment one is in.

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InBody BAND 2 wearable body composition analyzer Tue, 03 Oct 2017 12:00:28 +0000 inbody-band2Ever wondered whether your workout schedule actually has had a positive effect on your body? While weighing yourself and seeing your weight drop might be just one particular sign, it would be far better to have a dose of other metrics to be able to keep track of. The InBody BAND 2 is a wearable body composition analyzer that is now available for sale, where this all new fitness tracker will be able to measure percent body fat, fat mass, as well as muscle mass, not to mention keeping count of the number of steps that you have taken for that particular day while monitoring your heart rate.

With the functionalities of body composition analysis and a fitness tracker being fused into a solitary device, the InBody BAND 2 can be said to be the total and complete package if you would like to maximize your workout sessions. What makes the InBody BAND 2 special compared to the other devices would be the ability to measure percent body fat, fat mass and muscle mass, providing you with positive markers of your health’s improvement. Not only that, the InBody BAND 2 will also be able to track steps and monitor activity time.

After all, it is far more encouraging to see fat mass decrease while one’s muscle mass increase, as opposed to just seeing one’s weight drop. Such changes will go a long way in helping keep someone on track to achieve a better quality of health. Other features found on the InBody BAND 2 include EZ Training that will automatically track workouts through a selection of 12 exercises (shoulder press, bench press, kettlebell swing, crunch, plank, deadlift, squat, lunge, wall sit, jumping jack, burpee and hip bridge), sleep monitoring, and heart rate monitoring via ECG technology. Any takers for this fitness wearable?

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LumaGlo’s CrossBelt is a wearable illumination device Fri, 30 Jun 2017 19:00:40 +0000 lumagloLumaGlo knows that some people like to work out in the evening or early in the morning, before the sun sets or rises. After all, that might be the only time slot that is available for them to be able to get some exercise into their busy schedules. However, running in dark or low light conditions does have its dangers — you are definitely far more difficult to spot, especially when you pound the pavement. It is always good to wear a safety vest or carry some form of illumination with you. This is where LumaGlo’s CrossBelt comes in handy.

The LumaGlo CrossBelt is a next generation wearable illumination device that comes with bright, multi-colored LEDs that will be able to provide runners, cyclists, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts with unparalleled nighttime safety

This brand new solution delivers 360° wearable illumination for the ultimate in low- or no-light visibility. It is already available as a pre-order on Kickstarter, where you wear it as a belt or a sash. It does far more than offer front and back lighting, as the wearer can be visible from all angles. This will greatly increase your chance of being spotted. The LEDs will function in eight distinct patterns, hence delivering intense illumination which will help distinguish the wearer from background lights. Just in case there an emergency situation, there is a bright red strobe setting which can be activated to attract the attention of those nearby.

A patent-pending automatic brake light feature is also part of the deal, where the built-in accelerometer will be able to alert others when the wearer stops as it automatically causes the LEDs to switch to a strobing bright red pattern. Whenever you start to move again, the LEDs will return to normal illumination.

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iMCO Technology reveals CoBand K4 fitness tracker Sun, 28 May 2017 23:30:07 +0000 cobandk4Fitness trackers are pretty nifty things to have around your wrist. After all, it is a constant reminder to you that you ought to get moving more as opposed to lazing on the couch, snacking on some chips and gulping down copious amounts of Coke. While a smartphone might have an app that is able to provide a general idea on how many steps you’ve taken, there is nothing quite like a dedicated fitness tracker to get the job done. CoWatch manufacturer, iMCO Technology, knows this, which is why they have announced the CoBand K4, a fitness tracker that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

iMCO Technology happens to be the maker of the world’s 1st Alexa smartwatch, and the CoBand K4 is a fine addition to their portfolio of devices. Costing a fraction of brand name prices, the CoBand K4 will not skimp when it comes to quality and features. The asking price of $32.95 is certainly an eyebrow raiser, and when you take into consideration how it is now on sale at just $19.95, this is definitely something to mull over. At this price point, just what kind of hardware features will the user be able to expect?

It will obviously be able to keep track of all your fitness movements, such as number of steps taken, distance walked/run, and calories expended. In terms of health tracking, expect it to keep track of your heart rate, while being able to measure the quality of sleep that you are getting each day. Obviously, this means wearing it even at night while you snooze away. The large OLED screen is nifty in reading scrolling text messages, where you can choose to have it showcase information in either a horizontal or vertical display. When connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth (through its freeiOS and Android apps), it is able to receive a range of phone notifications. Turning on the display is as simple as raising your arm, and with IP65 water resistance rating and a 5 day battery life on a single charge, certainly the CoBand K4 has more than meets the eye.

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Polar A370 fitness tracker aids in your fitness and sleep as well Fri, 26 May 2017 19:00:32 +0000 polar-a370Polar, a leading company when it comes to wearable sports and fitness technology for more than four decades, has just announced the brand new Polar A370, which is a fitness tracker that comes complete with Polar 24/7 continuous wrist-based heart rate and advanced Polar Sleep Plus analytics. In other words, this is a fitness tracker that is quite unlike any other as it merges daily activity goal alongside Polar Sleep Plus. This would enable the Polar A370 to deliver a complete picture of the user’s fitness, which will be based on the intersection of activity, rest and recovery.

Of course, what is the whole point of having something that is nice to look at when it does not look good at all? With the Polar A370’s sophisticated and premium design, it will not only be waterproof in nature, but it also has a vibrant glass lens color touch display as well as vibrating notifications. This is certainly above and beyond what a regular fitness tracker comes with. Not only that, it increases the level of personalization since it sports lightweight, interchangeable band colors so that users will be able to customize the A370 according to their style preference.

Interested parties in the Polar A370 can place a pre-order for it for $179 or €199 apiece, depending on the region, and shipping is set to begin this June. With its ability to offer continuous wrist-based heart rate that automatically measures one’s heart rate during rest and physical activity, it is also smart enough to figure out the time when users move their wrists in times of higher activity levels. At higher intensities, it will be triggered by a 3D accelerometer. All of the collected data will be used to provide immediate guidance toward reaching activity goals, while you will also benefit from a more detailed daily overview and insightful fitness guidance that can be found via the Polar Flow App.

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The Kucho Air-Conditioned Cooling Pack – keep your cool in school Wed, 17 May 2017 18:30:14 +0000 Air Conditioned Backpack

When you have to walk a mile or two to get to class, a backpack with a few books in it becomes a heavy burden that digs into your shoulders after the first few minutes of your journey. When the summer sun is in full effect, you also get to experience the joys of a tremendous amount of back sweat, making your bag a soggy mess the rest of the day. You can only cut down so many layers  of clothing to cool off before you might be charged with indecent exposure.

While you don’t want to strap ice packs to your bag or limbs  since you’d still have the issues of being wet and heavily encumbered, this Kucho Air-Conditioned Backpack Cooling Pack can help. This goes in between your bag and back, blowing cool air on you in multiple directions so you can stay at a more comfortable temperature. It won’t completely cool you off during a grueling walk in the sun, but it will make the experience mildly more tolerable.

This runs off of 4 AA batteries, and has low and high settings for the fan. If you keep it on high, the batteries should last you for 8.5 hours, while being kept on low they will hold out for 44 hours. It’s ideal for outdoorsy types who like being out in the sun, but if they don’t have problems overheating, they may not be willing to cough up $150 for something that isn’t a cure-all.

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Polar M430 running watch offers accuracy as well as actionable data Fri, 07 Apr 2017 19:00:43 +0000 polar-m430You would not want to trust any other name apart from Polar when it comes to wearable sports and fitness technology, as the company has recently announced the latest exciting member of the Polar M family — the Polar M430. This particular device will arrive equipped with Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology, in addition to integrated GPS, as well as personalized, adaptive training guidance, making it the ideal tool when it comes to runners who would want nothing but to achieve their personal best.

This particular design is also completely waterproof, where it comes with a lightweight, breathable wristband as well as vibration alerts that will be able to inform runners just the right moment when they are hitting their goals during training. Sounds like a dream fitness device to own, and the Polar M430 will soon be available for pre-order for $229/€229 apiece.

The Polar M430 has been deemed to offer the purest expression in terms of fitness data. Those who give a great deal of attention to accuracy would definitely find the Polar M430 to be the perfect tool on their wrist. It goes beyond the simple delivery of ‘dumb data’ which has more or less defined the sports watch category for years, as the Polar M430 tracks your biometrics in order to deliver a real-time view into how your body is reacting to exercise. With the Polar M430, you are able to figure out during a session as to whether you are on target to accomplish the training goal of the day.

Apart from that, the Polar M430 and Polar Flow will work to inform you of how the session benefited your overall training, in addition to how it will end up in expected race finish times, apart from the amount of time that you will require in order to recover before your next session.

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LEOMO reveals new wearable technology for athletes and coaches Tue, 28 Mar 2017 19:00:26 +0000 leomo-type-rLEOMO might not be a name that many of us have heard of before, but they are a developer of innovative sports-based IOT devices. This time around, the TYPE-R has been unveiled, being the first in a whole new category of wearable technologies that has been specially designed in order to assist competitive athletes as well as their respective coaches to further unlock the power of motion analysis.

The TYPE-R is special in a sense where this wearable motion measurement tool will allow athletes to gain valuable insights which could optimize their form, technique, and performance, all the while making sure that these athletes will also be able to avoid injury while aiding the recovery process.

In the past, athlete motion analysis has been limited to sessions from time to time at labs or studios that do not happen to reflect real-world training or race conditions. These will also require elaborate and expensive systems, but LEOMO’s pioneering TYPE-R portable motion analysis device will put all of those on the backburner since both athletes and their coaches are now able to easily and unobtrusively collect data — every single day, regardless of the conditions in which they train and compete in.

The TYPE-R is made up of a sleek handlebar or wrist-mounted touchscreen head unit, and it will boast of features such as GPS tracking, as well as ANT+ connectivity for additional measurement of power, power balance, cadence, and heart rate. The head unit alone will be able to deliver what many high-end bike computers out there a run for their money, and as an added advantage, the TYPE-R will arrive in the form of five discreet rechargeable Bluetooth sensors. Each of these Bluetooth sensors will sport their very own three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer, allowing one to accurately measure a wearer’s motion as well as form. Meant to be worn on each shoe located right above each knee, and above the sacrum, the TYPE-R’s sensors are meticulously placed to provide the best feedback possible.

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Polar H10 heart rate sensor is now available Fri, 17 Mar 2017 19:00:20 +0000 polar-h10If you are a fitness buff who would like to keep track of your exercise regime while making sure that everything is on track to meet your performance standards, then you would probably eat the right stuff that suits the path to your fitness goals. Some of us might even enlist the assistance of hardware and apps to aid us along. After all, if something can be measured, it can be improved, right? The Polar H10 is one such device, being a newly available heart rate sensor that is also touted to be the most accurate of its kind in the world today.

With the Polar H10, it will utilize the company’s advanced heart rate algorithm that has been specially designed to develop the new standard for heart rate technology. The team behind this Polar H10 has also come up with a new look for the chest strap that enables it to carry additional interference-preventing electrodes. This makes sure that the heart rate will be captured with the utmost accuracy, while there is the presence of silicone friction dots which will allow the strap to remain in place no matter how sweaty things get.

Using the Polar H10, users are able to accurately monitor their heart rate which enables them to optimize training, monitor health and achieve their personal goals. One can also opt to make use of the Polar Beat, which is Polar’s free fitness & training app, letting users access real-time heart rate data as well as training guidance on their smartphone (or in rarer cases, tablet). Feel free to train without a phone – the Polar H10 also boasts of internal memory that stashes away a single training session thanks to the built-in memory. This lets users sync sessions later, and with the Polar H10 playing nice with a slew of iOS and Android devices, leading fitness apps, compatible gym equipment, and a range of other Bluetooth devices, it is certainly something that every fitness buff should own in their arsenal.

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The Lechal Smart Navigation Insoles keep you on track to meet your goals Fri, 17 Mar 2017 18:30:22 +0000 Lechal Smart Navigation System

We are making our gadgets and gizmos more and more streamlined to the point where you can’t even tell when we’re using them. Fifty years ago people would’ve thought you were insane if you talked into a cell phone, and relegated it to the work of demons. Even now we have Bluetooth headsets so we don’t even have to hold the phone up to our ears.

If you are all about secret tech, then these Lechal Smart Navigation Insoles are going to be the new must-have. These are insoles that will accurately track your fitness by measuring steps taken, calories burnt, distanced traveled and more. No need to have your smartphone in your hand or pocket because these up picking up their data from each and every step. In addition to giving you more detailed fitness reports, you’ll also get navigation guidance through vibrations and simple patterns.

You’ll be able to go down the street in a town you’ve never visited before and walk with confidence to your destination. These come in small, which fit a Men’s 5-8 or a Women’s 6-10, or a large which accommodates a Men’s 9-12 or a Women’s 11-12. This consists of the insoles and buckles, and you can use one or the other to collect your information. It’s not cheap at around $134, but it has a battery life of around 15 days, and should be a bit less of a burden on your style than a wristband, ring, or necklace fitness tracker.

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