Frii Concept Bike

by Mark R

Some of you might remember our report on the INgSOC bike, a bicycle that definitely challenges our current diamond frame bike aesthetic. This Frii prototype is doing the same thing. I’m going to assume that that the “ii” combination in “Frii” is pronounced like it is in “Wii”. That would mean that this is pronounced “free”. It is certainly free of normal biking conventions, but that might be a good …

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The INgSOC Concept Bike

by Mark R

Every once in a while, you will see some concept of a device that completely throws the old model of the device out the window. Case in point, the INgSOC bike concept. As you can see, the traditional diamond frame has been replaced by this small camel’s hump design. By the way, this bike has a removable battery in the back for some electric riding, in case you were tired …

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Bergmonch scooter can strap to the back

by Mark R

I’ve been wanting to take a bike up a mountain for a while now. Of course, I am out of shape, and probably won’t do those uphill pedals very well. Fortunately, this Bergmonch (German for “Mountain Monk”) has got my back. In fact, it can fold up and be put on my back like a pack. So if there is a hill that the bike can’t climb, it can just …

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Change your bike’s gears, with your mind

by Mark R

Lately, I have been teaching my son to ride a bicycle, and it reminds me of my days of awkward bike riding. I remember that I had a hard time with changing the gears, but what if I could do it with my mind? Parlee Cycles is apparently working on a concept bicycle made of carbon fiber that does just that. It is part of Toyota Prius Projects, and it …

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Electric Unicycle that keeps you balanced with Gyroscopes

by Al

Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle

Being able to ride a unicycle is a cool skill to have, however having your own gyroscopic electric unicycle takes it to the next level of cool. This is the briefcase-sized electric unicycle that keeps a rider perfectly balanced at all times with gyroscopic sensors. Equally suited for urban commuting and suburban recreation, the unicycle requires a rider to merely stand on its two folding feet pads; gyroscopic sensors detect …

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TiGr Bike Lock

by Mark R

I have seen a lot of bike locks in the past, but most of them are pretty tricky when it comes to storing on the bicycle. The TiGr is a titanium “bow” that its extremely flexible, and it has “lock claims flexibility, hack-proof strength, and a sexy design worthy of your ride”. It can stretch out to about five foot five inches, and then both ends lock together. As you …

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Rowbike lets you burn that fat off

by Edwin

The best time to start exercising is always now, so if you think that taking the old school route of swimming or jogging isn’t attractive enough for you (even with an iPod attached to your ears), then you might want to consider picking up the Rowbike. This is one exercise apparatus which is touted to merge the full-body workout of rowing with the exhilarating ride of a recumbent bicycle. You’d …

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Is It a Scooter, a Bicycle, a Skateboard? No, It’s Sbyke !

by Julie

So you feel like you’ve seen it all, there are bicycles, unicycles, skateboards and scooters, but nothing really new, nothing you could look at and say, cool, that looks like it could be fun. Well, I had just such a reaction at the 2011 International Toy Fair in New York, when I was introduced to the Sbyke, a very cool, patented rear-steering scooter. See the video HERE. This product is …

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