Solar Powered Ventilator

by Al

You know when you come back to your car on a really hot day, you open the door and get blasted by hot stuffy air well this solar powered gadget solves half the problem, at least the hot air won’t be stuffy (and maybe a little cooler too). The solar vent clips on the top of your window with the solar panel outside (and some air vent I assume) and …

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Solar Powered iPod

by Al

Solar iPod Charger

One of the great things about the iPod is you can carry it anywhere. One of the not so great things is that when the batteries run out you can’t charge it up anywhere (finding a power socket in a field in Glastonbury just ain’t going to happen). The answer may be at had with the Solio Charger. The Solio looks like a solar powered popellor but it is in …

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Solar Mobile Phone Charger

by Lexia

Solar Mobile Phone Charger

As the summer is right round the corner, we’ll all be gabbing a little more on our mobiles – avoid the dead phone scenario by picking up a Solar Mobile Phone Charger. This nifty little charger is equipped with adapters for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung phones. The charger can recharge a battery in just 3 hours when exposed to bright sunlight. It’s ideal for the sun-worshipping holiday maker …

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Solar Powered Fan Hat

by Al

Solar Powered Fan Hat

If it’s a hot summer and comfort is more important to you than style you may be interested in this Solar-Powered Cooling Pith Helmet. Not only is the Pith Helmet (AKA a hat) a good sun shield it also incorporates a fan to keep your head cool. Fan is operated by solar power in the day and batteries at night. I suppose if you wear one at this you’ll be …

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Solar Powered Hearing Aid

by Al

Solar Hearing Aid

This is another one of those really life changing gadgets, the solar powered hearing aid. The company Godisa is behind the solar powered hearing aids and are aiming by help of donations to make them available free to those who need them. I think it’s a great idea and use of technology, gadgets are often pretty frivolous but these can really help people. If you’d like to help out you …

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Voltaic Solar Backpack

by Marc

Voltaic solar backpack

“Geek” and “Hardy outdoor adventurer” are not two phrases that usually share a paragraph. Nevertheless these rucksacks from Voltaic are practical as well as being cool and high tech so I can see them being bought by both groups. Nah – who am I kidding, they’re a geek toy through and through! The idea is simple: Tech toys eat power, and we have lots of them. So… put some solar …

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