World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat on a World Tour

by Mark R

I really like the look of PlanetSolar’s TURANOR. Not only does it look like a spaceship on water, but it is very eco-friendly as well. As you might have guessed, the boat is covered with solar panels, about 5,380 square feet worth. In case you are wondering, the solar panels aren’t as fragile as they look. There are pictures from my Source of people walking on it. These solar panels …

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Nokero solar powered phone charger

by Edwin

Many of us go to bed at night with our smartphones hooked up to a charger, making sure that we would be more than ready for the next day’s gruelling office run, where you have phone calls to make, text messages to send, emails to reply to, and even checking in your Foursquare account to make sure that you have not lost Mayor status at your favorite coffee haunt. That …

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Solar Butterfly flits around endlessly

by Edwin

As long as the sun is out, the Solar Butterfly that you see here will definitely flit around your garden joyfully, even though there is nary a single flower for it to feed on, seeing nothing but patches of weeds everywhere. All you need to do is place the stake with solar panels in your garden outdoors, although you can also opt for your favorite potted plant if you want …

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The Solar Fountain Birdbath

by Edwin

Since summer is here for us folks living in the northern hemisphere, it goes without saying that birds would like to come out and frolic as well, and if you set up a birdbath, they would definitely love to have a go at it. However, getting that birdbath’s water to act as a fountain all by itself would require electricity, and you can either use magic, plug it in to …

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Solar Pool Light

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like the use of solar power to make sure that there is still an earth around for the next generation to live in. After all, using fossil fuels for so long has clogged up our atmosphere, not to mention having countries go to war just to get a spoil of its natural resources. Solar power might not have an efficiency level that is agreeable to most …

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Newest High Tech Invention – The Leaf?

by Julie

It’s no surprise that we are involved in an energy crisis, the reasons why are being debated worldwide, and I guess everyone has an opinion, but that being said, it’s a problem nonetheless. In order to make a contribution to the energy issue, scientists are developing a new high tech weapon in the race to become self sufficient, the leaf. Yes, you read it correctly. Allow me to explain… In …

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Neon Green mixes fashion and gadgets wth solar power

by Mark R

When it comes to companies, it is all about what type of image that you want to present. In the case of Neon Green, it would appear that they are a company that is techno-conscious, fashion-conscious, and environmentally conscious. I first saw them about a year ago, when I went to CTIA Spring 2010. They had these weird gold naked mannequins at their display that looked like props from the …

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Solar Powered iPhone? Yes Please

by Julie

So, I take my cell phone with me no matter where I go. I consider it a luxury, but I also like to think that I would have it with me in the case of an emergency, like when my brand new car broke down this morning, and I was stuck on the side of the highway. Oh I had my phone alright, but the battery was dead, and the …

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