Solar Powered Gear

One of the most techie and ecologically friendly ways of powering gadgets is via the the sun. This section of Coolest Gadgets is dedicated to gadgets that get their power from the sun’s rays, be it via solar panels or just simple heating.


This Solar and Hand Cranking Pocket Emergency Light is a keychain worth having

by Caitlyn

It’s not that we don’t want to keep functional keychains on our person at all times, but when there aren’t pressing matters to deal with, it’s not at the forefront of our minds. You really can’t know when you’re going to be somewhere that needs light, fire, power, or any other sort of emergency aid. That being said, it would be a bit of a burden to carry every possible precaution with you in a backpack all day every day.

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PowerFilm wants to roll out the LightSaver Max portable solar charger

by Edwin

lightsaver-maxThe modern day road warrior does bring with him or her a fair number of gadgets and mobile devices, all in the name of being connected to the rest of the world, not to mention ready to meet any kind of unforeseen circumstances with a technological solution at hand. Well, one thing is for sure — as the sheer amount of functionality increases with each of these new generation devices, the battery life will also need to be improved in order to keep up with the additional workload, so to speak. However, there are moments when there is no available power outlet to juice up tired devices, what are you to do then? A solar charger of sorts would definitely come in handy, and this is the exact solution that PowerFilm has come up with, in the form of the LightSaver Max portable solar charger.

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FlipFlic will control how much natural light is in your room

by Caitlyn


Do you have blinds, and keep forgetting to invest in blackout curtains so you don’t have to deal with any light in the morning? If this is you, then you have probably dealt with that delightful wakeup call of the sun rising through open blinds that you forgot to close the night before. If you know that you’re notorious for leaving the blinds open, it might be time to take action to fix it. Or you can get a robot to do it for you, either one.

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The Suaoki Solar Clover Lantern unfolds to be bright at night

by Caitlyn

Suaoki Collapsible Solar Lantern

The month of May signifies different things to different people. Having graduated last year, I understand it means final exams, projects, and thesis papers to many, but in the very least it promises a few months of freedom before repeating the cycle. This year I’ve discovered it just means warmer weather that makes me care about leaving my home after work. Regardless of what it means to you, being outside will soon be something we’ll actually want to try without snow coming in to ruin it!

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GCell delivers the G100 Indoor Solar Beacon

by Edwin

gcell-solar-beaconSolar power is extremely useful when it comes to keeping things up and running without missing a beat, but the efficiency of solar cells is something that still needs to be worked upon. GCell has taken a step forward in the right direction by announcing its entry into the iBeacon hardware market thanks to the spanking new G100 Indoor Solar Beacon. The G100 Indoor Solar Beacon is touted to be the first energy harvesting iBeacon in the world that boasts of a renewable energy supply as well as a 100-millisecond advertising rate as default.

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Casio EDIFICE timepiece simply loves the sun

by Edwin

casio-edifice-solarCasio America, Inc. is more than pleased to announce that they have yet another timepiece that will hit the market, where it will fall under the EDIFICE banner. Targeting the men this time around, the model number of EQB-500DB-2A might be difficult to roll off the tongue, but that is all right, since it would be a whole lot easier to simply refer to it as the all-new Casio EDIFICE watch. This particularly new timepiece will come equipped with Smart Phone Link, Tough Solar Power, a 3D Dial and water resistance up to 100 meters, where the advanced functionality will be merged alongside a modern style which makes Casio’s EQB-500DB-2A ideal for any man’s professional or weekend lifestyle. It does not matter whether he is going abroad for work or a holiday, or is just a local traveler, the watch’s Global Time Sync functionality will be able to ensure that he remains on pace.

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The LifePack is what a backpack needs to be for the modern world

by Caitlyn


When you’re traveling all the time, you start to get a grasp for the things you know you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. It’s impossible to be on the go and get anything done without your devices which all come with accessories and a backup battery to make sure nothings dies at an inconvenient moment. Then there’s the stuff you need like a change of clothes, external speakers for impromptu work spaces, and a bag to keep everything in.

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Survival Solar E Panels ensures you get juice all the time

by Edwin

survivor-solar-e-panelWhenever you head out to the great outdoors, there is one thing that most of us would like to take note of – that would be ensuring that our mobile devices are fully charged, and where possible, there is a spare battery for us to bring along. Of course, this is ensuring that there are pit stops from time to time that allows us to juice up our devices. However, should you end up in a really, really secluded place with no sign of electricity at all, what do you do? The Survival Solar E Panels will then come in handy, arriving in 12 watt and 18 watt flavors that will retail for $69.99 and $99.99, respectively.

With the Survival Solar E Panels, as its name implies, you will be able to juice up your devices by harnessing the power of the sun, which is basically free. Heck, it is touted to be able to work even when the available sunlight is not as strong – including overcast days, at dawn or at dusk. There is also an auto restart that does away with delays caused by error messages, while a top grommet hole with side loops allow for attachment to backpack or other objects. The panels themselves are flexible enough for easy portability, and boasts of high-quality durable stitching for rugged applications. It takes around 5 hours to juice up a handset and 8 hours for a tablet, arriving alongside a USB to micro-USB cable.

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