Are You an ‘A’ List Blogger

by Al

I was browsing Book of Joe today and came across this fun little tool, that tells you if you’re an A, B, C or err D list Blogger. It’s all based off Technorati rankings (how many other blogs link to your blog) and some what surprisingly we hit the A list. Although the tool is just a bit of fun (and pink!) I thought this would be a good time …

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Gadget Prize Winners

by Al

Think Geek Voucher

Congratulations to Hoomamooma who won the $15 Think Geek voucher by leaving the most amusing comment to this post (as voted for in the forums), please let us know what you spend it on. I’ve now sent out the $1,000 worth of prizes from our forum launch contest, congratulations to everybody who won. I am still waiting for one physical address to send the Ironman Sleek Triathlon 50 Lap Watch …

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$1,000 Prize Winners

by Al

Gadget Prizes

Our $1,000 gadget give away is officially over. Congratulations to Case on winning the first prize. He choose the Wicked Laser which is very cool and I’m happy to report that we have another 3 wicked lasers to give away in future contests :). If you’re an active member of our gadget forums (and if not why not!!) and would like to see if you’ve won any of the other …

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Free Tickets for the Digital Life Show

by Al

Digital Life

Digital Life is described as the ultimate consumer technology, gaming & entertainment event of the year. It’s being held in New York at the Javits Center from October 12 until October 15. It looks like it will be a very cool event (which unfortunately I can’t attend as I’m still mid house move). Tickets normally cost $12 but I’m pleased to say CG readers can get in for free, simply …

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We’re Recruiting Writers Again

by Al

Writers Quill

It’s that time again when we’re looking to recruit some new part-time writers. The sort of people we’re after should have the following characteristics: Keen technology and gadget follower You find the best and most obscure gadgets before all your friends Write in an informative and social manner Wicked sense of humour Enjoy beer (or coffee if you’re a coder) If you think you’ve got what it takes please send …

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Feed Statistics

by Al

RSS Feed Readers Stats

Last week I switched over our RSS feed to Feedburner so that we could get some accurate stats on how many people read Coolest Gadgets via a feed reader (breakdown above).

The stats show we’re currently averaging 1,950 subscribers (hi folks), I think that’s pretty cool but would like to break the 2,000 barrier so if you’re a feed follower and enjoy reading about gadgets please feel free to subscribe.

Bloglines Netvibes MyYahoo MyMSN newsgator

If you’ve never heard about RSS readers before, they’re a great way to follow your favourite sites without visiting them to see if they’ve been updated (the feeds only update when the sites do). A cool and simple online reader to start off with is Bloglines. See you in the feed :).

Webmaster Blog Contest – We came Third

by Al

Best Blog Results

I’m an active member (dct) of the webmaster community Digital Point, over the last month there’s been a contest for which member has the best blog and I’m happy to say we were joint third. In first place was ShoeMoney which is all about making hard cash on the web (Jeremy who runs it makes $100K+ a month so certainly knows what he’s talking about) In second place was my …

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Competition Prizes

by Al

Competition Prizes

We’ve just received a big batch of competition prizes from Brando (thanks again), the 8″ LCD TV looks particularly cool. If you haven’t entered our big gadget contest there is still plenty of time, check out the contest rules here and prize list. We will be running competitions on the community forums every month, if you have any contest ideas we’d love to hear them.

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