Competition Time – Win an Electric Scooter

by Al

We wrote about the Jamie Oliver survival kit earlier in the month, it’s pretty cool but at the end of the day it’s a set of pans. However the marketing company are running a cool competition to get the word out called Hack the Kit For a chance of winning a cool electric scooter all you need to do is submit a hack: What’s a “hack” you say? Well, it’s …

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Coolest Gadgets on your Mobile

by Al

Mobile Gadget Blog

Previously, browsing Coolest Gadgets on your phone was slow, expensive and generally a pain in the butt. So today we are offering a new feature, Coolest Gadgets – Mobile Edition. Now if you wish to get your gadget fix on the move simply point your mobile browser at or and we will automagically detect that you’re on a mobile connection and show you a specially designed version of …

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Welcome 40,000 Gadget Loving Subscribers

by Al


Yesterday we hit a milestone, we had just over 40,000 people reading Coolest Gadgets via our RSS feed (feed40.gif), which is simply awesome :) . To celebrate we’ll be giving away a $50 Think Geek voucher, after this thank you message.

So in no particular order I’d like to thank all the writers who’ve done a cracking job over the years. We also received a fair few comments so thanks to Neagle, EEJ, George, GrimReeper, tecwzrd and the many others who correct my our mistakes and add to the debate.

We also get our fair share of link love from other sites, I can’t list them all here so I’ll thank a few with links and the rest in spirit. So cheers Gadget Metro, Slippery Brick, DeGadget, Gizmotika, No Puedo Creer, Hacked Gadgets, Gizmodo, Born Rich, RGS, Burst Blog, tech.ruizology, PixMedial, Gear Fuse, Ounae, The Goat, Nerd Approved, Oh Gizmo, Shiny Shiny, ZedoMax, Gadget Venue, Sugared Ants, I could go on and on with the thank you’s but I think you get the gist, to those sites I missed thanks again.

Next up it’s competition time, as Think Geek don’t do a $40 voucher (appropriate for 40K subscribers) we’ll have to give away a $50 voucher instead. So in order to have a change of winning, simply leave a comment here and tell us what’s your favourite gadget we’ve every written about. In 48 hours we’ll then have a poll to decide whose was the most amusing (as that’s the only way I can think of judging it).

We’ll do something similar but bigger when we hit 50,000 subscribers so if you haven’t subscribed yet here’s the link :) . Thanks again and good luck.

We have a New Editor

by Al

I am delighted to announce that Coolest Gadgets has a new editor, Edwin Kee. Edwin has been writing for us for the best part of a year and I’m sure will do a fantastic job in this new role. I will continue to post on CG but will now be able to spend more time behind the scenes, sourcing contest prizes and completing an addition I’ve been working on the …

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$25 TG Winner – Guess the number of screen resolutions

by Al


Our latest contest was to guess how many different screen resolutions have been used to view this site over the past 7 days and I am delighted to say it proved a bit more difficult than our previous guess the image competition.


We had entries ranging from 2 (hmmm) right up to 122 and to be honest I don’t think anybody deserved to win :)

$25 Contest – Screen Resolutions

by Al


I was just checking visitor statistics and came across a pie chart which showed what screen resolutions people use to browse Coolest Gadgets at. As our guess the gadget competition was a bit too easy, I wanted to make the next contest a bit trickier and this statistic seemed an ideal contest candidate. So to have a chance of winning a $25 Think Geek voucher simply leave a comment with …

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CG – 20th most subscribed blog?

by Al

Top 100 Blogs

Some really sad stat head cool guy called me Al Carlton over at Self Made Minds has produced a list of the 100 most subscribed to blogs ranked by FeedBurner subscriber counts. At the time of writing CG is ranked 20th with 28984 readers :)

The chart doesn’t show sites that don’t use FeedBurner or publish the figures, hence the omission of gadget legends Gizmodo but I still reckon it’s pretty cool.

So thanks to everybody who follows our daily gadget quest via the feed and also thanks to all the other sites who don’t publish their feed counts thus giving us a chance to be twentieth :) . Cheers to All Gadgets for the idea of the slanted image.

$20 Guess the Gadget, Winner is…

by Al


bb2bb.jpg bb3bb.jpg

We had our first guess the gadget contest yesterday which turned into a “copy what the person above me said” which would of been okay if the first person hadn’t got it right. However first commenter Jack got it right, it’s a bra washer, well a device to protect your bra in the washing machine, the BraBABY. Joat then totally gave the game away by giving away the URL *rolls eyes*.

Richard made me laugh by changing his answers:

Is it a light? Or perhaps a set of stackable storage baskets…

That’s the way, now everyone knows it’s for washing bras… and everyone can enter the lucky draw! Thanks!
(It’s a bra washer!)

Mark S is right, it’s a bra holder

and Matthew of Gadget Venue had the most amusing answer: “Its a double secure hamster prison cell. Really!”

I’ll take Bra Washer or holder as the correct answer, so courtesy of the winner is…. pfft654169

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