Microsoft Office Live Beta

by Keith

As users are wondering when is Microsoft Office Live Beta going to be released to public, and how much will it change the image people view Microsoft, who had been a software giant in terms of Windows Operating Systems and its well-known popular Office Suite (Microsoft Office). As there have been several demands from users all over the world, wanting and waiting to try out the latest beta innovation from …

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Sister Site os Cool Site o the Day

by Al

Cool Site of the Day

Our sister site Game Addicts has been selected to be Cool Site of the Day. CG did really well when we were featured and we hope that Game Addicts has the same success. If you can spare a few seconds, pop over to Cool Site of the Day and give us a vote, all 10s are greatly appreciated :). Thanks in advance, and if you’re into games you might want …

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We are Cool Site of the Day

by Al

Cool Site of the Day

I’m happy to say we’ve been chosen by Cool Site of the Day to be the, well er Cool Site of the Day. If you’ve found us for the first time from CSOTD welcome to Coolest Gadgets. If you’re a regular CG reader and would like to help us by sparing 5 seconds, you can could vote for us via the CSOTD top frame. Thanks.

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Coolest Gadgets Newsletter

by Al


Following a suggestion from one of our readers (thanks Rick) we now offer an email newsletter. This will be sent out weekly (or there abouts) and include snippets of recent posts and other news that we have found of interest. We’ve also published our Privacy Policy which basically says we won’t share you email address with anybody else EVER. If you want to sign up for the newsletter just send …

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Dell DJ Ditty

by Keith

Dell DJ Ditty for $99

A music player aimed to challenge Apple’s iPod, Dell recently developed a portable media player in an attempt to break Apple’s dominant on the portable music market. Expected to be released on Tuesday, this music player comes with 512 MB of storage.

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New Site Skin

by Al

Coolest Gadgets now has a whole new look and feel! It didn’t take us long to get bored of the old look so we have had a new and original site skin written for us from scratch by a friend. We’re really happy with the look as it’s pretty unique and very clean and simple to read. Thanks again Ollie.

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The Start of Coolest Gadgets

by Al


Coolest Gadgets is born I’ve been blogging for a while now and thought it was about time I wrote about something that really interests me rather than just writing about myself and life in general (which must be boring to read). One thing I’ve always enjoyed and spent money on over the years is gadgets, you name it kitchen gadgets, computer gadgets even garden gadgets I’ve tried them all. The …

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