Another $100+ of Gadgets to Giveaway

by Al

One of my good friends is the IT director over at Just Buy Online Ltd (a Surrey UK based online retailer). They’ve just merged 5 of their 6 niche shops into one mega store with products ranging from fish tanks and mattresses to massagers and heart rate monitors. What’s that got to do with gadgets you might be asking? Well to celebrate the launch of the new site as well …

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Cool Geek of the Week

by Al

Born Rich

I’ve just been interviewed by the lovely Nandini over at Born Rich as part of their new Geek of the Week series (I never knew I’d be geek of the week before doing the interview :rollseyes:). If you’re interested in reading about why the gadget forumswere started or opinions on blog networking then trundle over to the full geeky interview. For future interviews please speak to my agent :).

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Gadget Forums – Day 1

by Al


The official launch of our Gadget & Technology Forums exceeded my expectations yesterday, we got well over 100 new members who staggeringly made over 1,000 posts. It’s looking like being a very entertaining and knowledgeable meeting place. Though I’m not sure about some of the avatars (see above) :). We are still adding prizes to the $1,000+ gadget give-away with the latest addition being a Bendi Board coutesy of Gadget …

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My Favourite 10 Gadgets in Year 1

by Al


With the launch of the forums it’s been a very hectic day so I’ve only just found the time to write this, my 10 favourite gadgets from the past year. So in no particular order we have: 10 – LED Keyboard This was probably the gadget that made me start Coolest Gadgets, it just looks so cool. Each key is it’s own little LCD screen which opens up a phenomenal …

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$1,000 Gadget Competition

by Al


Coolest Gadgets is one year old today. To celebrate our blogiversary (thanks Star) we have launched our own Technology and Gadget forums where members can chat and get advice about the latest in geek toys, gadgets and technology. Every active member in the forums has a chance to win various gadgets with the total prize pool totalling over $1,000. In order to have a chance of winning a Wicked Laser, …

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CG is on a New Server

by Al

Due to our increased traffic we have now moved Coolest Gadgets to it’s own dedicated server. Thanks to all our readers, story submitters and writers for making this upgrade necessary. We’ve kept with the same host A Small Orange (no idea why they choose that name) who have given us outstanding support and service over the last year, they may not be the cheapest but we’ve found their excellent support …

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Aaaaaarrrg Spam

by Al

I added a spam filter to our comments yesterday and since then we’ve blocked about 200 spam comments which is great. Whilst I was checking that no legit comments had been blocked I thought it may be a good idea to check the junk folder in Outlook! I now humbly apologise to the 100 or so senders of valid emails over the last 3 months, unfortuantely dumb Outlook sorted them …

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CG is Looking for New Writers

by Al

Coolest gadgets are looking to recruit some new writers. Essential characteristics of writers are: Keen technology and gadget follower You find the best stuff before all your friends Write like (or be) a native English speaker Wicked sense of humour Enjoy beer (or coffee if you’re a coder) Hard cash is available for the right people, along with “sample” gadgets to review and the odd paid trade show trip. If …

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