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Some people really, really love Star Wars. They are so fanatical that they get a tattoo that will last for their entire lifetimes on their bodies. Of course, some people want to outdo each other, and if you are one of those people, you’re going to want to take that fanaticism past the grave, to infinity, and beyond. Wait, wrong one. Oh well, it’s all in space so it’s the same thing, right?

These Star Wars Urns are sure to be the most endearing and morbid gift you could ever give to your significant other, family member, or friend. There are Darth Vader and Death Star versions, and there are different sizes which stand at 4, 6, and 8 inches in height. While there are other options available, they’re likely going to cost you more than the $219 they presently cost.

It’s a shame that there’s no Millennium Falcon or Kylo Ren Helmet just yet, but not many of us are really going to want the latter anyhow for fear that it may come with button-activated whining effects. The finish is matte black, and the amount of ashes the urn can hold will vary with the height. You can choose to have a marble effect base, and inscribe something on the plaque, though putting anything other than “May the Force be with you” is going to seem out of place.

Available for purchase on urnsforashes
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Evermind – Love and Caring from a Distance Thu, 07 May 2015 17:43:30 +0000 sensors

I’ve reached a point in my life where I worry a lot! Sure, I worry about my soon-to-be-teenaged daughter, I worry about my health, and of course, the well being of my parents. There are a million ways to keep tabs on my kid, and I tend to be pretty responsible about myself… but my parents are never going to wear one of those “alert” necklaces, nor are they going to take kindly to my checking up on them…

If you know what I’m talking about, check out Evermind, a rather new gizmo that affords you some real peace of mind. Designed specifically to be unobtrusive, Evermind simply detects when electrical appliances are switched on and off. So, when mom hops out of bed and throws on the coffee maker, an alert lets you know that all’s well, and you can wait until lunchtime for that relaxing phone chat.

Evermind works with a multitude of appliances, so you can choose according to your loved ones routine. Use the microwave, a coffee maker, the TVs, lamps, curling irons, a CPAP machine, or even the garage door openers, and you can be instantly notified when dad gets up, is watching tv after dinner, or is safe in bed for the night.

Evermind can send you text messages or email notifications throughout your day, and will even let you know if something seems amiss. Your Evermind set includes three sensors so you can monitor from one to three appliances. You just plug the Evermind sensors into your outlet, and then plug your selected appliances into that. These sensors are able to connect to the Evermind network with a built-in wireless Internet. So no home Internet connection is required.

Sounds great to me, and I can think of a few other uses for a TV, or garage door monitor (think teenagers) If the Evermind sounds like something that benefit your family, check it out at It’s under $200 for the system, and around 29 bucks a month for the service.
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The Tornado Body Dryer – Have a Blast, in your Shower! Thu, 30 Oct 2014 18:30:15 +0000 226_Body_Dryer_-_Beige

There is nothing like a nice hot shower, and of course nothing like stepping out of said shower, dripping all over the floor, while you freeze your butt off drying yourself with a towel. Then there’s the aftermath, a wet soggy towel, or the boatloads of laundry that need to be done. It happens everyday, and you’re washing over, and over again. sigh. There’s got to be a better way.

Well, check out The Tornado Body Dryer, this unit is designed as a full body dryer made specifically to be installed directly into your shower area. Now, you can stay inside your cozy, warm shower, without dripping all over your floor and you can dry in warm, relaxing comfort. The Tornado Body Dryer consists of a full length air tube that will dry you evenly from top to… um, …bottom. Sure, there are other body dryers out there, but the Tornado contains over 200 air openings that actually create a vortex of warm, swirling air, enveloping your entire body, actually drying you on ALL sides, in minutes, no matter which way you are standing.

The 9 pound Tornado offers you the ability to choose full, or half power, and it installs easily into your tub, shower or even outside your bathing area, using just a small bracket.The Tornado Body Dryer does however utilize a powerful 220 volt/12.5 amp motor, so installation will likely require the assistance of an electrician.  So if you want to ditch the towels, reduce your risk of slip and fall injuries, or just want an amazingly decadent (and hygienic) shower experience, visit and get yourself the Tornado, for right around 2000 bucks. It might almost pay for itself in around 5 years of not washing towels…
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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock – Hit the Floor Running! Thu, 25 Sep 2014 18:30:06 +0000 sonic-alert-sonic-boom-sb1000ss-alarm-clock-with-vibrating-bed-shaker-7

Summer is a sweet memory and the Fall is now in full swing. The worst part about it, is getting the crew used to waking up early on those dreaded school days. I find myself trudging up and down the halls doling out 5 minute warnings like a living snooze bar. It gets old fast. If only there was an alarm clock that I could rely on to get everyone up on time… because then, I could just sleep in!

Checkout The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock, this more than capable clock has everything you’ll need to get almost any solid sleeper up, and out of bed, and not just for school either. Sure, the 113 decibel tone (and volume) adjustable alarm, with the available super shaker bed vibrator,  will help you start getting ready on time, but this nifty clock with also allow you to connect a lamp that will flash with the alarm, and it can connect with signalers to alert you to things like your baby crying, the doorbell, or even the telephone ringing.

The Sonic Boom’s test function allows you to check out which combinations of sound, flashing lights and vibrations will be most effective in jolting your butt out of bed, and the snooze settings will let you drift back off, for up to a half an hour, and then torture you all over again. So if you, or someone you love, is hard of hearing, or simply sleeps like they’re comatose,The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock may be just what you need. Get yours at with the Super Shaker included, for right around 82 bucks. My mornings just got a whole lot better.
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The WOW! Computer – a Simple PC just for Grandma Fri, 11 Jul 2014 19:00:20 +0000 july_wowcomputer_21089_600px_lg You know how it is., If you go ahead and get your parents a computer, you will either be involved in lifetime tech support, walking them through every single step of sending an email… forever. Conversely, the thing will sit there, only to be used when you happen to be there for a visit, at which time you will teach her to turn it on…AGAIN. You know your folks would love being able to be “online” Why does it have to be so hard?

Well, check out the WOW! Computer, made especially for seniors. The Wow! Computer is a tower-less system, that is easy to use, with a cool touch screen design. The setup is simple, just plug it into the power, click in the internet cord and voila, you’re online. Yes, there are built in games, email, video chat, calendars, and the system even includes Text-to-Voice that can read your emails out loud. The WOW! Computer’s email is incredibly user friendly, including its extra large print and step by step instructions. The WOW!’s  innovative screen also gives granny one touch access to some of the net’s most popular websites, and an easy way to surf the rest of the worldwide web.  The system consists of an Intel 847 Celeron Dual Core Processor, a 22 inch high definition monitor, a 500 GB hard drive, an optical drive with a tray in DVD player, speakers, a webcam with a microphone, and a 6 in one memory card reader, as well as 4 USB slots. So if you know someone who would love to enter the age of technology, but never quite knew how you were going to get them there, the WOW! Computer might be just what you’re looking for. Head on over to for a whole lot more information, or to order one for around 1100 bucks.
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