The Dyson Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

by Liam

Too lazy to take the time to vacuum your house, or just want to confuse your pet? Dyson’s robotic vacuum just might be the thing for you. Featuring more than 70 sensory devices and three on board computers, this machine is only 5% vacuum, and 95% robotic intelligence. It requires no human input or training to completely clean an entire area. It learns the layout of a room and uses …

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MotoMan RoboBar

by Randal


The shining promise of robotics is that it will eventually free us from all forms of drudgery. It only follows that as technology progresses our definition of what drudgery is will become a sliding scale, a moving target. Have we come so far already as to define the noble pursuit of tending bar “drudgery?” The RoboBar from the Motoman company answers this question with an emphatic “Yes!”

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