R100 Personal Robot

by Tiago

To make the most of the Robot category here at Coolest Gadgets and reach the tenth position, I present you the R100 Personal Robot – man’s best friend after beer, dogs, women. It is a strange looking robot made by the famous IT company – NEC. I’m wondering if the persons in charge of building the R100 focused so much in giving the robot plenty of features that they forgot …

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The RoboMop

by Al


The RoboMop is a neat robotic solution to cleaning smooth floors. It does look a bit cheap and plasticy but if it saves a bit of menial labor who cares what it looks like.

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Cool electronic home decor

by Edwin


So you’ve just moved into your brand new dream home, and have gone to great lengths to furnish it according to your preference. You take great pride in fixing nearly every single piece of furniture, painting the walls, selecting the right wallpaper (OK, I admit that is the uncrossable domain of the fairer sex), and even picking up the right fixtures so that everything blends in smoothly, providing a pleasant …

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Cool Robotic Pencil Sharpener

by Al

Robot Pencial Sharpener

This is the coolest pencil sharpener I’ve ever seen (though I must admit I’ve not seen an abundance of cool pencil sharpeners), the walking robot pencil sharpener. Just open its chest, insert a pencil, twist to sharpen, and remove your pointy pencil. By sharpening your pencil, you have secretly wound the 4″ robot’s power core and it will now begin walking toward you (or in whatever direction it’s facing). The …

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R2-D2 Robot responds to voice commands (and more)

by Tiago

R2-D2 Robot Replica

Just in case you are a Star Wars super fan – unlike myself – the following droid (image on the right) is certainly a familiar image in your mind, I’m talking about the little R2-D2 robot in case you didn’t understand it yet, the blue robot that appeared on all the Star Wars movies so far and never changed the appearance or anything else for that matter. This R2-D2 replica …

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Robot Punch Ball

by Al

Robot Boxer

When it comes to workouts and having fun my Slam Man is pretty hard to beat (though I must admit I do neglect him some what). I’ve just seen the video of this robotic punch ball and it looks a fair bit cooler.

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Walking Robot Vehicle

by Al

Robot Ride

This has got to be the craziest transportation we’ve reported on at CG, a ride-able robot. It might be 3 years old but it still looks like a robot from the future. The robot named R7 was invented by a Korean company who invent and manufacture robots purely for fun, which must be a great company to work for. You can buy the robot walker for $5,250 but don’t be …

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AkaZawa’s Desktop Robot PLEN

by Al


The bipedal robot, for so long it was the holy grail of roboticists. Honda most famously produced some of the first walking robots with the “P” series, which has evolved into Asimo. Most of the bipedal robots today employ the zero moment point (ZMP) algorithm. This gives them kind of a stiff-in-the-knees walk and a permanent semi-crouch. Recently this has been applied to robots who, if you look closely, are …

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