Reborg-Q Security System

by Dan

Using robots as guards to create a reliable security system is an old idea for science fiction books, but apparently the concept is about to become a reality. The Japanese company Sohgo Security Services (ALSOK) announced that it will be creating a semi-autonomous security system based on the interaction between robots and humans. The robot to be used in the system is an upgraded version of the Guardrobo D1, produced …

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Rent a robot

by Dan


Alright, if your company is having a hard time to find a reliable secretary or assistant why not just hire a robot instead? That is exactly what Ubiquitous Exchange, an organization based in Tokyo, is offering. For an hourly wage you can hire Ubiko, a robot that is able to welcome visitors, answer questions and carry objects around. What is the hourly wage, though? Grab your seat, because the little …

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Robot adapts to surrounding environment

by Dan

starfish robot

Scientists from the University of Vermont and from the Cornell University have announced a new robot that is able to study the surrounding environment, re-adapt to it and even heal itself in the case of unexpected damage. As you can imagine those capabilities could prove really useful for missions on unknown or dangerous territory. The process is not that simple. Apparently the robot is able to create a virtual model …

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Robocoaster gives you thrills

by Edwin


Industrial robot manufacturer Kuka has teamed up with Primal Rides, the Canadian amusement park ride designer in order to developed theme rides that are based on a robotic Kuka arm. Known as the Robocoaster, this is a pretty interesting piece of news as it can be safely said that the Robocoaster is the only rollercoaster in the world that will bring its riders for a wild, wild ride, with the …

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R100 Personal Robot

by Tiago

R100 Personal Robot

To make the most of the Robot category here at Coolest Gadgets and reach the tenth position, I present you the R100 Personal Robot – man’s best friend after beer, dogs, women. It is a strange looking robot made by the famous IT company – NEC. I’m wondering if the persons in charge of building the R100 focused so much in giving the robot plenty of features that they forgot …

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The RoboMop

by Al


The RoboMop is a neat robotic solution to cleaning smooth floors. It does look a bit cheap and plasticy but if it saves a bit of menial labor who cares what it looks like.

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Cool electronic home decor

by Edwin


So you’ve just moved into your brand new dream home, and have gone to great lengths to furnish it according to your preference. You take great pride in fixing nearly every single piece of furniture, painting the walls, selecting the right wallpaper (OK, I admit that is the uncrossable domain of the fairer sex), and even picking up the right fixtures so that everything blends in smoothly, providing a pleasant …

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Cool Robotic Pencil Sharpener

by Al

Robot Pencial Sharpener

This is the coolest pencil sharpener I’ve ever seen (though I must admit I’ve not seen an abundance of cool pencil sharpeners), the walking robot pencil sharpener. Just open its chest, insert a pencil, twist to sharpen, and remove your pointy pencil. By sharpening your pencil, you have secretly wound the 4″ robot’s power core and it will now begin walking toward you (or in whatever direction it’s facing). The …

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