Robots take up traditional dance

by Edwin

Robots tend to be clumsy, or at least that’s the image that we get. After all, robots that are as agile as Spiderman as portrayed by numerous science fiction shows are but figments of the imagination. Even one of the most famous autonomous robots, Honda’s Asimo, has problems getting around on its own as quickly and as efficiently when compared to a normal human. The Japanese aren’t about to give …

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More funding for Acrobot

by Edwin


Acrobot Company Ltd is a spin-off of Imperial College London, and they have recently received $5.3 million worth of B round financing in order to help them perfect the robotic-assisted partial knee replacement surgical procedure as soon as possible. This delicate procedure will utilize a couple of Acrobot Company’s main products – the surgical planning software and its crown jewel, the robotic arm known as the Acrobot Active Constraint System. …

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Robot mimics basilisk movement

by Edwin


We all know that walking on water is a miracle from the human point of view, but it isn’t really a problem if you’re a basilisk. What happens if you’re a robot instead? Logic dictates that something as heavy as a robot wouldn’t be able to last the distance across a body of water, but the NanoRobotics team at Carnegie Mellon University seem to have a differing opinion as they …

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C-Leg is now new and improved

by Edwin


Remember Captain Hook? Boy, what would he give to trade in that rusting appendage of his to get one of today’s newfangled bionic body parts. Case in point, the new and improved C-Leg from healthcare company Otto Bock. Targeting those in the armed forces who have experienced a loss of limbs, the C-Leg comes complete with a microprocessor controlled knee that is smart enough to adjust the hydraulic systems according …

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Bari robot checks up on patients

by Edwin


The Bari robot is a videoconferencing robot that is equipped with a couple of cameras to help doctors check on patients despite not being there physically at the hospital. In addition to the cameras, there is a screen and microphone to help the joystick-controlled robot keep in touch with the patient. It gives the patient a sense of relief as if the doctor is there in person, and could come …

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Bumblebee gets groovy

by Edwin


Bumblebee might have been turned into a Camaro in the Michael Bay movie, but he’ll always remain a Beetle at heart, which is why he rocks to various tunes. The Beatmix Bumblebee grooves to all sorts of tunes whenever you plug him to an MP3 player, while adding beats and sound clips from the movie. No Energon cubes power Bumblebee this time as he relies on a mix of 4 …

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Megatron is angry you haven’t seen his movie yet!!

by Fred

See My Movie!!!!

So maybe you’re thinking that Transformers is a dumb toy commercial. While it is based on the toys made in the early 80’s by Hasbro (Thank you Hasbro!) However the writing crew did a great job binding together a story that parallels the atmosphere of the original Gen I Transformers, while bringing new, and clearly up to date ideas to the big screen and introduce a whole new generation to …

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Robot equipped with Tasers now

by Edwin


Remember the Taser XREP that we covered a couple of days ago? Well, apparently those guys at Tasers are pretty productive, as there is word of Taser working with iRobot Corporation to include tasers into the arsenal of robots. Yes sir – now law enforcers will be able to carry out its (sometimes destructive and inhumane) peacekeeping duties without risking life and limb from an exploding Molotov cocktail or otherwise. …

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