Transformers turn plush

by Edwin

Looks like no matter how hard and tough-as-nails the Transformers robots look like, they all have a soft side to them in the form of a plush toy. What makes these plush toys all the more interesting is the latent ability to transform, for example the good ol’ Optimus Prime turns into one plush truck by moving the right parts into position. I think this Transformers plush toy will appeal …

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Robot has broken heart

by Edwin


Heart Robot thinks otherwise. His story goes like this: “On his home planet of Xerbix 319, the Broken Heart Robot was one of the rare robots built without a purpose. Saddened by this, he fled Xerbix 319 and traveled the galaxy to seek out his purpose. Along the way, the Broken Heart Robot met many interesting characters on various planets, moons and asteroids, and eventually landed on a small planet …

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Female Type robot up for auction

by Edwin


Most robots that we have seen so far look as though they’re of the male variety, and even in Japanese anime we get mostly testosterone-laden robots. Take a look at Transformers for example – how many of those ‘bots are the bionic equivalent of an Amazon warrior? Tomotaka Takahashi must have thought long and hard about this, and he turned his thinking into a practical answer by working on the …

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Bear robot cuddles up with army men

by Edwin


That’s what it looks like at the beginning, but fret not. The alpha males in the army aren’t turning soft anytime soon with the uber-cute Bear robot. Bear is actually an acronym for “Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot”. The name itself is pretty self explanatory, as you have injured soldiers out in the field who can’t make it to a safe point on their own. Rather than risk the life of …

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Talk about specialised: the Asahi Beerbot aka the Robocco

by Andi


Looking like a mix between good ol’ R2D2, a lamp and a golf ball, here comes the Robocco from Asahi. As you might have guessed from the title, this robot’s only task is related to beer: it should take one out of its belly, open it, and pour it in a mug. And this is what it does. Initially only available as a prize for a contest, it is now …

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Newest Mars Rover packs heat …

by James

Mars Science Laboratory

Tasked with the mission of determining if Mars was ever a habitat where life could thrive, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) weighs nearly 1800 pounds, is practically the size of a VW and has a laser canon for evaporating and analyzing rock samples. In fact, this new rover is so large, that scientists at JPL had to invent a whole new way to land it on the Red Planet. Using …

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Xbox 360 controller goes to war

by Edwin


U.S. Army troops have the advantage of using the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGVs) in the battlefield as these diminutive robots double up as their eyes, ears, and potentially triggerfingers in tight situations. These robots are relatively cheap (considering the huge budget the Army has) and can be considered as disposable, enabling ground troops to check out the next corner or even hotspots without putting their lives on the line. …

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Kansei robot from Japan gives me the creeps

by Edwin


Japanese seem to love robots of all kinds, and the Kansei robot is the latest in line to join the fray. What makes this robot very much different from the rest of his electronic brethren is the very fact that he responds to word associations, thanks to a silicon face mask and 19 movable parts. Kansei is able to express up to 36 facial expressions altogether from a self-updating online …

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