Robot Model HRP-4C

by Mark R

If you are going to build a robot that looks human, why not make it into a fashion model? This is exactly what Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology did when they unveiled the HRP-4C. As you can see, it is 5 foot tall, weighs about 95 pounds, but I don’t know her bust/waist/hips measurements. They made her to look lifelike, and I thought she was real …

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Robot Gardeners

by Mark R

Imagine a world where robots tend our gardens, helping us grow fresh food while we sit there and do nothing but enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labors. It would appear that students and researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have created robots that can tend tomato plants. The plants are equipped with soil sensors and they can network with the robots, allowing them to communicate …

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Oboe Robot reminds you of those who have passed on

by Mark R

What you are seeing here isn’t the latest toy robot from Wowwee, but a concept robot called the Oboe. I’m not certain why this robot is named after a woodwind instrument, because what it does has nothing to do with music. Anyone care to guess what Oboe’s directive is? If you said “assist the elderly”, then you are half-right. Sadly, the Oboe isn’t designed to be mobile, so it cannot …

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Solar Climbing Orangutan makes for a mindless yet fun toy

by Edwin

Want to have a toy that goes on and on and on without the use of Energizer or Duracell batteries? That’s not a problem with the Solar Powered Orangutan, although it does look like a carved out piece of Lego from certain angles. All you need to do is set this Orangutan on a piece of string, expose it to some light and voila – it will get to work, …

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Robot Money Box guards your savings, maybe a little too well

by Mark R

Considering the fragile state of the economy these days, it is probably good to start saving money. Sure, you could use an old-fashioned piggy bank, but technology always gives us an electrical alternative. This is where the Robot Money Box comes in. When you put money in the bank, it can actually keep track of how much you put in. I’m not certain how it does this. I doubt it …

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Takara Tomy robo-Q elicits squeals of delight

by Edwin

Takara Tomy is one of those rare companies that tend to impress with each release of its product, and the same applies to the latest addition to its stable of robots – the robo-Q. This bipedal robot is extremely small, measuring no larger than your thumb, and yet it possesses enough intelligence to receive and interpret commands from a remote control. The brilliant folks at Takara Tomy have even thrown …

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I-Shovel, the Automated Snow Shoveler

by Mark R

Sure, everybody loves the Roomba, that lovable little iRobot device that can vacuum a room all by its automated bad self, so it is only logical that someone would create the I-Shovel, an automated robot snow-shovel. Somehow, the I-Shovel has special sensors which can detect how much snow has fallen in a given area. Once it somehow realizes that there is enough snow to be shoveled, it starts to work …

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The Machine bOb battery bot

by Ally

There’s no reason that all robots should be created the same size.  Now you can pick up these tiny little battery bots, that although may not do much, they’re still cute.  If your desk needs a touch more charm, just pick up a couple of these in the different forms they come in and you won’t be able to help but smile at the sight of them.  Although, it might …

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