The Machine bOb battery bot

by Ally

There’s no reason that all robots should be created the same size.  Now you can pick up these tiny little battery bots, that although may not do much, they’re still cute.  If your desk needs a touch more charm, just pick up a couple of these in the different forms they come in and you won’t be able to help but smile at the sight of them.  Although, it might …

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Anybot Telepresence Robot

by Al

The Anybot telepresence robot is a videophone with a bit of a difference. The screen and phone are incorporated into a 2 wheeled human sized robot. Like a Segwat the Anybot uses the same sort of technology to always remain upright even when bending (I’m guessing this is so it can look down on your minions even when you’re away from the office). It has a top speed of 6 …

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Discovery Robot In My Room

by Edwin

Want to find a way to encourage your child to start the saving habit? Of course, there is no better way to teach the little ones than by your example, but just in case you want to augment your thrifty lifestyle, here is the Discovery Robot In My Room that could go some ways in helping. This smart-aleck talking robot comes equipped with a motion detector and a twisted sense …

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The slow moving Strenco ST-2 Steam Robot

by Ally

It’s well known that geeks have their love for robots.  Whether it be loving to own/create them or talk about how they’re going to take over the world, we can’t get enough.  Well here’s one more cool robot for us to acquire.  This one doesn’t boast high speeds or any grand functions.  Just a slightly unconventional way of keeping it running.  It doesn’t use AA batteries or even a hand …

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Pole Dancing Robot

by Edwin

Could this actually happen in the future, where people actually find themselves turned on by robots? Perhaps not in the form factor that you see above, where a robotic DJ and a robotic pole dancer (check out the way “she” wiggles her rear end) practise in bringing the house down on a future Saturday night. Well, I suppose when future robots have been properly skinned with something that resembles a …

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Mamoru: A Robot to Assist the Aged

by Mark R

This next device is an interesting conceptual robot created by the University of Tokyo, and is designed to assist the elderly in their daily tasks. The Mamoru may not have arms or legs for active assistance, but it does have something that many old people lack: memory. The eyes of the Mamoru are designed for more than just aesthetics. These are wide angle camera lenses, and Mamoru is designed to …

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Vacuum robots can handle jobs in tall buildings

by Mark R

I have a little story problem for you. Take your average office building with x number of floors, with y square feet of carpet per floor. Multiply x and y to get the total value of square feet of carpet for the building, and use it to obtain the value of z, the hourly salary of a janitor who needs to vacuum xy. In case of the automated vacuum robot …

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Trossen Robotics offer new MechRC Humanoid Robot

by Edwin

Trossen Robotics will be making available its new MechRC Humanoid Robot to the masses in the US, and parents can breath easy since this Christmas present won’t break the $1,000 barrier in terms of pricing. That doesn’t mean it is affordable for everyone though, since it is still pretty pricey at $599.99 – definitely not an impulse purchase considering how everyone else is tightening their wallets to weather the current …

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