HRP-2 Promet can stand on one leg

by Mark R

I suppose that as a parent, I am proud of what my children can do. I’ve found that once they learn to walk and talk, they start doing things that are impressive to them but mundane to us. For example, standing on one foot. Sure, we humans can probably stand on the left or right leg interchangeably without even thinking about it, so you might not think it too impressive …

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The Pincher is designed to take out explosives

by Mark R

I know what this looks like. You’re probably thinking that: “Oh no, it is a Star Wars/Terminator/Matrix/Battlestar Galactica/any other science fiction franchise robot that is designed to take out enemies. Are the humans its next target?” Actually, from what I have been reading from my sources, this robot, also known as “Pincher” is designed to disable Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from a long distance. It apparently uses rockets the size …

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Anybots Avatar Robots

by Mark R

This is a prototype “Avatar robot” from a company called Anybots. It works just like the avatar program in Avatar, but instead of putting yourself inside a giant blue person, you put it in a robot. Okay, the technology isn’t quite there yet, but you can access the avatar robot from the Internet, and this robot known as QB activates its 5-megapixel camera. From there, you can manipulate the “head” …

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Balancing Cube Robot from Zurich!

by Mark R

I realize that the title of this sounds like some low-budget science fiction film from the fifties or the sixties, but is a real thing. I have included a video of this product from Sebastian Trimpe and Raffaello D’Andrea at the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control researchers. This is the Balancing Cube. Yes, don’t ask me why it called the Balancing Cube is called a cube when it is …

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Japanese wedding officiated by a robot “I-Fairy”

by Mark R

Whenever you get married, you have to plan a lot of things. One of them is who is going to officiate at the wedding. This one couple in Tokyo decided to opt for a robot to officiate, and there is a video of “I-Fairy” in action after the jump. The I-Fairy is made by a Japanese company Kokoro. The bride, Satoko Inoue, works for Kokoro, and groom Tomoshiro Shibato is …

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LOLA walking robot knows where she/it is going

by Mark R

Remember that robot named AILA that we reported on a while ago? She was the white one with a female form that knew how to hold things. Well, it isn’t the only robot to come out of Germany, for here is LOLA. LOLA is a humanoid robot presented by the Technical University of Munich and the Institute of Technology Autonomous Systems in Munich. I have a video of it after …

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Giant Baby at Shanghai Expo

by Mark R

I really wish I was Shanghaied right now, because there is a huge Expo going on. This is one of the exhibits there, a giant 21-foot baby. Insert giant diaper-changing or breast feeding joke here. Seriously, this mammoth robot baby has been named Miguelin, and it is designed by a Spanish film director named Isabel Coixet, who is the human in the picture. She worked with an effects company known …

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Zbit Mini R/C Robots

by Edwin

Check out the Zbit Mini R/C Robots from ThinkGeek – these are tiny pocket dynamos that will definitely spruce up a boring day at the office as they zoom around at breakneck speed, spin 360 degrees, and even light up and make robot noises. All of them operate on different frequencies, so you won’t see any controlling error occur when you’re having fun with your friends. You can choose from …

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