Luna Robot from RoboDynamics

by Mark R

I believe it was the preview of the movie Bicentennial Man that promised that every home would have a robot by the year 2005. Well, we aren’t there yet, but RoboDynamics is promising a robot in every house by 2021. The Luna robot is supposed to be a robot mobile platform. I believe that means we are looking at an “App Store”, but instead of a special program for an …

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Robot is inspired by the caterpillar

by Mark R

I have said before that if you are going to build a robot, then you should imitate something of nature. I have seen robots inspired from snakes and birds, but this is the first one that I have seen that have looked to the caterpillar. Actually, it is a certain type of caterpillar. Have you ever seen that type of bug that curls into a ball when it is touched? …

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DON-8r robot raises money for charities

by Edwin

Who would have thought that a simple robot could actually be used for raising money for charities? Then again, that is not so strange. After all, we have seen skeptical looks dropping on normal folks who go from table to table in public places, wearing a badge that endorses where they came from, which organization they are representing in order to collect money from the public. Many of us have …

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Lawn Mowing with your iPhone 101

by Julie

In case you missed it, Husqvarna has been in the robot lawn mowing business for quite a while now, we have been reporting on them for a few years already. Ahhh the pleasures of sitting in air conditioned comfort while the mower tackles your lawn all by itself. It appears that the newest update to this idyllic scene, is that now you can be sitting in an air conditioned movie …

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Check out this the HECTOR spider robot

by Mark R

This spidery looking robot is designed by the University of Bielefeld’s Department of Biological Cybernetics, and it is the HECTOR, which is a weird quasi-acronym meaning the HExapod Cognitive auTonmously Operating Robot. This mechanical arachnid is about a meter long, and weighs in at 12 kilograms, with 13 percent of it being the exoskeleton. I’m not certain what percentage of a real spider’s weight is its exoskeleton, but it does …

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REETI the robot can show its emotions

by Mark R

I know some of us never want robots to ever have emotions, but I suppose that no one has any qualms about creating a robot that could show emotions. This is the desktop robot known as REETI, and I am not certain what it stands for, but it is a communication robot and a multi-media tool that could be used to convey a very particular type of message. You can …

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You have got to like the SWITL spatula

by Mark R

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that you appreciate the most. For example, something that can clean up a ketchup or mayonnaise stain without leaving any trace evidence (for lack of a better word). This is the Furukawa Kikou SWITL robot hand, and I have a video of it after the jump removing an ugly stain. What makes it really interesting is how that it is able to …

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Mechanical Bird uses its own wings to fly

by Mark R

I remember seeing pictures from DaVinci’s manuscripts of flying machines. Many of them were ornithopters, flying machines that use the flapping power that birds use to defy gravity. I remember even reading a short story once called “DaVinci Rising” that depicts the Renaissance great actually succeeding in his accomplishment. Festo’s SmartBird is able to replicate the process, and has created a gigantic herring gull that can take off by flapping …

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