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Robots have got to be one of the coolest new consumer gadgets. A lot of them aim to make our lives easier by doing the chores we all hate doing whilst other consumer are just plain entertaining. This section of CG is dedicated to writing about all the new consumer robot products that we come across.


GJS reveals first GEIO FPS battle robot

by Edwin - on November 14th, 2017

There is a certain degree of fascination when it comes to robots and robotics, as we continue to plunge headlong into the 21st century. What if I were to propose the ideal of normal humans duking it out with one another, except that their consciousness has been connected to that of metal bodies in the form of gigantic robots? GJS has taken a small step in the right direction with the GEIO, which is touted to be the world’s first FPS battle robot which will leverage on visual recognition technology.

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Jibo the social robot for homes

by Edwin - on November 6th, 2017

jiboEveryone seems to be moving in the direction of smart homes these days, Well, what is the point of having a smart home when you are not going to have a handy robot living under the same roof as you? Enter Jibo, the brand new digital best friend who also happens to lay claim to being the first social robot for the home. Jibo would make for the perfect holiday gift, don’t you think so?

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C-me Folding Pocket Flying Social Camera

by Edwin

c-me-social-cameraIf you are a social media butterfly, chances are you are always on the lookout to make sure that you can capture even better looking photos and selfies than ever before, in a bid to maintain your supremacy in the social media landscape while making sure that you always raise the stakes. The selfie stick is so passe, so why not look to the all new C-me Folding Pocket Flying Social Camera in order to shoot some really unique shots of you so that your followers will always be entertained?

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Lily Next-Gen drone ups the ante

by Edwin

lily-next-gen-droneDrones are all the rage these days, with so many different companies coming up with their very own take on what a drone should be like, and what it is capable of. While there are many pretenders to the throne, there are only a few companies which are able to deliver as promised. Lily is one of the more reliable brands, having launched the Lily Next-Gen. What makes the Lily Next-Gen stand out from its predecessors? For instance, this is a drone in the spirit of the Lily flying camera, where it is deemed to be a fun and simple selfie drone for extremely active people.

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Tertill is a weed-killing robot

by Edwin

tertillWeeds are the bane of any garden. They are so easy to grow and spread, and are extremely hardy. In fact, weeds are more or less useless, being more of a curse on the ground than anything else. However, just like life, we have to contend with the likes of weeds in order to make sure that anything that is worth attaining such as a good and rich harvest deserves to have hard work put in. If you have a reasonably large yard that you would like to protect against weeds using the natural way, how about considering the Tertill weed-killing robot? This is like a robotic vacuum cleaner, except for the garden.

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The Selfie Drone captures your best look on its own

by Edwin

selfie-droneHammacher Schlemmer has been well known to produce some rather stunning devices and put them up for sale, and this particular model is something which not everyone would have thought of. Since drones ended up being all the rage some time ago, and the selfie phenomena continues to grow as many smartphones now feature a front-facing camera that have an equal or higher megapixel count compared to the back camera. Why not merge the two together and you would end up with what is known as the $299.95 Selfie Drone?

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Chowbotics offers Sally the Salad Robot

by Edwin

chowboticsEating is supposed to be fun, and there is a mantra going around that says “You are what you eat.” Many of us would love to be healthy, but how many of us are willing to go the extra mile in making sure that we will end up as healthy — such as exercise and eating right. How about throwing in some salads into your daily diet? Chowbotics have come up with something unique — Sally the Salad Robot, as it boasts of innovative technology that delivers fresh, healthy and hygienic food in a fun manner.

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Video Streaming Robotic Projectionist

by Edwin

video-streaming-robot-projectionistProjectors are nothing new these days, although the kind of technology that goes into them have definitely improved by leaps and bounds. As we get to enjoy clearer, brighter images with a higher resolution count, all rolled into a body that is more portable, how many projectors do you know out there that are brave enough to explore a form factor that is very different from that of a regular rectangular box? Enter the $2,500 Video Streaming Robotic Projectionist.

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