Dual VHS and DVD recorder from Sony

by Paz

Another retro gadget closely on the heels of the laser turntable we featured last week. From Sony, this is a dual VHS video and DVD recorder due to go on sale in the next few days for around $300. I tried to get some specs for supported formats etc, but the only pages I could find were in Japanese. Luckily I have a Firefox extension with a built-in Google Translate …

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Laser Turntable for $15,000

by Paz

Laser turntable.

This a laser gadget that can burn a hole in your pocket, but at least it leaves your vinyl discs undamaged. I really miss music on vinyl. I still have 50 or so LPs in one of my Mum’s cupboards and she keeps nagging me about it them but I’ve never let her get rid of them because I knew a gadget like this would come one day.

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It’s here at last – smellovision.

by Paz

Smellovision gadget.

This was an idea I heard about some time ago, but now it’s here – a gadget that releases an appropriate smell during critical parts of a film. I asked my better half which movie would she like to enjoy with the extra dimension of smell. She thought for a moment, and somewhat enigmatically said; “Casablanca”….

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Two iPod cases you can’t buy

by Tiago

iPod Retro Case

If you can’t buy these iPod cases why bother reading? Because you can do it at home. The RetroPod was made by John Young, and this creation cost him a Cease and Desist letter from Sony. He used one of those big old Sony Sports Walkman that have the special characteristic of being waterproof, and just inserted the iPod in there with some other stuff for protection. What are the …

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Rubik Table

by Al

Rubiks Cube Table

I always found the rubic cube a bit annoying, doing one side was easy, one side and a few rows not too bad but all 6 sides darn impossible. I was amazed to read recently the record for solving it is just over 11 seconds, geez that’s cazy. Well this gadget like furniture is one rubics cube you’ll never need to solve as it’s a table. The rubics table is …

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AOL CDs are Useful

by Al

AOL Throne

This may be old but it’s still retro cool and a great use for junk CDs, the AOL CD Throne. The throne was built in 2003 by somebody who had way too much time on their hands, consists of 4,000 CDs, weighs over 150 pounds and has a neon light but you’ve still got to wonder why [Stupidco found via cribcandy]

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Sun Dial Watch

by Al

Stonehenge Sun Dial Watch

If an LED watch isn’t retro enough how about a sun dial. Continuing in our tradition of reporting on the multitude of time keeping instruments (I’m desperately trying for the sake of variety not to call them clocks and watches (again)). We’ve just found a remake of probably the oldest time keeping device; the Sun Dial. These wonderful time pieces were very popular in historic times and could be seen …

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LED Watches

by Al

LED Space watch

Fancy being retro cool, if so you want to check out these LED watches by the appropriately named Led Watch. I never owned one of these first time round, in fact I’m not even sure if I was born then (or just too poor :() . Unlike today’s watches the LED watch had one function and that was to tell the time and if you were lucky the date too. …

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