Armless Teenar plays the blues

by Edwin

It never ceases to amaze me what men (and women, of course – I’m just talking in an extremely general manner, so please don’t get overtly PC on me) can do with a little bit of imagination, some D.I.Y. skills, and a passion to create something totally new that blows our collective minds away. Lou Reimuller obviously had more time on his hands than the rest of us by lovingly …

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Fully Working Miniature Brass Steam Engine

by Al

Brass Steam Engine

I’ve not seen one of these in ages, a fully working minature steam engine (and I’ve never seen a model engine with so much shiny brass). The classic Locomobile is works like a real steam engine but is 1/8 the size. You fill the boiler with water, light a dry spirit tablet and when the boiler is hot enough the steam powers the engine (and the all important whistle). This …

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Atari Video Game Key Chains

by Mike

Atari Video Game Key Chains

I didn’t grow up with Pong, but I know a lot of people did. And a lot of people loved it. If you were one of those people, you surely will go out and buy a Plug ‘n Play Atari video game keychain. Modern technology puts all that great Pong action into something that can fit right on your keychain. Just think, you can take Pong with you everywhere.

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The Commocoffee-64

by Randal


In 1983 for my 13th birthday I received my first computer – a Commodore Vic-20. It came with one game cartridge, I don’t remember the game however I do remember it was terrible. Included in the box was a book called “BASIC Language Reference” and soon I was writing my own games. It didn’t take long before the persistent “Out Of Memory” error prompted me to plead with my parents …

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Play Pacman against insects

by Paz

Pacman arcade game

I hope you all remember the arcade game Pacman! It was an arcade game that was a huge hit in the 80’s, so much so that it even took its developers by surprise.  As you might recall, the object of the game was to gobble up as many dots as possible, avoiding the four ghosts (who had names, but I can’t remember them now). The original Pacman ghosts were computer-controlled, …

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Slam Man

by Stephen

Slam Man

In this day and age with all our mod cons and lazy gadgets, it’s hard to keep fit and healthy as we do less exercise than ever. Obesity in England has greatly increased since the mid 1990’s. Someone, somewhere, realised that something had to be done and thus, the Slam Man was born. I’m sure you recognise him from ITV’s Celebrity Fit club, if not, let me introduce you.

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Remote controlled Daleks

by Paz

Remote controlled Daleks

It’s hard to imagine that the Daleks have been around since 1963! Now, to capture some of the interest in the new Dr Who episodes, these super-looking remote-controlled models have been released.

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Flowbee Hoover Haircut

by Stephen

Flowbee - the hoover haircut

What will they think of next? Forget your average shaver kit that you thought was good enough. I’m here to tell you that it’s not because I have found a vacuum that hoovers your hair to cut it.

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