A mix of old-school and today’s hype and tech: the Domino Phone

by Andi

Does the picture to the left entice you? Classic domino numbers with letters underneath? A sleek-looking keyboard with a beautiful backlight? If your sense of style is tingling and you feel you need to know and see more, click on…

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Fuzzy felt greeting cards

by Al


This takes me back some, fuzzy felt, the re-usable picture drawing thingy-ma-jig, is now available in greeting card format. So instead of sending a plain old static card you can send a fuzzy felt version and let the (older) recipient relive their youth and move bits around, class! Fuzzy felt greeting cards cost £2.99 (~$6) from the fuzzy felt greeting card shop, surprisingly.

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The Time Machine

by Andi

Time Clock

If you didn’t get your hands on the pong clock and really want an amazing time-telling machine that also brings back memories from the good ol’ times, here’s something that’s even cooler: the Time Machine! We haven’t been able to find a cool clock that has some real mechanic action since the Wave Clock. This one takes the concept of marbles showing time even further, with an even cooler result: …

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Another Cool Remote Control R2-D2 Unit

by Al

Remote Control R2 unit

We’ve certainly been spoilt rotten with Star Wars gadgets of late and this latest bit of Star Wars memorabilia brings back fond memories of my old figurine collection (which I sold to Paul Parnaby for £40 about 25 years or so ago). We’ve seen remote control R2D2 units before but this one is extra cool as it’s the size of the original collectors figure (they are action figures not dolls). …

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Watto’s brother must live in North Hollywood, Norton Sales

by Fred

Sure, you remember Watto, he owned a little boy you’d later know as Darth. He sold a hyperdrive to some guynorton logo named Qui-Gon Jinn. He had hooves,, yet he could fly (umm,, no one ever mentions how oxymoronic this is,, it’s like a vegetarian with teeth like the baddies from Alien!)


Anyway, there’s a place called Norton Sales Inc. that makes Watto’s look like a dump.norton rockets yeahnorton rockets


Wait,, I mean, that it’s a dump full of old space junk.


No wait,, by old, I mean fairly old. You know, if you need a replacement X-15 XLR99, because the one you were using is all ‘sploded. Well now you’ve got the right place to go!

I’m pretty sure that the next time I head down south (probably for a wedding) I’ll be swinging by. Gadget destinations are typically pretty hard to come by, but when you find them,, well, you’ve just got to make the trip. pfft654169

Crochet Trimmed Watches

by Tiago

Crochet Trimmed Watches

We all know how first impressions count a lot, so having an original and stylish wristwatch can be one of the important points that adds more personality value to the owner. By original I mean unusual in terms of design and material, luckily enough, there aren’t many watches that use crochet or tapestry as their “substance”. Having in mind that conditional characteristic, I present you two alternative watches that will …

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A Retro Boombox with a CD player, a Cassette Deck, USB and SD

by Nick

Sanyo MAJ-U02

Do you remember your old cassette tapes? Yes, those same tapes you used to record with your favourite songs and that are probably hidden in some dark corner of your house? Well, if you have any of those tapes left, you might consider buying the Sanyo MAJ-U02. This portable Boombox comes with a CD player, a cassette deck, a digital FM tuner and a SD/MMC card reader.

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Sure it’s a blizzard, but the stove is on,, let’s blow hot air around!

by Fred

The Heatwave Wood Stove Fan from Northlineexpress.com which, from what I can tell, is where hot things come from. They’ve got fireplace and heating things of all kind. More importantly though, I’m focusing on the aftorementioned Heatwave Wood Stove Fan. Here’s the reason we’re looking at it,, it’s got a Stirling engine inside!!! So as not to confuse it with the crazy-insane commentator on the NFL Stirling Sharpe, it is …

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