Thump Through Your Day

by Alison

Remember your first boombox? Did you have the one with the removable speakers? Maybe yours was skinny enough to carry on your shoulder. So when you walked to your friend’s house you could listen – and force others to listen – to your tunes the entire way. There were the dual cassette versions that were cool too. And oh boy, didn’t we all love the ability to record off the …

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Ultimate Retro Table

by Alison

We laugh when we think about floppy disks now. Yet they were a lifesaver back in the day. And the 3.5” introduced that sweet plastic cover and metal slider thing which meant you could throw them in your backpack or wherever. Ahhh, the good ol’ days. But how will future generations ever know the technologies that preceded them? Guess we need to remind them.

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Old School Gifts

by Alison

Whether just a fan of nostalgia or a true Frank from Old School, plenty of gift receivers in your life would love something a little retro this holiday season. Check out the array of coolest old school gifts to make their year. 


Need more ideas for your gift giving this year? Visit the Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker. Tell us what they like and we’ll find the perfect gift.

The Impossible Instant Lab – for High Tech Retro Photos

by Julie

Is there anyone out there (thats old enough) that didn’t own a Polaroid camera? I remember when one of those little fold up leatherette SX-70 cameras was about as high tech as you could get. Listening to the little motor grind as the picture fed out of the hopper, warming the picture against your chest or waving it in mid-air in the hopes of hastening the developing process. The camera …

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The Curve Handset and Dock – Old School Meets High Tech

by Julie

Most people love their iPhones, in some cases the cell phone has even taken the place of the house phone, at the very least most homes have remote phones, those wireless little bricks in varying degrees of gray colored boredom, with a few tedious ringtones and usually very few special qualities that would make one stand apart from another. That is until now, award winning French designer Davis Turpin brings us another …

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Soundwagon – Driving the Music Home

by Julie

I probably shouldn’t admit that I have a rather large collection of records. As I write this my daughter wants to know what they were, and if that was how we listened to music before we had electricity. Bless her little heart – no candy for her today. Anyway, the point of the story was, I no longer have a record player and I don’t have the overwhelming desire to …

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Classic Manual Typewriter – Complete with Clickity Clack

by Julie

We reported sometime ago that the India-based typewriter manufacturing company known as Godrej and Boyce had closed its doors, and we suppossed that meant that no typewriters would ever be on the market again. I guess we all felt that way for a good reason, I mean, with computers and notebooks and countless other ways to get your thoughts on paper, who needed a typewriter, really? Well Hammacher Schlemmer realized that there may …

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Steampunk Wrist Monocular

by Edwin

Love all things steampunk? You might be interested in the Steampunk Wrist Monocular then, as this unique device will certainly let you live out your steampunk dreams, and heck, it might even help complete your costume for this Halloween. Bear in mind, this is not meant to be a replica or a piece of decoration, this monocular actually works. Yes sir, this is a fully functional, brass monocular that will …

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