iGlo LED Light Set – Year Long Holiday Lighting

by Julie

Sure, I know it’s a little early to be talking about holiday lighting, of course my neighbors have their lights up already, or did they not take them down? Either way they’re six months into looking ridiculously enthusiastic, or horribly lazy… I’m leaning towards the latter, I really never liked them anyway. But they got me thinking about holiday lighting.

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iPhone Controlled Musical Mercedes SLS

by Edwin

Remember how Pierce Brosnan, in his role as 007 in Tomorrow Never Dies, where he drove a BMW 750iL with a Sony Ericsson handset? Well, you might not be as suave and debonair as the dashing super spy, but you too, can live out your fantasy of driving your dream car with a phone, too. I am referring to the $129.95 iPhone Controlled Musical Mercedes SLS here, but there is …

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Universal Projector Remote Control

by Edwin

Ever heard of SMK-Link Electronics Corporation before? Well, this subsidiary of SMK Electronics so happens to be one of the largest manufacturers of OEM remote controls in the world, and they have something which you might enjoy – especially if you are one who deals with plenty of corporate presentations all the time, coming in the form of the Universal Projector Remote Control. Specially designed to seamlessly replace lost or …

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Forget your Keys? Use Your Smartphone!

by Julie

Sure, its happened to me more than once. I lost my house keys, left them in the wrong car, or forgot to give them to my mother who was stopping over to feed the dog. It’s a simple thing, and I should have just taken the time to have extra keys made, or hidden one under the doormat, but in this day and age I’m not sure anyone does that …

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate and Logitech Harmony Smart Control announced

by Edwin

Swiss-based computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech is back this time around, and they have a couple of devices for you to go through which should make life a whole lot easier and convenient, especially when you are one with so many different devices at home that keeping track of which remote control is used to control what ends up as a headache. The two candidates to fall under today’s news spotlight …

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R/C Quadcopter for some remote controlled fun

by Edwin

Remote controlled toys are dime a dozen, but once in a while, something new comes out that plays on such a premise, and the $59.99 R/C Quadcopter from Thinkgeek would definitely be one of them. All right, it might resemble that of a UFO from afar, but rest assured, it will not be the vehicle of choice for aliens to perform an invasion. Do take into consideration that this puppy …

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LG Magic Remote announced

by Edwin

LG Electronics has just announced that they will be releasing an all-new Magic Remote for its range of Cinema 3D Smart TVs before CES 2013 kicks off in Las Vegas in a fortnight’s time. This redesigned device will adopt the enhanced language recognition capabilities which make executing commands a cinch, in a natural, interactive and conversational experience. Not only that, this all new design will also continue to employ a …

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R/C Water Cannon Helicopter

by Edwin

Big boys’ toys – these are the stuff that dreams of a starry eyed kid are made out of. Especially when one has already joined the workforce for a fair number of years, and have managed to stash away a little bit of dough. Well, if you have always wanted to purchase a remote controlled toy of your own but never got around to doing so, perhaps it is time …

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