RC Floor Sweeper

by Edwin

Inject some fun into your house chores with the RC Floor Sweeper – a device that is guaranteed to get the kids scampering after you, asking for dibs on getting the floor cleaned. The reason is simple – one end of an electrostatic dust mop has been connected to an RC car, letting you clean your room in record time without having to walk around (at least until the range …

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Infrared Tracker R/C Car is controlled by a “magic dot”

by Ally

Usually when you’re controlling an R/C car you have some sort of remote with a pair of joysticks or a wheel and trigger. Generally the controls are relatively self-explanatory, as you don’t get much more simplistic than pressing a couple of sticks. Apparently there is an easier way, at least with the Infrared Tracker R/C Car.

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R/C Shooting Tank

by Edwin

Yes, this is one “war” that won’t consume barrels of oil-per-mile, as it uses batteries instead to get your battle kicks in. The R/C Shooting Tank boasts up to 40 shells which you can make yourself a nuisance with, and it is modeled after the mighty M1A2 Abrams tank. Suited and booted with the chunky hand-held controller, you can maneuver your radio controlled tank across a variety of surfaces, with …

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Energy Saver Remote from One for All

by Mark R

Energy Saver Remote from One for All

Since “Going Green” seems to be the latest thing, I suppose that it is high time that someone made a remote for it. Enter the Energy Saver Remote from One for All, which works by turning all the major AV appliances off instead of putting them in standby. Standby mode consumes 1.5 watts per hour, which is a total of 11.49 kilowatts per year. That statistic is assuming that the …

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