Interaxon allows visitors of the Vancouver Winter Games to control light displays with thoughts

by Mark R

We’ve discussed mind-controlled technology before, such as the Star Wars Force Trainer. A Toronto-based company named Interaxon has used mind control technology for how you really want to use it: to turn on the lights. Interaxon (see video after the jump) is having a special display of this technology for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Their display allows visitors to control lights at Niagara Falls (seen above) as well as …

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Hydrogen R/C Car Model Kit

by Edwin


Want to achieve a higher level of performance when it comes to R/C car model kits? The Hydrogen R/C Car Model Kit might just fit the bill then, where this latest prototype hydrogen fuel cell power kit was specially designed around Tamiya’s TRF 416 carbon fiber chassis. It is still in the prototype stage at point of publishing, so you won’t see it hit the stores anytime soon although we’re …

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Tamiya R/c car replica

by Edwin


Check it out – a full sized, vintage Tamiya radio controlled car replica of the vintage Sand Sorcherer which was released by Tamiya a good three decades back. While the original remote controlled car was 10% the size of what could possibly be the best selling radio controlled car ever manufactured, this life sized model ought to make heads turn. Don’t bother with D batteries for this though, as you …

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Rē Accessory turns iPhone into a universal remote

by Edwin


Just when you thought that the iPhone is the bee’s knees, enter another accessory that further augments that line of thinking – the Rē Accessory which will transform your iPhone into a universal remote control. Makes us wonder whether the folks at Logitech and all the other companies that roll out super expensive universal remote controls will sit up and take notice of this though, since most people already have …

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SilverPAC offers evolution 5500 universal remote control

by Edwin


Remember back in the day where there were just a couple of channels on your black-and-white TV, and yet with just those few channels, you could spend endless hours glued to whatever programming that came your way? Also, there was no need to hook up some other peripherals like home theater systems and DVD players since those didn’t exist back then – heck, there wasn’t even a remote control to …

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Cyber Technology’s Hovering Drone UAV

by Mark R


What you see here is a little kit of the Cyber Quad vertical take-off drone from an Australian company called Cyber Technology. As you can see, the main flying unit has four ducted fans that provide plenty of lift to keep this Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It can keep hovering, and even film things while in the air. Yeah, I’m sure you probably saw that tiny camera on the front …

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ZigBee Remote Control

by Edwin


The ZigBee Alliance has just announced the release of its ZigBee Remote Control, where the company aims to make it the new global standard where advanced remote controls are concerned. In fact, the ZigBee Remote Control will be the first public application profile that was specially designed for use with the ZigBee RF4CE specification which was announced earlier in 2009. With the ZigBee Remote Control, it frees consumers from pointing …

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R/C Wooden Puzzle Dinosaurs

by Edwin


We’ve all seen puzzle dinosaurs made out of wood pieces before, but ThinkGeek takes things to the next level with their range of R/C Wooden Puzzle Dinosaurs! While they come with less parts than a real dinosaur skeleton counterpart, it will definitely freak your friends out as they see it move around, making them do a double take and pinch themselves as they look around your home to see if …

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