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Hammacher Schlemmer has been well known to produce some rather stunning devices and put them up for sale, and this particular model is something which not everyone would have thought of. Since drones ended up being all the rage some time ago, and the selfie phenomena continues to grow as many smartphones now feature a front-facing camera that have an equal or higher megapixel count compared to the back camera. Why not merge the two together and you would end up with what is known as the $299.95 Selfie Drone?

The Selfie Drone is deemed to be an easy-to-fly camera which will enable one to share “dronies” instantly to a social network of your choice. Just how large is it? Well, it is roughly the size of a Belgian waffle, where the novice flyer will be able to enjoy a 12MP shooter with an accompanying flash just in case there are some low light conditions that need to be looked into. This Selfie Drone is more than capable of capturing Full HD video (1080p resolution) without missing a beat, and it delivers smooth operation with mechanical stabilization. The best part is, all of its intricate parts can be controlled from a smartphone.

You are now able to take a group photo with family or friends in an easier manner than ever before, and the best part is this: no longer do you need to learn how to master the selfie stick — as you have now upgraded to that of the selfie drone. The Selfie Drone is capable of taking off or landing from your hand, in addition to having a working range of 98′ which should be far enough to capture even the largest group selfies ever. IT even comes with obstacle avoidance to create a stable flight path for this flying tripod.

There is a microSD card slot to stash all of the recorded photos and videos, and it features a free iOS/Android app to work with.
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Pronto Peel is a universal IR TV remote control Fri, 13 May 2016 21:00:51 +0000 pronto-peelWhen it comes to remote controls, you can be sure that the modern home has a whole lot of those. After all, with the sheer number of devices that are in the living room itself, not to mention even our fans and lights being controlled digitally these days, keeping track of those remotes can be quite a pain and hassle. Which is why a universal remote control would be pretty handy, but Pronto has decided to narrow down the fields further with the $49.99 Pronto Peel, a universal IR TV remote control specially meant for iOS devices.

In other words, with the Pronto Peel, your iOS-powered device gets all the more versatile, as it can now control up to 8 different IR devices with your iPhone alone. The free app (but of course!) will be compatible with devices running iOS 7 or above, and the Peel base unit’s IR blaster emits signals in a 360° radius, which means it is a whole lot more flexible than having to point at a specific device. It will rely on Bluetooth Smart (LE) to connect to the Peel base unit, boasting of a wireless range of 80 feet. It has an average battery life of a year with the quartet of AA batteries powering it.
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The Triggertrap turns your phone into a DSLR shutter remote Mon, 25 Apr 2016 18:30:53 +0000 TriggerTrap

When you want to take photos with a DSLR camera and don’t have an entire crew to help you, it’s time to invest in accessories. This means devices such as flashes or stabilizers like a tripod, but for shots where you are part of the picture you’ll need a shutter remote to snap the image. There’s normally a ten second timer to take images, which you can do a lot with let me tell you, but it would be nice if you could set up and snap the image once rather than leaving it all up to how quickly you can move.

While there are tons of remote systems out there you could choose from, why not pick something that you’re already familiar with? The Triggertrap Mobile will let you use your smartphone in combination with this device to work as shutter control for your big fancy camera. This will work with iOS and Android, and while the app is free, you’ll be looking at $37 for the device.

Make sure you’re picking the correct version for your camera as well, or you’ll be spending money on something that won’t work with your brand. This is super easy to set up as all you need to do is install the app, plug it in and start shooting. There are three different long exposure remote modes, 5 timelapse modes, 13-exposure HDR modes, a sunset calculator, and more. While that’s great and all, it will be completely up to you as to whether or not those features are useful in your work.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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The Nerf Combat Creature Terradrone – baby destroyer droids for your kids! Thu, 31 Mar 2016 18:30:49 +0000 Nerf Terradrone

Do you ever wish your kids were combat ready so they can take down an evil government at the drop of a hat? Hopefully that is never the case, but kids do love to shoot the crap out of each other with Nerf guns, and I don’t blame them because it’s fun! While we’ve come a long way in the development of foam weaponry, do you ever get worried that we might be going too far?

Thankfully the answer to that is a resounding no, which is why the Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone exists. This is a remote controlled drone that looks like a baby destroyer droid, but is thankfully far less deadly. It can fire up to 12 darts from 45 feet away at a speed that is likely not strong enough to cause any real damage. The head can rotate a full 360 degrees, and it has an adjustable blast angle.

This is going to make it feel like the robot overlords really are on their way, as these can handle just about any type of terrain without issue. You’ll need 6 AA batteries to get the drone and remote control to work and it is recommended for kids 8 and up, though no one is going to judge if you get it for yourself. This will cost you $161.95, so your kids will hopefully keep the phase of wanting to shoot everything for a while to get a good deal of use out of this. You can move them up to more dangerous weaponry when they’re older.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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Ray Super Remote plays nice with Nest Learning Thermostat now Fri, 12 Feb 2016 13:00:07 +0000 ray-super-remoteRay Enterprises happens to be a next generation consumer technology company, and they have rightfully made an announcement that is on par with their company’s stature – that is, their Ray Super Remote being able to function with the Nest Learning Thermostat in order to provide Ray customers with control of their homes, and this control will go beyond the living room to boot. Ray happens to be an intuitive, touchscreen universal remote that looks and feels like a smartphone, and yet is full well capable of controlling thousands of devices, while providing recommendations on what to watch on TV. The remote would play nice with the Nest Thermostat as well via a new app developed by Ray, which was exclusively created for the remote itself.

Nest happens to be Ray’s first integration with a device for the home, where such a connection would enable Ray customers to control the Nest Thermostat straight from their Ray remote. Being created through the Works with Nest program, the app will allow users to log in with their Nest account in order to view all of their structures, as well as set Home/Away mode for any structure, check out the thermostats in each structure, and control the temperature and HVAC mode of all of their thermostats.

The Ray app for the Nest Thermostat is now readily available for all Ray customers – and it will not cost you a single cent more to boot. The app has already been released via a software update that has been automatically sent to all Ray remotes. The Ray Super Remote will make use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared to hook up to and control thousands of devices including TVs, set-top boxes, AV receivers, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox, among others. Those who are interested can check out Ray that currently retails for $249 pop.

Press Release
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The NOTTI Smart Mood Light is a visual smartphone notification system Fri, 11 Dec 2015 19:30:48 +0000 NOTTI Smart Light

When you want to get work done, you should keep your phone as far away from you as possible. All of your social media hubs, friends and family that are ripe and ready for conversation, and new game apps for you to download will suck away every spare minute you have. No seriously, I just picked up my phone and lost five minutes while writing this.

While the ideal is to keep your phone just out of reach, we need ways to make sure we’re not missing out on important information. If you’re not sporting a smartwatch, or just plain ole don’t want one, then you’re going to need a different way to stay in the loop. This NOTTI Smart Mood Light is a geometric-looking light that can act as a lamp whenever you’d like, but its main function is to alert you when you’re getting a text, for calendar alerts, calls, emails, and social media updates.

Since this has over 16 million LED color options, chances are you’re not going to be able to set up an alert for literally everything, but hey, I’m sure some are going to try. This can not only keep you in the know, but will pulse to the beat of your music in one or more colors. It can also wake you up with a gentle light alarm and turn off the light on a timer at night. Seeing that this is only $49.99 and has quite a bit of functionality of at least 5 different light gizmos, it seems to be accurately priced.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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The MokaCam wants to be the GoPro Killer Mon, 07 Dec 2015 18:30:01 +0000 mokacam ad 007

We love taking photos, videos, panoramas and more, but sometimes our phones aren’t exactly quick on the draw. The quality and speed of our phones is only so great, but on the opposing side, getting a good quality camera means not being able to upload everything as quickly. Everyone has heard of GoPro, and while it’s great and all, you have a specific period of time to record before needing to recharge. It is pretty top-tier though, and you don’t normally come across contenders that can pull a new trick out of the hat while keeping the same level of quality and convenience.

While it might have some some shortcomings of its own, the MokaCam is looking to become the “GoPro Killer”. This is a 45x45mm camera that is capable of 4k video, but that’s only one small part of what it can do. It uses a battery with magnets so you can not only affix it to surfaces for recording, but also attach an extra battery through magnetism for another hour of use as well as a rotatable screen with another battery in it for even more recording.

This is water resistant, and you can also get a housing that will make it completely waterproof for underwater shooting. It also has a motion detector to monitor your home, voice recording, and a 7-layer glass lens. It comes in black, gold, and blue, and will cost you $169 for a full setup which includes the waterproof housing, a rotatable screen, and a battery module. If this modular camera performs as well as it says, it really might give GoPro a run for their money.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo
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Savant adds a touch of class to the home remote segment Fri, 16 Oct 2015 12:00:56 +0000 savant-remoteWe are all creatures who would love to have a little bit of comfort here and there – it really makes sense, as who does not want to end up living it up in a luxurious home that would make its way into a TV show like MTV Cribs? Well, if you are flush with cash, or simply feel that it is about time you made the step to elevate yourself to the next level on the social ladder, then perhaps you might want to look at how your remote control would resemble in the living room. No ordinary remote control is going to do, as you now have the option of picking up the Savant Remote that offers a simple setup via Savant Instant, allowing homeowners to begin enjoying all their entertainment in a matter of minutes.

The Savant Remote would merge the convenience of a universal remote with the power of home automation, where it simplifies the entertainment experience for consumers, letting them control devices such as Sonos, Apple TV, cable boxes, Roku, and even their lights, all directly from a single device. This particular device is said to offer consumers an unmatched interactive experience, where one is able to control more than 380,000 of today’s most popular entertainment devices as well as switch easily between their favorites.

The presence of a high-resolution touchscreen would do away with the need for additional buttons as it elevates additional controls as and when necessary. Control would happen as though by magic sans wires thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without the need for any line of sight between the Remote and your entertainment system.

Not only that, homeowners will also be able to make use of the Savant Remote in order to control their lights with the new Savant Lamp Control, resulting in an instant ambiance in any room with a tap. Personalized profiles are there to ensure that every family member can maintain their own remote experience, sporting all their favorite channels and scenes that are but a tap or voice command away. Expect the Savant Remote to arrive in time for the holidays this coming September.

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Griffin Technology reveals Survivor Play for Siri Remote Sun, 20 Sep 2015 18:30:28 +0000 survivor-play-remoteSlightly more than a week ago, we brought you word that there is a spanking new generation of Apple TV that is ready and waiting to cater to the masses as the never ending quest for entertainment in the living room continues. Of course, if you know Apple, their stuff aren’t exactly the cheapest items on the block, and it is always a privilege for companies to be given the license to roll out third party accessories for Apple products. Griffin Technology is one of them, where they have revealed the Survivor Play for Siri Remote.

This accessory will play nice with the recently introduced Apple TV, where it enables users to interact with App Store games on their TV via the new Siri Remote. Survivor Play has been specially designed with gaming in mind, as it delivers an ergonomic and protective solution regardless of how many hours you decide to throw into your “shift”, as it slips on the Siri Remote effortlessly, and is able to be used all the time for an easier, more comfortable way to hold the remote.

Survivor Play for Siri Remote will ensure that users get a grip on gaming thanks to its no-slip, impact absorbing silicone which surrounds the remote’s back and edges. Apart from that, additional cushioning can be found on the edges and corners of the Siri Remote, where those happen to be the places which are most likely to be damaged if the remote is dropped. Should the Siri Remote make its way like a Wiimote gone astray during a frantic gaming session, fret not – the Survivor Play has been designed to keep it safe when it lands, although the same cannot be said for your precious family heirlooms in the living room like that Ming dynasty vase.

The textured silicone and extra thick grips on the back of Survivor Play deliver an easy and comfortable way to hold onto it regardless of the manner, and it does not get in the way of anything, so that you can easily access Siri Remote’s buttons, touchscreen, mic and Lightning charge port. The asking price for the Survivor Play for Siri Remote as it arrives later this fall would be $19.99.each.

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Pronto transforms iPhone into a personalized universal smart remote Wed, 15 Jul 2015 17:30:26 +0000 pronto-personalized-remoteA universal remote control does sound like a pretty cool deal to have, but is there something better than that out there? Well, Pronto has something up their sleeves, where it will be able to turn the iPhone into a personalized universal smart remote. Already available at select Best Buy stores nationwide and at, Pronto that will be paired with the Peel Smart Remote app, will allow one to control the likes of your TV, set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, and it is not limited to just that as there are thousands of other entertainment devices. It is an easy and budget-friendly method of transforming your home into a smart and connected one.

Setting up the Pronto is a snap – all that you need to do is to download the Peel app and follow the step-by-step prompts in order to select your cable provider, pairing it up with your Pronto device and to select your devices by brand. All it takes would be a mere matter of minutes, and once you have paired your iPhone to Pronto, you will be able to use the Peel app to check your cable TV guide without having to turn on your TV.

The app will show you what is being aired in real-time, where you will be able to watch later and even the popular shows that folks are buzzing about on Twitter. You will also be able to set favorite channels, genres and shows in order to create your own personalized TV guide, and that means that one does not need to spend time to scroll through your guide, because as the Peel app learns your viewing habits, it will also automatically present content that you will be interested in right on your home screen. Your TV guide would now be in your hand – literally, thanks to the Peel app. It is compatible with the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPod touch.

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