A Lens for 2-D or 3-D

by Alison

The world of 3-D continues to grow. More 3-D movies come out every week, more 3-D TVs are sold. Whether you enjoy it or not 3-D is selling. Manufacturers are also enabling consumers to capture their own 3-D images too. What is better than remembering your Aunt Bessie at the family reunion than seeing her in 3-D? Ok, maybe seeing kids or pets is more fun. Anyway, the products are …

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Self-Portraits With Ease

by Alison

Check out the pictures on your phone. I am willing to bet that you have at least one self-portrait. Maybe it is you, or maybe you and someone else. But you know that look. Your arm is outstretched to one side and you are usually not centered. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘flip’ option some phone cameras has helps. But you still have to stretch your arm out to get …

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Look Over Here Please

by Alison

Tis the season to take a ton of pictures. Whether a Christmas card photo, office party candid shots or memories of the kids opening gifts, odds are you are taking plenty pictures in the next weeks.

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Stream Instagram Pics For All to See

by Alison

Instagram has revolutionized how we see and exchange photos. I’ll bet we never thought that sending photos of the kids to relatives far away could be so easy. And with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr integration pics can be shared beyond our inner circle. But what about those people that may not be so web savvy? Or what if you want them from more than your tablet or phone?

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Sardine Can Inspiration

by Alison

The popularity of lomography continues to grow at a rapid pace. Lomography, both a company and a type of experimental analog photography, evolved out of the revelation of some students in Vienna back in 1990. They were astounded by pictures produced from an old Lomo Kompakt Automat camera they found. The analog process has since experienced a sort of re-birth and now has a healthy following and product lines to …

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Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer – Great Pictures, No Ink!

by Julie

I like to consider myself a fairly serious amateur photography. I love taking pictures. I do find that I end up taking more shots than I thought I would with my iPhone. I mean, the iPhone isn’t really meant for real picture-taking, but sometimes the phone lets you get a shot you would have missed altogether, and it is a handy item for those “about town” shots with your friends. …

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Polaroid Wifi Camcorder – Live Streaming Directly to the Internet

by Julie

  Life is made up of small moments, as I look back on my life I realize that most of the wonderful things that I remember most fondly, were not the big planned events, but the little unexpected minutes between the big stuff.  Some of those magical times would never have been memorialized in pictures or video if it werent for some of these new pocket sized cameras and camcorders …

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The New Lytro Camera – Focus After the Fact!

by Julie

Photographs are an important part of my life. I admit I’m the one that has a camera everywhere I go, no, I don’t drag my giant Nikon with me to every walk in the park, but I almost always have at least a point and shoot camera in my pocket… you just never know when that magical shot will reveal itself, if you love pictures, you know exactly what I’m …

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