Nikon WiFi cameras

by Marc

I’m a bit late to the party on this one as it was announced yesterday, but Nikon have launched a couple of new digicams with WiFi connectivity. “Cool” I thought as I went burrowing for details, but having given it some thought and had a look at the scant information about how they’ll work I’m not so sure. To get the basic stuff out of the way the P1 and …

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Zigview DSLR angled viewfinder

by Marc


Digital SLR’s are great, but the one advantage even cheap point and shoot cameras have over them is the ability to swivel the screen and take photos from over your head in a crowd which is why this cought my eye. The “Zigview” is an angled LCD monitor that slots over the camera viewfinder to show what the camera is seeing on the screen. It rotates so it can be …

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