Zigview R – motion sensitive photography

by Marc

We saw the original Zigview a while ago but nothing stays still in the world of technology. The original model was a nice idea as far as it went – the ability to see preview of your image when you’re not looking through the viewfinder (high level crowd shots for example) is one of the very few advantages point and shoot cameras have over digital SLRs and the zigview gives …

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22 Mega Pixel Camera

by Al

Mamiya 22 mega pixel

I’m more of a point and click camera person and am very happy with my 5.1 Mega Pixel Sony Cyber-shot (recommended by our camera buff Marc) but after reading up on a new 22 Mega Pixel monster I thought it only right to report it here. I’ve never heard of Mamiya before but if you know your cameras I’m sure they’ll be a familiar name (they’ve been around for over …

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Philips KeyRing USB Digital Camera

by Anita


For one of the most easiest compact digital cameras on the market today you have to check out the Key Ring USB Wearable Digital Camera. Not only is this digital camera compact but it is also one that you can carry along with you and fit into your pocket. This camera is a digital still picture camera that ahs a USB flash memory drive. It can hold up to 400 …

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The Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera

by Anita


Just the thought of a digital camera for a gift is a wonderful idea, but when you couple it with a very small size, the intrigue is even more appealing. With the Credit-Card Sized Digital Camera, being only around ½ inch thick and not much wider than a credit card you will be able to take it anywhere you go. It will fit practically anywhere you wish to carry it, …

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Rawshooter premium launches

by Marc

Rawshooter premium

I’ve been using the free version of Pixmantec’s RAW conversion software for a while now and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the permium edition that hit the shelves earlier this week. If you use a digital SLR you need to try the RAW mode of your camera and see for yourself the quality difference it can make over using the normal JPEG setting. RAW files are the digital …

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Sony DSC-N1

by Marc

Sony DSC-N1

I’ve long been a fan of Sony’s digital camera range. Partnering their undoubted electronics expertise with the respected name of Carl Zeiss optics has produced consistently class leading results. The DSC-N1 is the latest in a long line of Sony digicams and has most of the features associated with a high end camera: 8 megapixels, a video mode, a range of manual controls and a 3.8x zoom lens covering a …

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Sony DSC-R1 Camera

by Marc

Sony D2

New cameras appear from all corners on an almost daily basis but the DSC-R1 from Sony is worthy of some attention. It’s the latest and greatest model in Sony’s line of “prosumer” digital cameras and it’s got a few very interesting features: – An APS-C sized sensor. To put it simply the sensor is responsible for capturing the incoming light from the lens and turning it into an image. Bigger …

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Digital Picture Frames

by diceman

Photo of the segway

Over the past 5 years digital cameras have been gaining popularity amongst photography enthusiasts and everyday Joe’s alike. So it is no wonder that digital picture frames have now slowly began to catch on. With a digital photo frame, you are able to have a number of images available with easy to use flash cards. You can have the images scrolling, or just have your favorite picture set. The frames …

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