Logitech QuickCam Pro

by Mike

Logitech products have been written about here before, but never one of their web cams. The QuickCam Pro is a webcam deigned specifically for laptops, meaning it’s small and can latch on to the top of your laptop. To put it in perspective, the QuickCam Pro is the size of an average house key. For carrying your QuickCam Pro around, just use the included carrying case.

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Slide Lights

by Liam

Slide Lights

This is a really cool idea for a gadget if you like to display your photos and need some unobtrusive light to complete the mood of a room. Slide Lights allows you to fill a column of light with pictures which glow from the light behind them giving you some extra light as well as an interesting way to display your photos. They’re very easy to use, as you simply …

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Wrist-Mounted Camera

by Liam

Wrist-Mounted Camera

Here’s a really strange camera, I wonder if it’s actually practical. The Wrist-Mounted Camera is a fully functional digital camera that fits just like a watch. The strangest thing about it in my opinion is that it looks just like a regular digital camera except smaller. I would have thought they would condense it somehow. The camera is capable of taking 648×480 digital stills and features 32MB of internal memory. …

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6x zoom telescope for a mobile phone camera

by Paz

6x telescopic lens for a mobile

I don’t know why no one’s thought of this before. It’s a mobile phone case mod, which replaces the standard camera lens with a 6x zoom lens. To install the zoom lens, simply remove the standard shell and, replace it with the new one fitted with the built-in lens.

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The Epic Tripod Butler

by Al

Epic Tripod Butler

I’ve just received a press release about the Epic Tripod Butler which looks like a really useful product for photography addicts. If they send me a sample I’ll be sure to write a review but for now here is the press release:

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Tabletop Photo Studio

by Al

Portable Photo Studio

A couple of weeks ago I had to set up my own tabletop photo area for taking photos for our wicked laser review. Knowing very little about photography and lighting I bodged it some what (as the pictures probably show). I wished I’d known of this gadget before then, the Tabletop Photo Studio.

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Free DIY Camera Kit

by Al

Make you own Camera

I was a bit slow reporting on this as a ton of other sites (whom I’ll mention later) beat me to it but this is too cool not to write about. I enjoy making things, in my (soon to be ex) day job I make financial software (yawn) whilst after hours I create websites (like this) and make all sorts of crazy stuff with my daughter. Anyway onto this post, …

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Gorillapod – Your Cameras Flexible Friend

by Al

Gorillapod Camera Tripod

The last tripod we wrote about was the Ultrapod Mini which was good but it has just lost the mini tripod crown to the Gorillapod. The Gorillapod (the first non iPod gadget with pod in the name) functions like a traditional camera tripod but has bendy legs. This means the tripod can be used on uneven surfaces or bent around objects. You can get the Gorillapod from Think Geek. for …

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