Inkless Printer for Mobile Phones

by Dan

Sometime ago we already covered an innovative printer from Toshiba that could write on the same sheet of paper over and over again (read here). This new inkless printer will follow the same principle, using plastic paper with thermal properties that react to different temperatures. The novelty is that the printer is really small and it will possibly be integrated into mobile phones and digital cameras.

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Stabilising Camera Bag

by Al

Camera Stabilising Bag

We’ve featured quite a few different camera tripods and holders, this latest one offers camera stabilisation by means of a refillable bag The CSB gives you all the benefits of a regular tripod without the size and weight! Capture a stunning sunset, perfect that personal portrait or sharpen those night shots with this amazingly lightweight piece of camera kit. With lens support like this, you’ll have a safe platform for …

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Ricoh GPS camera

by Marc

Ricoh 500SE

Canon may not have been listening when I asked for a bluetooth camera but it looks like Ricoh were! The new Ricoh 500SE is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic… Errr, where were we? Oh yes, it’s a waterproof, ruggedised 8MP digital camera with Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS all built in – how cool is that? I don’t know how well – or even if – it will work with the …

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Momento – Digital Photo Frame By i-Mate

by Tiago

Momento - Digital Photo Frame By i-Mate

First of all, before talking about the newest Digital Photo Frame that I found, I would like to say that we have reached the point of exhaustion on the digi frames topic, this is the item number 10 and as always here is a preview of the other frames we talked about: 1 – Picture Keyring 2 – Digital Photo Keychain 3 – Yet Another Digital Picture Frame 4 – …

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Digital Photo Frame By King Jim

by Tiago

Digital Photo Frame By King Jim

The most recent digital photo frames have come a long way since they were first introduced in the market like 1 or 2 years ago, and it seems like there is a non-stop production of these kind of products which is good because it gives consumers more options to purchase a cool digi frame. With that in mind it is time to present the 9th Digital Frame here at CG …

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Hyperdrive photo wallet

by Marc


“Photo wallets” are nothing new – devices to back up your memory card to a hard drive have become common in the past few years. The Sanho Hyperdrive is one such device and while it may not be the newest product concept there’s still room for a well implemented one. The Hyperdrive has a rechargable Li-Ion battery, takes a whole list of card formats that I’m not going to bother …

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Camera Armour

by Marc


Sometimes a “gadget” doesn’t have to have flashing lights or take batteries. Sometimes it can just be a neat, useful accessory. Which is the category Camera Armour falls into. SLR Cameras are delicate pieces of equipment, but they have to operate in some pretty unforgiving environments. Even the relatively sheltered environment of a show such as this one has it’s perils – a camera swinging from your shoulder can easily …

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MonsterPod camera limpet

by Marc


They don’t call it a limpet, they call it a “Viscoelastic Gravity Defying Tripod”. But it is a limpet nonetheless. Press it firmly down onto just about anything, attach a point and shoot camera and you’re good to go. You can even stick it to a ceiling if you want. Neat! More information from

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