Digitizing Slides and Negatives

by Al

I’ve owned a digital camera for years and can’t remember the last time I had to send off to get a film developed. That being said, I’ve still got a cupboard full of photographs and negatives. The “Slide And Negative To Digital Picture Converter” gadget, could let me remove all evidence of previously owning a film based camera. The slide and negative digitizer can be used to scan in 35mm …

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Don’t like the Camcorders on the Market? Make your Own!

by James

DIY Camcorder

When Dan Vance was making his 90 minute sci-fi feature “The Shivering Earth,” he couldn’t afford to use film or rent high def video cameras, he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of camcorders on the consumer market, and he couldn’t wait for the Red One to be made available for the masses. So he did what any red blooded, enterprising film director would do … he designed and built his …

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Is this laptop concept the future mobile computing?

by James

Traveller Laptop Concept

The Traveller laptop concept by Nikita Golovlev may just represent a quantum leap of what may be possible in mobile computing thanks to ePaper, the flexible plastic display under development which is downright miserly on power consumption and can provide motion graphics that are as clear as their LCD counterparts. At least in theory.

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SDHC reaches the 16GB milestone with Microdia

by James

Microdia 16GB SDHC

As cameras keep pushing for great resolution and high capacity secure digital cards reach to provide larger and larger storage capacity, a new milestone has been reached by Microdia … 16GB. Building on the 32GB capacity of their compact flash cards, their 16 gig SDHC card comes with a Class 6 speed of 160x. Not a lot of details are out yet, but here’s hoping that they’ve improved on the …

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Ulead’s the way in AVCHD editing capability

by James


With Sony’s annoying reliance on proprietary software solutions, many camcorder users have complained that such formats like AVCHD are almost impossible to edit with their existing software. This has prompted a race to create plugins to handle the Sony format and it seems that Ulead has broken the tape with Ulead VideoStudio 11. Other features of VideoStudio include Vista support, HD DVD authoring and Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround sound. New …

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Photo Locations are a snap with PhotoTracker

by James


World travellers will be thrilled with the PhotoTracker by GISTEQ. It’s a GPS tagger which synchs with just about any digital camera and then processes and records location data for any picture taken. Later, shutterbugs can use the included software to incorporate that information, along with handy geotags to the photos as they being copied from the memory card to the PC for editing and printing. Now why is this …

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Kodak gets fancy

by James

LCD Locket

The “1881” may look like an old heirloom handed down from generation to generation, but it’s actually a digital camera. This is the latest cool, yet functional design was sponsored by Kodak for a study on the future of wearable technology and designed by industrial designer Lindsey Picket. It’s a circular locket style digital camera that is described as a “high tech device hidden in a low tech disguise.” This …

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Coming into Focus

by James

4D Camera

The nice thing about digital cameras is that photographers can finally delete out of focus photographs without having to pay for them to be printed. However, out of focus photographs are sometimes all one has if capturing a moment on the fly. This sadly leaves only using Photoshop to render a blurry snapshot sharper in the hopes of preserving the image and the moment. Wouldn’t it be great if digital …

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