ModoPocket MicroTripod: Just Don’t Lose It!

by Carolyn

You’ve all heard the expression “you can never be too rich or too thin”. Yet, a recent story about someone losing their MacBook Air because they may have thrown it out with their recycling has caused me to rethink the validity of this particular statement. Take for example the ModoPocket MicroTripod for sale over at Think Geek. It’s tiny, sure, and it’s lightweight and easily portable. But is it so …

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Digital Photo Frame Webcam from WinWin

by Mark R

Digital Photo Frame Webcam

Every once in a while, someone makes a great gadget by simply taking a lot of other great gadgets and puts them all together like wet bits of clay. Today’s example would be the Digital Photo Frame Webcam from WinWin Industry, a Hong Kong Company. As you can see, someone in the WinWin industry has created a win-win situation by combining what looks to be an alarm clock, digital picture …

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Polaroid Lives Thanks to New Digital Picture Frame

by Mark R


In case you missed it, Polaroid announces the end of the Instant Film about a week ago. All I could think about was how a chic photo era has come to a close, and how that guy in Memento will be forever lost. In case you haven’t seen Memento, it is an awesome film about Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), a detective with short-term memory loss that has to remind himself …

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Veho Film and Slide Converter

by Mark R

Veho Film and Slide Converter

I don’t know about you, but I remember when a projector was something that could not do DVDs, but was designed to project things called slides. These were 35mm white framed things that you would have to arrange in a round housing carousel. Then you would click on a button, and the slide would be projected, usually upside down or sideways. Slideshows were an excellent way to bore guests with …

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R.I.P. Polaroid Instant Film

by Chris

Polaroid 3 Pack

When I was a kid, there was this magic camera that took pictures that you could see and hold instantly. Well, you got to see and hold something, which was usually a big blob until you shook it for a minute, then you’d see the picture that was taken. You’re probably familiar with Polaroid film, as it has been sold and used since the beginning of time (or the last …

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Sony Ericsson C902 = Hot.

by Carolyn


When I was cell phone shopping last year, I really wanted a Sony Ericsson K800i. Badly. The only reason I did not get one is that I couldn’t buy one (aside from buying an unlocked one – which is quite expensive and wouldn’t have a guarantee that it would work with my provider) because they only sold it in the UK. I ended up with a Motorola RIZR Z3 instead. …

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VuPoint 35mm Film Scanner to Digitize Old Film and Slides

by Carolyn


If you’re like me, you have taken photographs with film cameras and have tons of negatives cluttering up your photo boxes. Or what happens when you find a box of old slides in your parent’s or grandparent’s attic and you can’t view these photos? I had that happen to me once and the process of going out, finding a service who can scan in slides and negatives is a time-intensive …

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Kodak reinvents the pixilated wheel

by James

Kodak Color Grid

Since digital cameras surpassed the “sweet spot” threshold of six megapixels, camera makers have been involved in an arms race over the misguided belief that more megapixels are better. Trouble is that unless designers increase the size of the chips, all those extra megapixels are good for is more noise, especially at ISO settings above 800. So what does one do if one can’t enlarge the CCD chips in a …

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