Fujifilm Presents a 3D Digital Camera

by Mark R

Considering the number of 3D movies in the theaters this summer, as well as those coming this holiday, one can’t help wonder if we are entering into a 3D era that will not end as abruptly as it did in the fifties. Fujifilm has now announced that they are putting out a camera that can take 3D images. At first I thought that this was a camera that could produce …

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Flash Purse

by Mark R


Thanks to tabloids, we know more than we really should about celebrities. I mean, do I really need to know that Hugh Jackman is in Hawaii? If I went to some tropical place, the only ones who would see fit to report about it is me. I’m sure it is harder to be a celebrity than the tabloids make it look. You’ve seen the video footage with the barrage of …

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Pentax Optio W80

by Mark R


Sure, digital cameras are very common, and unless some company has a camera that really stands out in some way, there is very little that distinguishes one digital camera from the other. I suppose the “standout” feature on Pentax’s Optio W80 is that is one bad mother…shut my mouth! I’m just talking about the Optio W80! Then you should dig it, because the W80 is “shockproof”. How shockproof? Well, this …

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Momma Kodak did take my Kodachrome away

by Mark R


We’ve seen a lot of changes in traditional film since the rise of digital film, including the discontinuation of Polaroid instant film. Now, here comes another one: Kodak has announced that they are ending production on Kodachrome film. If you’ve never heard of Kodachrome, you should know that it is a film that uses a fine grain and warm colors. There are several pictures taken with Kodachrome that are considered …

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Flip announces own video channel

by James


Not satisfied with giving their customers YouTube capability, Pure Digital – the makers of the Flip pocket video cameras, are updating their on board software to make it easier to upload videos by creating their own custom channels which thhey can then invite others to enjoy.

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Panasonic Adds HiDef Audio to Video in the GH1

by James


Canon made headlines with the 5D Mk. II’s ability to shoot high definition video in 1080p. This was a major development as it allowed photographers the ability to get a big movie look to the videos shot. This was because it brought lenses, shutter and aperture settings and depth of field to video. And it looked like a million. Panasonic sees the handwriting on the wall that convergence is the …

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New iPhone finally gets video and more

by James

New iPhone 3GS: faster and now with video!

At the World Wide Development Conference, the new iPhone, dubbed iPhone 3GS (speed) introduces a much faster interface and processor, cut and paste, yada yada yada, but what iPhone fans will really enjoy is the new 3MP camera with autofocus, auto white balance, and VIDEO!

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Samsung Pixon 12

by Mark R


Samsung Pixon 12 appears to be raising the standard for cellular phone cameras with an LED flash, a wide-angle 28mm lens, and a whopping 12 Megapixels. I’m sure there are cellular phones with a higher number of Megapixels, but most consumer digital cameras don’t go that high. The Pixon 12 can also record video at 30fps for a resolution of 720 x 480. The photos or video footage can be …

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