Aquarium Fish Feeder

by Mike

Fish seem like easy pets, they stay where you put them, require only minimal maintenance and feeding, and don’t make to much noise. Unfortunately, like all living things, they need to be fed regularly. Most people don’t mind this, it’s fairly simple, drop a pinch of food into the tank. What if you go on vacation? Are you going to pay the neighbor’s kid to feed them for you, hoping …

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Space-Age Litter Tray

by Al

Cat Litter Robot

This has got to be the most over top litter tray ever invented, the Litter-Robot. The litter-robot looks like a feline spaceship and hygienically removes you pet’s poop from the tray each time it goes. So the cat goes into the ball to do it’s business. Once pussy has finished it vacates the sphere. Seven minutes later the sphere rotates dropping the er droppings into a drawer below, which you …

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