Pool Gadgets – Series 4

by Tiago

More pool gadgets = more fun while using your pool. That is what I have been trying to do on the latest series, it’s an attempt to help you pick some cool gadgets to have fun on the water. Find out the other series: Number One Number Two Number Three On these series the budget is high, but so is the quality of the products. The Inflatable Iceberg is the …

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The Hear Now Two-Way Radio Collar for your Pet

by Al

Pet Radio Collar

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about mobile phones for your pets, well if you don’t want your pet knocking up a hefty phone bill why not get a two way radio collar for your pet instead, The Hear Now.

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Cell Phones for your Pets

by Al

Pet Phone

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I first read about this, a cell phone for your pets, PetsCell™. The PetsCell is a fully waterpoof voice enabled mobile phone that you attach to your dogs collar. Your dog then has it’s own number you can call it on, so if he gets lost you can call him up and ask him where he is, woof once for the …

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Fish n’ Flush beautifies bathroom

by Edwin


Here’s an interesting home beautification device that could potentially help move the bowels of constipated people due to the soothing effect of an aquarium. The Fish n’ Flush aquarium is a two-piece aquarium toilet tank that can be fitted into most toilets without any trouble at all. The aquarium is encased around a see-through inner tank, where the child-friendly 12-volt dual filter system will keep the water inside the tank …

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The PetLoo

by Mike

The PetLoo

Having the luxury of a backyard is nice when you’ve got a dog, otherwise, where are they going to go the bathroom, your carpet? I imagine it’s a pain bringing your dog down twenty stories and going to the nearest park. It might be good exercise, but it’s a pain, too. An apartment and dog owner had this problem, too, and set out to create a solution. Three years later, …

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Remote Control Mouse

by Liam

Remote Control Mouse

I used to have a cat and I remember that it was so much fun to dangle a piece of string around for hours marvelling at how long the cat can stay amused by a piece of string. You then, of course, realize that you’ve been dangling a string in front of a cat for an hour; who’s the easily amused one now ;)? And since you can do pretty …

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SnugglePuppies Put Mutts to Sleep (in a good way)

by Edwin


Ever listened to a heartrending whimpers of a puppy who could not get to sleep at night because it is separated from its beloved master who is sleeping in a warm and comfortable bed? Most dog owners who reared their pets from young can identify with moments when the puppy just could not get to sleep no matter what, rendering you sleepless as well. You were probably wondering to yourself …

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Aquarium Fish Feeder

by Mike

Fish Feeder

Fish seem like easy pets, they stay where you put them, require only minimal maintenance and feeding, and don’t make to much noise. Unfortunately, like all living things, they need to be fed regularly. Most people don’t mind this, it’s fairly simple, drop a pinch of food into the tank. What if you go on vacation? Are you going to pay the neighbor’s kid to feed them for you, hoping …

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