Autoelex Luxury Pet House

by Edwin

Koreans and Japanese certainly know how to spoil their pets, as the Korean-based Autoelex will be parading its Luxury Pet House at at New York’s Koreannovation show on May 14th and 15th, 2008. This is no ordinary pet home as it features PC-managed controls, temperature and humidity limits, infrared radiation and carbon heating walls to keep your pet warm, toasty and safe within its confines. Heck, it even comes with …

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Penguin Wetsuit coming along fine

by Edwin


I still can’t believe my eyes after reading this news article over and over again, which is why I want to share this tech-related story with you guys. It is more of a science than anything else, featuring a penguin in a wetsuit. First of all, why would a penguin be wearing a wetsuit in the first place? Apparently, this is no laughing matter as biologists at the California Academy …

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Kit-In Box

by Mark R

Kit-In Box

I have a mother who has three cats. Whenever I visit her, I usually take my laptop with me. Every time that I set up my laptop for work, one of her cats is waiting to use it as a bed. The last time one of her cats stretched out on my keyboard, I practically threw the cat to floor, yelling: “It’s a laptop, not a lap!” Of course, the …

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LED Dog Tail Communicator

by Mark R

LED Dog Tail Communicator

As the owner of a Labrador Retriever, I have to give this product some credit. After all, what dog owner doesn’t want to know what his or her dog is trying to say? Unfortunately, this device is just a concept, probably because perfection of this technology would change the world as we know it. This LED Dog Tail Communicator is designed by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, and is on …

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GPS Dog Tracking System

by Edwin


Wish you could keep a close eye on your pooch, and at least have a good idea of where it is after being dog-napped? The GPS Dog Tracking System might be able to help you out. This is the dog tracking system that employs a small GPS receiver attached to your dog’s collar that alerts you when he goes missing or leaves a defined area and notifies you via text …

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RFID Catflap prevents unauthorized exit

by Edwin


I’ve always thought of cats as rather evil creatures, since they don’t seem to treat their masters right and always have a mind of their own. Whenever they’re in heat though, they tend to go nuts and enter and leave your home as they please via the catflap. Put your foot down and prevent your pussy from being the village bicycle with the RFID Catflap. Since it uses RFID tags …

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Cinch It Dog Collar

by Edwin


Like kids, your little puppy grows up way too fast. And just like their human counterparts, instead of getting new shoes you have to buy larger and larger collars – or do you? The Cinch It Dog Collar makes it a “buy once, use a lifetime” mantra where your dog collar is concerned. Cinch It is the only collar your dog will ever need – from puppyhood on up! It …

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Pooch-powered trike

by Edwin


Fancy this! A dog-powered recumbent trike from Mark Schuette, the very same person who delivered the dog-powered scooter. This unique trike uses the same “dog behind a steering wheel” configuration that provides the extra stability offered by a sit-down trike design. In addition, you get double the steering and braking power of a scooter. While the original scooter design allows a human to ride standing up while the dog is …

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