Pooch-powered trike

by Edwin

Fancy this! A dog-powered recumbent trike from Mark Schuette, the very same person who delivered the dog-powered scooter. This unique trike uses the same “dog behind a steering wheel” configuration that provides the extra stability offered by a sit-down trike design. In addition, you get double the steering and braking power of a scooter. While the original scooter design allows a human to ride standing up while the dog is …

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B.pet bubble bed for pampered pets

by Edwin


Pet lovers naturally want to give their pets the best, and the B.pet bubble bed is definitely an over-the-top addition. Available in Bubble Silver and Bubble Gold, both pet beds are glazed from the outside and polished from the inside, studded with Swarovski crystals for further decoration. There will only be 99 Bubble Gold pet beds available in the world, and laced with 24 karat gold all over along with …

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The Coolest Cat Flap

by Al

Super Selective Cat Flap

Do you have a feline friend at home, if so he should have his own little door and this is the coolest one I’ve found to date, the Elite Super Selective Cat Flap. The elite cat flap is compatible (not sure if that’s the right word) with up to 8 cats and can be programmed to allow your different cats in and out access at different times of the day. …

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Feed pets from anywhere in the world with iSeePet360

by James


Just because pet lovers travel a lot, doesn’t mean they have to inconvience neighbors or put their pets in a kennel so they don’t die of starvation. With iSeePet360, travelers who have pets can now feed and water their canine or feline loved ones with the power of the internet through remote desktop or some other remote internet application.

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The Bookshelf Aquarium

by Edwin


Fish lovers who are also avid readers will find the Bookshelf Aquarium the perfect balance. This space-saving aquarium won’t encroach on work surfaces or living space because it is a mere 4″ deep, yet it provides 180″ sq. of viewing area and room for up to six fish. The 2.4-gallon aquarium has an air pump, filtration system, and heater that ensure precise environment control. The cabinet is made from shatterproof …

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Heated bed keeps your pup warm and comfortable during long trips

by Chris

Heated Dog Bed

I love my dog. He’s a Basset Hound that’s just over a year and a half old. He’s a spaz, but I love him just the same. I take good care of him, he’s got his own bed and plenty of toys to play with. Sure, I buy him new stuff now and then, but I’m not one of those people that goes overboard with their pets. You know the …

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TopTag Pet ID helps keep tabs on Fido and Fluffy

by Carolyn


No matter how careful we are, there is always a chance that our pet may get out of the house or yard and get lost and then found by someone that doesn’t know your pet. Or, you may be going out of town for a family vacation and leave your pet with a pet sitter or boarder. In these situations, your pet could be in the care of someone that …

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iPond plays sounds, stores fish

by Edwin


Fancy this portable speaker that carries a fish along with it? That’s exactly what the iPond is – it hooks up to portable audio devices like the iPod, but has in recent times drawn the ire from animal rights groups as the iPond is said to offer inadequate space for a fish to live. Meant for Betta fish (also known as Siamese fighting fish), the 650mm iPond has been said …

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