Cat Powered Humidifier and Air Purifier

by Ally

A humidifier is a handy thing to have around, but just like every other appliance you own it sucks up the power.  If you have a cat just lying around that needs some exercise you can take care of two issues at once.  You can get your cat a little bit of a workout, all the while making it so that you don’t have to pay for your humidifier to …

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Feline Evolution CatSeat

by Ally

I have occasionally come across a video of a cat or dog actually using the toilet.  However, I can’t actually say that I’ve ever known anyone personally that has succeeded at the task.  It seems more likely that you could get a dog to do it, just because I can’t say that I’ve ever managed to get a cat to do half of what a dog is willing to do …

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Puppy Tweets connects you to your pooch

by Ally

When I first got my pug I wondered a lot if he continued to whine and bark the entire time I was gone as he did when I was first leaving.  As a puppy that dog knew exactly how to make me feel horribly guilty.  This Puppy Tweets tag will let you know all sorts of information about your pet throughout the day.  Although instead of just listing the facts, …

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Dog Walker’s Dumbbells for additional workout

by Edwin

Some folks get a dog simply because they love a faithful and loyal companion, while others have one because it acts as an incentive to get enough exercise. After all, walking the dog every days is important to your canine friend’s mental health as it is a response which is required for it to fulfill its daily migratory walk quota, otherwise it will start to exhibit some destructive tendencies when …

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Quirky Kōsoku could be the perfect dog leash

by Edwin

What you see here is the quirky Kōsoku, a specially designed dog leash that has the comfort of both furkid and owner in mind. After all, most dog leashes in the market today cater for just the owner without thinking too much about the dog’s comfort, but the Kōsoku is very different since it combines both plush and rigid materials, making it the ideal walking companion. Among the features include …

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Doggie Fountain for thirsty pooches

by Edwin

It goes without saying that you ought to supply enough fresh water for your furkid at all times, but what happens when you’re a forgetful person to fill up Fido’s water bowl every now and then? Save yourself dirty looks from your neighbors as well as sparing Fido from thirst with the $39.98 Doggie Fountain, where it will connect to any garden hose where you can adjust water height simply …

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Garmin Astro DC 40 tracking collar for dogs

by Edwin

For folks who love going hunting, then the Garmin Astro DC 40 tracking collar for dogs is just the thing for you as it helps your retrievers, well, retrieve your game without you wondering where the heck Fido has gone to after waiting for a long time for him to return. This second generation device offers a fair number of improvements, including a more durable one inch strap, an integrated …

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Lentek Automatic Pet Dish

by Ally

One of the down sides of having a pet is that it’s a whole lot harder to ditch town for a week without having a friendly neighbor that you know and trust.  Should you be lacking in the trusty neighbor department, thankfully there are electronics to help you replace people.  This dish will make sure that your cat or dog stays well fed, but not overfed either.

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