Lentek Automatic Pet Dish

by Ally

One of the down sides of having a pet is that it’s a whole lot harder to ditch town for a week without having a friendly neighbor that you know and trust.  Should you be lacking in the trusty neighbor department, thankfully there are electronics to help you replace people.  This dish will make sure that your cat or dog stays well fed, but not overfed either.

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Doggie Fountain is self serve

by Ally

There are plenty of fountains out there to make sure that your pet gets fresh water when the need it.  However, most of them stay on all of the time, which isn’t necessarily bad if you enjoy the relaxing sound of running water.  However, if you’d like to control how much water goes through the fountain you may want to try one of these Doggie Fountains instead.  It doesn’t offer …

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Mecha Fish and Little Dog, films about real robots!

by Mark R

I thought you might enjoy two different advancements in robotics for today. The first is the Little Dog. It really looks more like a beetle, but this DARPA project really shows advancements in robot walkers. Have you ever seen a dog try and navigate obstacles like big rocks on a beach? Well, it kind of looks like the first video here. The only difference is that a dog trips every …

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Skamper Ramp offers safe way out of a pool

by Edwin

Do you happen to have a pool in your backyard? Couple that with a water loving dog and chances are you will have a ball of a time. Well, our four legged friends might find it easy to jump into the pool without a problem, but when it comes to getting out, they will definitely need some assistance if they aren’t strong enough to haul themselves out using their front …

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Your pet will love you for bringing the Therapy Pet Jacket home

by Edwin

Those of us who see our dogs and cats as more than just a pet, but rather, a family member instead, will find that the Therapy Pet Jacket is one nifty device to purchase for Fido. After all, this cozy and fleecy therapy jacket is reversible and can be made hot or cold depending on the situation at hand. It works great for pets in situations such as suffering from …

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The Dog Walker Dumbbells

by Ally

Anyone that prefers walking with weights to get the most out of their walk would normally have a little bit of a balancing act if they’re going with their pet.  Granted my dog yanks on the leash hard enough that it gives me a good enough work out that I don’t really feel the need to add to it.  Those of you that have a calm dog, this Dog Leash …

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LED Dog Collar

by Edwin

This LED Dog Collar is slightly different from the rest – while others come with just a blinking light to help capture your attention at night (especially for folks who own totally black dogs like Labradors), this model sports a full LED collar. Yes, the whole collar will light up whenever it is worn, making your four legged friend a snap to spot from afar. You can also choose from …

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Canine Shower Stall

by Ally

I’m not sure why, but giving the dog a bath is my least favorite household chore and usually the most procrastinated one.  Truthfully I have a small dog, plus he’s actually extremely obedient about the whole affair, so it shouldn’t be so bad.  The part I have a problem with is having a not so good back and bending at bad angles in order to clean him up.  Alright so …

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