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Your furry kid is treated as one of the family for some time now, and as we approach the holiday season, you have figured out gifts for just about everyone but the family pet. Why not make sure that it has a far better sleeping condition before we roll into 2018 by checking out what Petrics has in store? Touted to be the very first smart ped bed in the world, Petric’s Indiegogo campaign for this unique offering will kick off on November 30 for a pre-order. This smart ped bed intends to help pet owners prolong their pets’ lives, which would automatically make it well worth the investment.

This smart ped bed will be accompanied by a companion collar activity tracker, where it will keep track of your pet’s weight, rest periods as well as activity levels. Not only that, the smart pet bed will also come with thermostatic climate control so that your pets sleeping in it will always experience an optimal level of comfort and safety regardless of what the mercury points to outside. The Petrics’ pet health ecosystem can be controlled using the Petrics mobile app, where it plays nice with current smart home technology.

Expect Petrics to officially unveil its smart pet bed at CES 2018, having already picked up a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in both the Smart Home and Tech for a Better World product categories. With the Petrics mobile app, it will help to communicate the entire pet health ecosystem, so that pet parents can always monitor and track pets’ health and nutrition data, obtain food and diet recommendations as well as share findings with other family members, pet sitters, and veterinarians. Receiving such critical feedback in real-time will always help pet parents to see if there are any health issues to tackle in the bud before they end up being more serious and potentially costly.

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BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar Sat, 21 Oct 2017 12:00:12 +0000 blackdecker-dog-collarEvery dog deserves its very own collar, and this is exactly what the folks over at BLACK+DECKER have done, coming up with the all new Smart Dog Collar. This is a path that is less traveled by BLACK+DECKER, where through their licensing program, they have taken the step to expand into pet technology. Wagz, Inc. is their new partner in its licensing program, and apart from the Smart Dog Collar, other kinds of connected pet products include the Smart Dog Feeder and a Smart Dog Door. Let us take a closer look at the BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar for now, which will be different from a regular dog collar.

It will be the first product for pets from BLACK+DECKER that will debut in the market in time for the 2017 holiday season. This intelligent tracker has been specially built in order to monitor the whereabouts and safety of your beloved furry kid. Thanks to the wonders of precise location tracking, virtual fencing, distance monitoring, pre-recorded messages, and on-demand alerts, this is a GPS-enabled collar that ensures dog owners will be able to take advantage of valuable data as well as insights, not to mention provide invaluable piece of mind.

Expect the BLACK+DECKER Smart Feeder and the BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Door to roll out some time in the second quarter of next year. Wagz, Inc.’s CEO, Terry Anderton, shares, “The connectivity in the Smart Collar will be used to activate the other products and save information and habits. This line of connected pet products will ensure you never lose track of your dog, the right food is delivered at the right time, and that your dog has the freedom to enter and exit your home safely.”

All of these products can be specially controlled via a single BLACK+DECKER app, where it will be available on Android and iOS platforms.

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Paby reveals new smart pet location and activity tracker Thu, 13 Jul 2017 12:00:03 +0000 pabyIf you happen to treat your pet like your very own furkid, I am quite sure that you would also be very concerned about its whereabouts whenever you are not around. After all, not all pets are happy enough to sit around the house doing nothing all day long, just to wait for you to come back. Some pets have this extremely curious personality and would not mind zipping away in an instant just so that it can spend some time outdoors. Paby knows this, and would like to help alleviate any anxiety that you might have through the availability of its smart pet location and activity tracker.

This smart device is waterproof (obviously) and small enough to be attached to collars and harnesses without missing a beat, boasting of features such as GPS navigation, LBS and wireless capability in order to deliver real-time activity/wellness tracking to pet owners. This is to provide pet owners with peace of mind whenever they are not around, and with it functioning as a standalone device, users are able to set up “virtual fences” using their smartphones in order to receive real-time alerts when their pets leave the designated “zone.”

Apart from that, there is a durable band that is able to fit any sized collar from small to large, while the activity tracker doubles up as a pedometer for pets — figuring out the number of steps that you pet takes, to the amount of calories burned, sleep patterns observed, and intensity of their play time. With an asking price of $79.99 apiece, Paby will be available in different fun colors and patterns to suit just about all of the different pet owners out there. There is also an RGB LED flashing light that is thrown in for additional pet safety, alongside a high fidelity waterproof speaker which will play a sound to alert the user over the mobile app whenever their pet is close by.

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The Multi-Functional Dog Shower – Life doesn’t have to be ruff Wed, 31 May 2017 18:30:01 +0000 Multi-Functional Dog Shower

When you have a dog, it’s like raising a human who is perpetually 6 years old. They’re smart, but they are constantly trying to test their boundaries with what they can get away with. More importantly to dogs, how much trouble can they get into and still get treats in the same day. They try to eat things they shouldn’t, go to the bathroom in places they know they’re not supposed to, and rub their butts across the carpet, but when they make that cute face at you with the big round eyes full of love, it makes it all worth it (…usually).

If your little fur-child seems to enjoy romping out in the mud or coming home smelling less than pleasant, you probably want to give them a bath. Instead of having to live through those comedic movie scenes of a dog covered in bubbles running all over the house, you could instead get this Multi-Functional Dog Shower. This will attach to your home shower or garden hose, letting you choose how much cleanup after bath time you want to risk.

This comes with an adapter for indoor or outdoor use, it’s ergonomically designed to easily fit your hand, and will feel more like a massage to your dog than a bath. If anything, they’ll think they did something right with all the dedicated attention they’ll get. This is going to cost you $19.99, and will hopefully only need to be used once a month. For your sake.

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The Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System – No More Sand! Thu, 25 May 2017 18:30:27 +0000 Litter Kwitter

Cats are great pets because they only want attention on occasion, don’t eat your shoes, and you don’t have to take them on walks multiple times a day. Despite all the pros of having feline friends, they do come with some cons. The most notable of which is having to scoop their poop and vacuum all the cat sand around their litter box, as well as keeping on top of all the tiny pieces that find their way all over your home.

If you would like your cat to be even less work than normal, just spring for this Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System. If all goes according to plan and you keep up with it, your cat should be tinkling in the toilet in 8 weeks or less. Not only do you not have to worry about scooping poop anymore, but there won’t be smells emanating from a corner of a room to be concerned with.

This was developed by animal behaviorists, vets, and cat breeders who made sure this system works in tandem with your cat’s natural instincts. It’s not like we as humans have always had toilets either, so it makes sense that your cat would need some help working up to using it full time. This will cost you around $50 if you’re interested in living a life without cat sand everywhere and should hopefully fulfill its usefulness in less than two months.

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The FitBark lets you know if your pooch is being a couch potato Wed, 10 May 2017 19:30:27 +0000 FitBark

Dogs are slobbery balls of energy that are in a constant state of motion when they’re not being adorable on the couch or patiently begging for food. Sometimes though, they start being cute on the couch more than they should and pack on weight. We’re all prone to weight gain, but when it comes to your dog, it’s your responsibility to do something about it so they don’t develop health issues. It’s the same as having a kid who always wants to eat Cheetos and play video games, and making sure they don’t do that.

While the biggest indicator for keeping tabs on your dog’s health is looking at their poop and the associated schedule around that, it would be nice if you had other means. The FitBark is an activity tracker just like your FitBit, it just goes on your dog. This will give you better insight into what their daily activity is like, so if there are any major changes you can factor that into the information you give to the vet if there are problems.

This little bone-shaped device was made to be worn by dogs, so it’s durable enough to withstand their adventures, as well as waterproof in case they are especially mischievous. You’ll get 24/7 activity tracking, and be able to set health goals based off of that information. It comes in baby pink, cool grey, emerald green, light blue, and true red, all costing around $70 a piece. Regardless of the size of your pup, this will be able to keep tabs on their daily romps.

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The Jelly Cylinder Nano is both art and aquarium Thu, 04 May 2017 18:30:23 +0000 Jelly Art Cylinder

When you know you want to have a pet, you start looking at all the available options and where you can get them from. Lots of people will scour animal shelters and rescues, eventually locking eyes with the creature they know will be their friend for years to come. While this normally means something with four legs and fur, dogs and cats aren’t the only animals you can keep as a pet.

If jellyfish make you smile and you have the finances and attention to detail to care for them, then you might want to look into the Jelly Cylinder Nano. This is an aquarium that will keep your jellies safe, happy, and even provide a little extra mood lighting when you need it. This is a tank that is cylinder-shaped, uses a laminar water flow pattern that isn’t possible in normal fish tanks, providing a more natural habitat for your jellyfish.

This uses an air pump that is whisper-quiet, and has an LED RGB remote so you can change hues to highlight your aquatic friends in any color of the rainbow. While this does make them very pretty, they are not low-maintenance pets, and will need to be kept up with. The jellyfish are not included in this $280 purchase, and you’ll need to make sure you get everything set up and as safe as possible so that your new-found friends can float happily along without the risk of death.

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BarkBath – a bath shouldn’t leave a mess behind Thu, 30 Mar 2017 18:30:34 +0000 BarkBath

When you need to give your dog a bath, thoughts immediately jump to that of a bathroom covered in dirt, hair, and suds. Dogs will naturally shake when they have an excess amount of water on their fur, so washing your dog normally means cleaning your bathroom right after as well. If only to remove the dog and soap smell left in the aftermath.

The fine folks at Bissell who make carpet cleaners and vacuums thought up a way to cut the work in half, and engineered a method that will let you pour all the grime down the drain. It’s called the BarkBath, and it functions in the same way a carpet cleaner does, by jettisoning water to the deepest layer first, and cleaning everything above it as you move. This has the same setup as a carpet cleaner as well in that there is a reservoir for water, shampoo, and the dirty water will be sucked into an empty reservoir.

You can potentially use 48 ounces of water to clean an 80+ pound dog, and it comes with a microfiber mat, face and paw microfiber cloth, and 16 ounces of no-rinse shampoo. This can be used in any room of your home, but that’s if you’re already accustomed to using this and know what to expect. It’s about as loud as a vacuum, which means your pup will need to be at least somewhat accustomed to the sound. This is a purchase that will cost you $149.99, and is best used on pups who just need a bath to deal with light smell rather than a complete hose-down from a romp in the mud.

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Pebby is the most advanced robotic pet sitter system in the world Sat, 11 Mar 2017 12:00:40 +0000 pebbyOwning a pet does not only require a whole lot of responsibility, the very same pet tends to give you a lot of joy in return — especially when we are talking about more reactive ones like cats and dogs. Others such as fish swimming in the aquarium would do nothing more than provide you with a sense of serenity though, while tortoises and iguanas? Well, they are just there more as showpieces than anything else. Enter the Pebby, a device which is touted to be the most advanced robotic pet sitter system in the whole world.

It will be accompanied by a Wi-Fi remote controlled ball/smart collar combo, letting pet owners keep track of where their pets are in real time, not to mention monitor and entertain these furry (or scaled) friends regardless of where they are — as long as there is a decent Internet connection in the vicinity, of course.

The Pebby smart robotic pet sitter system will retail for $248 a pop upon a successful Kickstarter campaign. It will feature a Pebby “ball” which can be controlled remotely through the Pebby companion app (for iOS and Android devices), sporting a 720p wide-angle/fisheye video camera as well as a trio of powerful lithium-ion batteries that deliver up to 1.5 hours of playtime and 15 hours in standby mode. This lets you capture your pet’s cutest, candid moments in real-time, and you can even check out the live footage stream via the Pebble app, now how about that?

Sporting a micro-controlled, dual independent suspension, the Pebby ball will remain stable all the time. It is made in a pet-friendly size that measures just 80mm in diameter, while adding a sense of personalization with an interchangeable/multi-design inner casing, integrated LED lights for “Night Vision” Mode and LED glow rims — not to mention built-in speakers and a laser toy that is safe for humans and pets.

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Scollar Smart Collar looks great on small dogs and cats Wed, 01 Feb 2017 05:00:24 +0000 scollarWhen it comes to pets, there are two categories of pet owners. The first would be those who see them as just animals, and there is not much emotional attachment with the pet in question. Even if it falls sick, sending it to the vet to have it put to sleep is seen to be more of a rite of passage or a necessary evil, and you will not have any kind of emotional upheaval. However, the other kind of pet owner would be those who lavish so much love on the furry kid, outsiders might start to wonder whether it is appropriate to do so when their own children are neglected. Pets do have their fair share of accessories in the past, and this Kickstarter project would contribute to a growing list in the form of the Scollar Smart Collar.

It does not matter whether the Scollar Smart Collar is worn by a dog or a cat, it would look equally great. However, do bear in mind that the Scollar Smart Collar will work only for small sized dog breeds, anything large like a Labrador or a Golden Retriever is out of the question, at least for now. How does the Scollar Smart Collar work?

Specially meant to cater to all stages of a pet’s life, pet owners will not have to purchase multiple collars from now on with the Scollar. The Scollar alone will be able to feature pet tracking ability via GPS without having to fork out monthly fees, has night visibility so that it is easier to locate your four legged friend when dusk falls, offers food and medicine reminders as well as notifications, and will feature a perimeter barrier module to boot. It comes with a base station and Wi-Fi connectivity for extended tracking and battery life.

The Scollar Smart Collar will have a tappable display and has a battery life of up to 30 days. It is also open platform, letting you expand its functionality for every age and every stage of a pet’s life.

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