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We humans like our gadgets but we shouldn’t let are 4 legged (or finned) friends miss out. This section of coolest gadgets is designated for gadgets specially for pets.


This collapsible Travel Dog Bowl makes sure your pooch stays hydrated

by Caitlyn - on November 23rd, 2015

When you’re out and about with your furry friend, you both need to make sure you have water. Whether it’s cold or hot out, you can still get dehydrated, and neither of you want to deal with the other keeling over. While humans can carry around a bottle of water, that’s not as easy for dogs unless they’ve got a backpack full of the stuff on them.

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The Vita Fish Tank Planter takes ‘living art’ to a new level

by Caitlyn - on November 17th, 2015

Vita Fish Tank Planter

When you get to be soul-crushingly lonely, the idea of having a pet always comes to mind. Of course, then the questions of whether or not you’ll be able to keep up with maintaining a good quality of life for your pet and keep your sanity will begin to surface. If you want to go the hands-off approach with an animal that won’t put fur everywhere or chirp loudly at all hours, a fish may be the way to go.

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Cat Scratch Laptop turns your feline friend into a keyboard warrior

by Edwin

cat-scratch-laptopI know that the Internet is full of cat videos, and for some strange reason, it does not seem as though cat videos are about to become boring or extinct soon. In fact, there seems to be no issue whatsoever with cats being in their element, which is always good for a few laughs to ease the day’s tension at the office. Having said that, we have also talked about cat-friendly toys in the past, and here we are with something that will cater to the built-in need of cats – that is, to scratch. Enter the £19.99 Cat Scratch Laptop.

Since you yourself are a keyboard warrior from time to time, how about letting your feline friend get the feeling of satisfaction with a keyboard of its own? This will boast of the latest in Cattop Technology, so to speak, as it satisfies your cat’s natural scratching urges. After all, isn’t it a whole lot better for Garfield to leave his claw marks on the Cat Scratch Laptop rather than on your expensively purchased furniture? Best of all is, the Cat Scratch Laptop will arrive fully assembled, and you do not have to worry with issues such as operating system updates and malware.

The Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover will let you work while the kitties play

by Caitlyn

Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard

If you own cats, you have likely become used to their neurotic behavior. They like to sleep on your face while excessively licking themselves, freak out and hunt shadows at three in the morning, and yowl at absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s a higher state of being, maybe they’re just crazy. Either way, they love to sit on warm things, whether it’s your hands while you’re on your phone, your lap while you’re watching some telly, or on top of your keyboard while you’re working.

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Pet Treat Launcher saves you the hassle

by Edwin

pet-snack-treat-launcherIf you have ever owned a dog who simply loves to play fetch, chances are your four legged friend would have plenty of energy left over after a session of fetch, while you feel as though your arm is no longer attached to your body. We have seen devices in the past that do happen to assist you in the game of fetch like the HyperDog Tennis Ball Launcher, and here we are with something that is slightly different, although no less amusing. I am referring to the $9.99 Pet Treat Launcher.

Working for one’s food is a basic principle, although dogs do not mind fetching without any reward. Still, to be able to get a treat at the end of a launch is always a positive incentive, and the Pet Treat Launcher would let you put a smile on your face – and that of your furry kid’s, too. All that you need to do is to load the Pet Treat Launcher with your pet’s favorite treats, pull the switch, press the button, and voila! In order to obtain the best air and trajectory, it is recommended that treats which are small and cylindrical in shape will be used.

The Woof Washer 360 only works on patient pups

by Caitlyn

Woof Washer 360

Having a dog is like dealing with a perpetual 4 year old. They have a basic idea of what they are and are not supposed to do with a knack for testing their boundaries anyway. They’re full of love, smiles, and getting into the biggest messes you could ever imagine. Since dogs have no shame jumping into a pile of mud, you have to deal with bath time now and again, which usually ends with both of you taking a bath.

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Petzi Treat Cam – shower your pet with high tech love

by Edwin

petziHaving a pet can be a therapeutic experience – it not only helps you melt the day’s stress away, it will also be able to ensure that you do not end up too lonely at the end of the day. Having said that, having a pet would also mean added responsibilities, and some folks would go all out – as in, even getting their pets their own room, or even their own air conditioner. Well, pet lovers also have another issue to think about when they want to jet off for a holiday – who will take care of their babies? Petzila has an idea if you need to be away for maybe a day or two, as it has just launched the PetziConnect Treat Cam.

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The Mewgaroo hoodie is for crazy cat people

by Caitlyn


Friends and family can be fun to be around on occasion, but there are times where you want to be alone. Of course, you don’t want to be fully alone, you just want things to be in a quiet, controlled situation. Many people enjoy spending time with a pet, as there is no emotional complication or going out to deal with. Of course, if you have a cat, you know how hard it is to keep them close without them being in the way, which is where they love to be.

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