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We humans like our gadgets but we shouldn’t let are 4 legged (or finned) friends miss out. This section of coolest gadgets is designated for gadgets specially for pets.


Squirrel Thwarting Bird Feeder lets you earn brownie points

by Edwin

So you are a kind soul, and just about everyone knows that. After all, it was you who saved the kitten who was mewing away on the tree for hours, because it has not yet developed the motor skills and confidence to come down. Having said that, you did notice that there are squirrels and birds in the neighborhood, and you would like to feed them from time to time. However, the nuts that you leave out for birds might be snapped up by squirrels, so something needs to be done to separate the two. Enter the $99.95 Squirrel Thwarting Bird Feeder to save the day.

The Squirrel Thwarting Bird Feeder happens to be truly unique from other bird feeders, where it can automatically close its seed ports whenever a squirrel triggers its patented weight-sensitive perch. Simple yet effective, the feeder’s adjustable spring mechanism is capable of shutting off access to all six seed ports, so that squirrels will be thwarted in their quest to reach the seed, although the likes of finches, chickadees, and other lightweight songbirds will not find themselves go hungry. After all, there are dedicated squirrel feeder solutions out there, so you might as well get one of those in order to give the birds a chance to feed their growing families.

Motion: Pet Activity Tracker knows where Fido has run off to

by Edwin

motion-trackerForget about the situation being ‘raining cats and dogs’, it would be more of ‘training cats and dogs’ with the £79.99 Motion: Pet Activity Tracker. Having a pet might be fun at the beginning, especially when they are still in a kitten or puppy stage, but that is exactly when you would need to be able to get the basics right in order to end up with a well behaved pet for many years afterwards. The Motion: Pet Activity Tracker will be able to assist you in your training, where it will also monitor the health and activity of your four-legged friends.

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Nibbles smart pet feeder sports a built-in camera

by Edwin

nibblesPets are wonderful creatures to have around, especially when they bring some much needed joy and peace at the end of the work day. There is nothing quite like returning home to find Fido wagging its tail vigorously, as though your arrival back home is the only thing on its mind (and chances are, it is!). Well, while many of us would love to be able to bring about our pets with us wherever we go, even on long haul holidays, that is simply not possible unless you’re a super rich mogul with the means to do so. Leaving them alone at home without anyone else around is also not an option, as there is poop to clean and of course, feeding times to worry about. Enter this Kickstarter project that is known as Nibbles, a smart pet feeder with an integrated camera which allows you to feed and watch your pet from your smartphone, from anywhere at anytime!

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Orapup – So your Dogs Breath can be just as Sweet as She is

by Julie


Those of us who have had the pleasure of having a dog, know that they love us unconditionally. They will rush up to kiss us no matter what state we may be in. Morning breath? no problem. Garlic and onions for lunch? It might even make you that much more irresistible. I can’t say I feel the same way about her. Yes, I’m always very happy to see my dog… but her breath? Not so much. Brushing her teeth is a chore for both of us, and those dental bones don’t help enough. I hate having to rebuff her affections… but yuck! I think she ate something dead.

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Eyenimal – it’s a Dogs Life

by Julie


Ah to be a dog… as I sit here now, watching my pooch reposing on the couch, legs in the air, snoring gently, I realize that in my next life, I’m coming back as someones beloved pet. From what I can see, it would be a great deal. Of course, there are parts of her life that I don’t see. Like what she does when I’m not home, and where she went when she took off after that squirrel…

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The Cat Power Tower will play with the cat when you’re away

by Caitlyn

Cat Power Tower
When you have a pet, you oftentimes get very attached. Toys, special food, and plenty of treats are bought to keep them happy and healthy. However, they need lots of attention in the same way humans do, and if you’re at work for a large portion of the day, it can be worrisome that they’re getting bored.

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Flea Killing Pet Comb gets rid of them critters

by Edwin

flea-killing-pet-combWhen you happen to have a dog, it is imperative that one be a responsible pet owner and give that dog what it deserves – a number of square meals each day depending on its age, breed and activity level, daily walks and exercise, some play time, as well as the customary visit to the vet for all of its shots, not to mention getting a bath from time to time to make sure that it remains nice and clean. Ah yes, keeping it free from fleas and ticks, too, is something that some folks overlook. Combing your dog’s coat each day will not only ensure it does not end up in a tangled mess, especially for those long haired breeds, it also helps you bond with your pooch and weed out nasty ticks and fleas (with the right comb, of course). Why not go the extra mile and get the $39.95 Flea Killing Pet Comb instead?

This is a cordless device that will emit a low voltage whenever it is combed through a pet’s coat, helping kill fleas on contact. I do wonder whether we will hear those nasty zapping sounds whenever an electrified fly swatter is used to zap mosquitoes and the like, but chances are the voltage is too small to emit such a loud sound. The Flea Killing Pet Comb has been certified to be used safely on cats and dogs regardless of their age and size. I like the fact that this can zap fleas without having to rely on chemicals that could result in an allergic reaction. All fleas will be trapped on the comb for easy disposal afterwards when you clean it, and do keep a pair of AA batteries around handy as a backup.

Litter Kwitter for households with a kitty

by Edwin

litter-kwitterOne can say that the world is divided into two different groups – one that loves cats, while the other would any day prefer the companionship of a dog. If you happen to fall into the former category, you might want to check out the £39.99 Litter Kwitter that is a slightly more advanced litter box than what most people would normally use. Basically, the Litter Kwitter is a tool that will hopefully teach your cat to do it’s business like a dignified human.

Forget about cleaning out the litter tray every single day, where the Litter Kwitter happens to be a radical 3-step training system that will help you teach your kitty to hop up on the toilet and poop onto the Litter Kwitter itself. Once done, all you need to do is flush, and even better is, you no longer need to purchase additional kitty litter which ought to help you save more money in the long run, not to mention the environment as well. Now, if only cats could be taught to know how to flush once they’re done…

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