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We humans like our gadgets but we shouldn’t let are 4 legged (or finned) friends miss out. This section of coolest gadgets is designated for gadgets specially for pets.


Samsung goes bark to the future

by Edwin

I know that Samsung is famous for their consumer electronics – and this would certainly include their smartphone range, but this does not mean that the South Korean company is a pushover when it comes to being creative. No sir, as this just goes to show that there is a streak of creativity in them, which is extremely crucial if a company were to remain ahead of the competition in the long run. Well, what has Samsung come up with this time that warrants some coverage? We are looking at an architect designed, futuristic kennel that costs a whopping £20,000, now how about that for attention grabbing news?

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Meowlingual Cat Translation Device: Understand Garfield from now on

by Edwin

meowlingualThere is this unique bond between man and animal – and some of us have learned to domesticate these animals to have them end up as pets over the many thousands of years, where both dogs and cats happen to be among the most popular pets worldwide. Cats can be aloof at times, and noisy too, if they happen to be in heat, but there are times when you are simply unable to decipher what your feline companion is trying to “tell” you. Perhaps having an electronic tool might be able to help you out there – case in point, this $167 Meowlingual Cat Translation Device.

Of course translating the human language is infinitely easier as opposed to figuring out what a cat is trying to tell you, but there are road bumps in achieving the former, too. How does the Meowlingual Cat Translation Device work then? It claims to be able to decode what your cat is telling you, through the analysis of the expression on your feline friend’s face, before it goes ahead to categorize it into half a dozen different moods. The gadget also touts to translate approximately 200 words in “cat chat”, by interpret 21 kinds of emotions that are based on your cats gestures and behavior, all the while offering 85 types of health checks. Of course, this is by no means an excuse for you not to bring your cat to the vet should it look unwell. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, the Meowlingual Cat Translation Device will arrive in pink, black, and white colors.

The FishBit will help you take better care of your aquarium

by Caitlyn


If you have pet fish, you know how meticulous you have to be with their habitat. We have necessities that must be maintained to live a healthy life such as clean air, food and water. Seeing that fish live underwater, they are completely dependent on you to provide them with a comfortable environment. You’ll have to feed them and constantly monitor the pH balance and temperature lest you want to kill them.

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The Oppo Food Ball for Dogs makes sure there’s time to enjoy a meal

by Caitlyn

The Oppo food bowl for dogs

If you’ve ever set down a food dish with a dog in the house, you know that they’ll come tearing into the room and be done eating in less than a minute. This can lead to an upset stomach, or like a toddler with too many cheerios, choking. If you wish your pooch would slow down, but don’t want to be forced to wait on them to eat tiny portions before refilling their dish, then getting a bowl that makes them work a bit more for their food might be in order.

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The Tailio makes being a crazy cat person far too easy

by Caitlyn


Cats are independent, stuck up, and neurotic. It makes you wonder how anyone couldn’t love them. They do have a loving side and secretly want to cuddle, but try their hardest to make you think they could care less if you existed. You are after all, their personal butler, chef, and maid. Having a pet is fun and relatively easy if you can keep up with them, but it’s hard to keep a keen eye on every little habit they have.

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Avo self-sustaining fish tank

by Edwin

project-avoThere really is no limit to the genius of the human imagination, and sometimes, the little ones are a whole lot more creative when it concerns thinking about solutions to existing problems. Well, where fish tanks are concerned, these are definitely lovely to look at, although there is one particular aspect about fish tanks that we ought to be well aware of – and that would be its maintenance. How about coming up with a self maintaining fish tank? This is what a young British designer has been working on, where her effort is close to launching.

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Solar Lighted Glass Hummingbird Feeder – feed birds while going green!

by Edwin

solar-hummingbird-feederNature does have its fair share of innumerable miracles and wonders, and one of them happens to be the little hummingbird. Being able to flap its wings so fast and so many times in a single second is no mean feat, which is why we are extremely impressed with this feathered friend’s heart being able to keep up to the pace of proceedings as it feeds from the nectar in one flower to another. If you happen to love hummingbirds but do not have the time to tend to a garden with the kind of flowers that will attract them, how about picking up the $29.98 Solar Lighted Glass Hummingbird Feeder instead?

What makes the Solar Lighted Glass Hummingbird Feeder so much more interesting is the fact that it helps to feed hummingbirds during the day, and when dusk falls and the hummingbirds are not longer out foraging for food, you can always use this to deliver a light show in your garden. Using it a snap – all that you need to do is to fill the glass feeder with nectar, and wait – hummingbirds ought to start dropping by your place in a short while. At night, jewel-like colors will be “thrown” across your yard as the solar-powered LED cycles through a rainbow of glowing colors. And to think that it uses juice from the sun, making it a truly green contraption. Of course, there is also the option to go mobile which you will have to then get the :-2<: Wearable Hummingbird Feeder instead.

Random Motion Cat Toy helps drive your feline nuts!

by Edwin

random-motion-cat-toyWhen it comes to keeping your pet entertained, it does not take too much actually. For instance, dogs who absolutely love to fetch can basically do that all day long, so much so you might eventually end up wanting to purchase a particular device like the iFetch toy. Having said that, cats are a slightly more different proposition from that of dogs – they happen to be masters of their own fate, and do not really bother too much about their human owners (or rather, servants from their own perspective). Having said that, this does not mean you would neglect the play part of their psychological make-up, which is where this $19.95 Random Motion Cat Toy comes in handy.

The Random Motion Cat Toy happens to be an electronic cat toy which is capable of providing erratic spinning motions. It will, of course, mimic the movements of butterflies or birds, helping to promote exercise as cats attempt to capture the feather wand as it randomly turns and flips around. It is appropriate for use on any flat surface, and the weighted base itself rolls as it wobbles. The feather wand will be screwed into the base, ensuring that it does not detach during rambunctious play, while the feather is capable of surviving virtually unlimited swats and captures. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, this is going to be a whole boatload of fun.

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